Breath Analyser Reading Guide

Alert and responsible driving is the key to maintaining road safety. Unfortunately, alcohol-impaired driving is a significant factor in car crashes and road fatalities every year. You can prevent road accidents and possible drink-driving charges by testing your blood alcohol content (BAC). A breath analyser reading determines your BAC, the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. Sobriety is critical in preventing accidents on the road. If you consume alcohol, make sure to check your BAC before driving. This method can drastically help improve your safety and prevent you from acquiring DUI charges.

How do you know if you are legally allowed to drive despite consuming alcohol? Australia’s legal limit for drinking and driving is 0.05% BAC. In other words, a 0.05% BAC means that you have 0.05 grams of alcohol in every 100ml of blood. This BAC level is enough to put you and others at risk on the road or work. The most efficient method to measure your alcohol level is through a breathalyser like BACtrack devices. BACtrack personal breathalysers work by analysing your breath sample through its advanced sensors and calculating your BAC within seconds. The BACtrack device can display your breath analyser reading on its screen or through the app on your phone.

What do the different digits mean in a breath analyser reading?

Let this breath analyser reading guide assist you in understanding how different BAC level affects your body. Various factors can influence your BAC, such as weight, age, gender, body fat distribution, and metabolism rate. Likewise, different beverages have different alcohol concentrations. Therefore, alcohol impairment affects individuals differently. In general, the BAC levels have the following effects on the body:

  • 01-0.03% – No apparent effects on the body, but slight mood elevation.
  • 04-0.06% – Exaggerated behaviour and minor impairment in the senses and reasoning.
  • 07-0.09% – Loss of coordination and balance, blurred vision, and slurred speech
  • 10 or higher – Significant impairment of motor functions and loss of judgment

Some people think they can drive safely despite consuming a limited alcohol amount. Unfortunately, any BAC that shows a positive result on the breath analyser reading can affect your driving abilities. In other instances, such as the workplace or under the alcohol interlock program, they implement a zero-alcohol limit. It means that 0.01% BAC is equivalent to a risk hazard. Without a doubt, with the BACtrack breathalyser, you can get precise BAC readings. Each BACtrack breathalyser utilises advanced sensor technologies that are suitable for professional use. Let the BACtrack breathalyser and your results guide you in making better decisions after alcohol consumption.

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