The Best BACtrack Breathalyzer in Australia

A breathalyzer is a device used to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) of an individual. It is a form of testing that uses the alcohol within a person’s exhaled breath to measure the BAC accurately. Police officials and medical professionals use devices like these to help them decide the appropriate measures to take when facing drivers or patients in dire situations. The need to monitor one’s BAC directly correlates to the effects alcohol has on an individual. People nowadays now have the privilege of monitoring their own BAC to prevent DUI charges and improve one’s safety. When buying a breathalyzer, one should first look at the best possible available breathalyzers and the kind of features they come with. Pro-grade devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer in Australia can be a good starting point when looking up breath alcohol analyzers.  

There are many features to consider when deciding which is the best BACtrack breathalyzer in Australia. They all have unique features that differentiate them from each other; but they also have some very similar characteristics that make any BACtrack device an outstanding choice. All BACtrack devices have a fuel cell sensor; which is the exact technology one could find in the breathalyzers professionals like law enforcers and nurses use. But devices like BACtrack C6, C8, and Mobile Pro have a unique design that allows them to connect wirelessly through an iOS, Android, or Google device. These devices can accurately measure the BAC and have additional information ready, like how long the user’s BAC would return to 0.00%, all shared through a mobile app.  

The Best BACtrack Breathalyzer in Australia: BACtrack S80 Pro

Despite having devices with revolutionary wireless technology, the BACtrack S80 Pro still topples over all the other devices in terms of usage and sales. This device’s simplicity and easy-to-use nature place it as one of the most used BACtrack breathalyzers in the market. It is a One-touch Operation type of device that, when turned on, can immediately be used without any added measure. It also comes with an audible alarm for when the user has passed Australia’s legal driving limit of 0.05%. Despite its minimalist nature, it can still prove to be one of the most effective BACtrack breathalyzer in Australia, mainly because almost anyone can effectively and optimally operate it.  

With the new implementation of harsher penalties of DUI charges, having a BACtrack breathalyzer in Australia could prove to be a reasonable investment. Being able to monitor one’s BAC accurately could easily improve one’s safety and decrease the likelihood of acquiring DUI charges. 


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