Advantages of a Home Breath Alcohol Analyzer

The use of a home breath alcohol analyzer is increasing as more people want to practice safe driving and moderate alcohol consumption. Breath alcohol analyzers or breathalyzers are helpful devices that can determine your alcohol intoxication or the blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC is the amount of alcohol present in your bloodstream based on your breath alcohol concentration (BrAC). A breathalyzer measures your BAC by examining your breath through an electrochemical process. If each one of us uses a breathalyzer before making a driving decision, there could be fewer road accidents.

There are many advantages of a home breath alcohol analyzer. An alcohol analyzer can help monitor your BAC to not go over the legal limit. The legal limit for driving in Australia is 0.05% BAC. The BACtrack breathalyzers can provide the most accurate and reliable BAC readings out of any other personal device. These devices also have helpful features that can help make BAC tracking more convenient. In particular, the BACtrack Trace Pro and the BACtrack S80 have audible alarms set to the Australian driving limit. The device will alert you if your BAC exceeds the legal limit. You can then make an informed decision to limit your alcohol intake and wait for your BAC to decrease. This feature may also help you arrange an alternative mode of transportation.

BACtrack Home Breath Alcohol Analyzer Devices

The BACtrack home breath alcohol analyzer can also offer significant and innovative advantages that other standard breathalyzers do not have. For example, the BACtrack Mobile Pro, C8, and C6 Keychain are breathalyzers that can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the BACtrack app, you can record and track your results over time and make personal notes about your BAC tests. The app can also estimate when your BAC level will return to 0.00% and can book you a ride via Uber if you’ve had too much. Furthermore, BACtrack breathalyzers have reusable and replaceable mouthpieces so you can share your device with a family or friend without compromising your result.

Since the prices of breathalyzers have decreased over the past years, they have become more accessible to individuals. What used to be exclusive for law enforcement is now available and affordable as a home breath alcohol analyzer. A breathalyzer’s other benefit is the least intrusive of all other testing methods. All it takes is one sufficient blow, and it will immediately have your BAC results (10-15 seconds for BACtrack devices). The BACtrack breathalyzer’s efficiency lies in its accuracy, ease of use, and fast BAC readings. When it comes to alcohol consumption and safe driving, knowledge is power. If you know your BAC, you can make intelligent decisions on the spot.

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