Are There Instant Drug Screen Tests Including Alcohol Testing

A preventative policy or program allows the workplace to undertake drug and alcohol testing to monitor employee safety. A workplace drug and alcohol policy primarily aim to reduce safety hazards by identifying and managing risk factors. For example, safety-regulated industries such as mining, transportation, aviation, and construction have mandated testing to reduce worker accidents. Additionally, workplace alcohol and drug tests are becoming more common to avoid alcohol and drug-related accidents in the workplace. Most employers prefer instant drug screen tests, including alcohol testing in Australia. Hence, employers can save time checking their employees’ drug and alcohol abuse.

Companies can use instant drug screen tests and alcohol testing kits before hiring testing services, saving them time and money. However, that is not the only advantage that alcohol and drug test kits can provide. Other benefits of alcohol and drug test kits include privacy, convenience, and ease of use. Blood, urine, hair, saliva and sweat tests are used for a drug screening test to detect substance abuse. On the other hand, using the BACtrack breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia is one example of an effective alcohol tester. In 10 to 15 seconds, BACtrack devices provide precise alcohol breath test results. These breathalysers can also perform numerous alcohol tests, which is helpful for constant workplace testing.

Advantages of an Instant Drug Screen Test and Alcohol Testing

Most employers in Australia are now finding drug and alcohol tests effective in avoiding workplace accidents and injuries, especially an instant drug screen and alcohol test. An instant alcohol test kit or breathalyser, such as the BACtrack, is a reliable device that provides accurate results. Breathalysers Australia offers different models of workplace breathalysers for the convenience of alcohol testing. Listed below are the most common advantages that alcohol and drug test kits provide: 

  • Privacy – It is considered the critical advantage of employing alcohol and drug test kits at home or in the workplace. In the workplace, the results will be available only to the person who took the test and the person in charge of recording the findings.
  • Convenience – It simplifies and expedites drug testing in the system. Instead of going to a lab and waiting for the results, anyone can use the alcohol and drug test kits at home, work, or anywhere else.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Both alcohol and drug testing kits are less expensive than laboratory tests. Furthermore, anyone taking the test will save money on travel expenses because they can take the test at their home or workplace. 
  • Quick and accurate results – Employers will not have to send samples to the lab with the best alcohol and drug test kit. Follow the test instructions, take the test, and you will receive the results in minutes.
  • Ease of use – Alcohol and drug test kits are straightforward and come with easy-to-follow instructions.


Instant Drug Screen Tests Including Alcohol Testing: Procedures

Companies use several methods to conduct drug and alcohol tests for employment. An example of an instant drug screen test is a urine sample analysis. Some companies substitute mouth swab testing for urine sampling. However, most drug and alcohol tests for employment use breathalysers to detect alcohol consumption. An alcohol breath test is the most efficient method to determine the amount of alcohol in the system. A breathalyser is a portable alcohol tester that collects breath samples and calculates precise BAC levels. Breathalysers Australia’s BACtrack workplace breathalysers use fuel cell sensor technology to measure highly accurate and reliable BAC levels. Furthermore, the high-quality devices from Breathalysers Australia feature unique enlarged fuel cell sensors to measure BAC correctly. Unlike other testing methods, anyone can conduct a breath test using a breathalyser. Furthermore, having a professional breathalyser allows businesses to evaluate and closely monitor workplace sobriety.

Instant Drug Screen Tests Including Alcohol Testing: Methods of Testing

Drug and alcohol testing is mandatory in workplace testing. Conducting an instant drug screen test can help employers efficiently perform testing during pre-employment and randomly at the workplace. For instant alcohol testing, employers can use a breathalyser like BACtrack breathalysers to effectively and efficiently determine employees’ exact BAC levels. The following are the types of alcohol and drug test and their detection window: 

  • Breath – The alcohol detection window in breath tests is up to 24 hours. A breath test is the quickest and most non-invasive method to trace alcohol concentration. Police officers also conduct testing using a breathalyser in roadside screening because of its effectiveness in measuring BAC levels.
  • Urine – This test’s alcohol detection window is 12 hours via regular tests and 3 to 5 days via Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG). This test is frequently used when an individual is required to abstain from all forms of alcoholic intake. 
  • Saliva – The saliva test has the shortest detection time, lasting up to 6 hours. This test is only suitable for detecting short-term alcohol consumption.
  • Hair – hair alcohol detection can last up to 90 days. By trapping biomarkers in the keratin fibres of the growing hair strand, hair reveals a long-term history of alcohol usage. 
  • Blood – This test is the most intrusive test for alcohol and drug use. The detection time frame is up to 6 to 12 hours. This test shows the highest accuracy in alcohol testing but is the most expensive.  


Workplace Alcohol Breath Testing

An instant drug screen test, including alcohol testing, can drastically help employers deter alcohol and drug abuse of employees. Fortunately, a breathalyser for alcohol breath testing is easy and quick to perform and provides highly reliable BAC readings. Therefore, companies can rely on breathalysers like the BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia. The BACtrack device from Breathalyser Australia, like the S80 Pro Gen2, has been specifically engineered for commercial environments that require an accurate, consistent, and robust breath testing device. This device is suitable for performing workplace alcohol tests. The fuel cell technology of the BACtrack breathalysers is the same sensor technology you can find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Furthermore, fuel cell sensors are only sensitive to ethyl alcohol and do not react to other substances, ensuring that the device does not produce false-positive results. BACtrack breathalysers are proven to be effective in conducting alcohol tests for employment. 

Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia

Employers can significantly benefit from an instant drug screen and alcohol breath testing to maintain a safe working environment. Breathalysers Australia’s BACtrack workplace breathalysers are ideal for any company that wants quick and reliable alcohol breath testing. BACtrack devices process BAC results in just seconds. Furthermore, they offer one-button operations, allowing anyone to do a breath test immediately. These features may enable more frequent alcohol testing in the workplace. Additionally, it is also beneficial for businesses that require high-volume alcohol testing. Lastly, monitoring employees’ alcohol use can be done quickly with breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia.