What are the Alcohol Laws in Australia

Having a drink in Australia is a common social thing to do. However, drinking too much may have some serious legal consequences. You should keep in mind that being aware of alcohol laws in Australia is important and can be helpful. There are various laws on who can buy alcohol, what the legal age is, and whether you are allowed to drink on some premises. 

It is vital that you remember that if you are drinking; to know your limits, to be safe, and never drink if you are under pressure or if you are not comfortable with drinking alcohol. 

Alcohol Laws in Australia 

Alcohol laws Australia, knowing and abiding by these laws help to minimize the harmful effects of drinking alcohol on individuals, families, and the overall communities. Some of these laws, like the legal drinking age, are identical across Australia. However, some laws, differ in each state and territory. Like where it is legal for you to drink. 

Laws that apply throughout Australia 

  • Drink driving – you will be considered breaking the law if you drink and drive and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is equal to or more than 0.05. If you have a learner’s license or one that is provisional, your BAC should be zero.
  • Legal age to drink– You can only purchase or have an alcoholic drink in a licensed venue if you are 18 years old or older. 
  • Selling alcoholic beverages – it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to minors or to an individual who is already drunk and at their limit. 
  • Labeling – If you are selling alcoholic beverages, the packages of alcohol must show how many standard drinks it contains. 
  • Legal Venue – there are areas in Australia where it is considered illegal to drink alcohol. You should consider looking up drinking laws in your state or territory for more information about alcohol laws. 

Different laws in each state and territory 

There are alcohol laws that differ from state to state and between territories. It could help to know what the alcohol laws in Australia are depending on the state or territory you are residing in. 

Secondary Supply 

Secondary Supply – This means you are supplying alcoholic beverages to individuals under 18. It has been noted in some papers that it is considered legal to give alcoholic drinks to minors if you are given the approval to do so from the minor’s parent or guardian, in some states and territories of Australia. However, in other states or territories; it is only legal if and only if, you are the minor’s parent or guardian.

Be sure to remember that there are drinking laws before you decide to let your child drink alcoholic beverages. And make sure they are still under the legal drinking age. It is crucial for you to have the facts right about alcohol laws in Australia. 


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