What is the Legal Drinking Limit in Australia?

With the increased usage and social acceptance of alcohol now at large, several countries and states have implemented new DUI policies and penalties. The legal drinking limit in Australia, for example, is now required to be less than 0.05%; and driving above that is now deemed illegal and is punishable by law. Police officers mainly monitor drivers’ blood alcohol content (BAC); this helps single out the ones that can be of danger to others and help maintain safer roads and prevent alcohol-induced accidents. Machines called breathalyzers detects the BAC where an individual would blow into its sterile tube. A breathalyzer can then calculate the amount of alcohol found in the exhaled air of an individual.  

The Legal Drinking Limit and BAC

A BAC reading determines a person’s functional (motor) and mental capabilities, which translates to performing basic tasks like driving. The higher the BAC of an individual, the more likely they could present with mild to moderate impairments during alcohol intoxication. A BAC of under 0.05% should be maintained when driving; mainly because of the moderate memory, motor, and awareness impairments one could have when going over it. Nowadays, people no longer wait for law enforcers to check for their BAC. Personal breathalyzers have now made their way to the market and have helped improve their users’ safety. Accurate devices like BACtrack breathalyzers can help would-be drivers to know their capabilities as well as see whether they are over the legal drinking limit or not.  

Other than the need to maintain a BAC of under 0.05%, other rules require specific drivers to strictly maintain a BAC reading of 0.00% and others under 0.02%. Learner, probationary one, and probationary two drivers must always keep a BAC of 0.00% when driving. On top of that, taxi, bus, and truck drivers should also maintain a BAC of under 0.02%. Luckily enough, though, there are now BACtrack breathalyzers capable of calculating how long and when a user’s BAC would return to 0.00%. Individuals fearing the legal drinking limit in Australia greatly rely on the BACtrack personal breathalyzers. One should also note that BACtrack breathalyzers feature fuel cell technology, the same technology found in a police officer’s breathalyzer.  

Why get a breathalyzer?

Knowing your BAC level and staying under the legal drinking limit can be beneficial; especially for those who enjoy having an occasional drink or two. Owning a BACtrack personal breathalyzer can drastically improve one’s safety and reduce the chances of any unwanted run-ins with the law. 


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