Introducing the BACtrack Trace Pro Breathalyzer

Driving safely after consuming alcohol is an important aspect every time you go out. Unfortunately, sometimes, people forget and drink more than their initial plans. Fortunately, you can efficiently and accurately check your blood alcohol content (BAC) thanks to personal breathalyzers. There is a wide selection of BACtrack personal breathalyzers available in Breathalysers Australia. BACtrack is the world’s leading breathalyzer technology specialist committed to giving unparalleled precision with each test. We introduce the BACtrack Trace Pro, the most accurate personal breathalyzer available for its price point.

The BACtrack Trace Pro breathalyzer is the perfect personal alcohol tester to keep your alcohol consumption under control. It utilizes the proprietary XTend Fuel Cell sensor, which can detect even trace amounts of alcohol. Additionally, the Trace Pro breathalyzer meets the law enforcement testing standards. This level of accuracy means that you can check your BAC with the same testing quality administered in roadside testing. This accuracy leaves no room for doubt regarding your safety. Thousands of users trust it; the BACtrack Trace Pro is perfect for personal use.

Why use The BACtrack Trace Pro Breathalyzer

The BACtrack Trace Pro is reliable mainly because of the sensor technology. These are the same sensors you could find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. The fuel cell sensors that BACtrack personal devices features are also the same sensors that hospitals and clinics use. BACtrack breathalyzers also feature One-touch operations for easy and convenient use. Furthermore, it includes continuous temperature checking to ensure consistency in the breath sample. The Trace Pro will provide an audible alarm should your BAC exceed the Australian legal limit for alcohol (0.05%). BACtrack personal breathalyzers also comply with the requirements of FDA and DOT to be effective breath screening devices.

The BACtrack Trace Pro and BACtrack Trace Pro Gen 2 have great simplicity and functionality. Self-tests can optimally be done even by those who lack experience with alcohol breath testing. Not only do they use the most advanced fuel cell sensor technology, but they also have a mini-solenoid internal breath pump for the most optimal breath capture. The accurate results of BACtrack breathalyzers can help you monitor your alcohol consumption. Without a doubt, you can rely on BACtrack breathalyzers to give consistent results every time to help improve your safety. Responsible driving comes with a complete understanding of your current mental state and capabilities after alcohol consumption. The aid of reliable devices such as BACtrack breathalyzers can help you determine your exact mental state.

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