When to Buy a Breathalyzer?

It is likely you have heard of breathalyzers, or also commonly known as alcohol breath testers or alcohol testers, but not sure if you should buy one? Well, this article aims to help demystify any questions you may have and decide when to buy a breathalyzer.

Let’s start with a definition of what a breathalyzer does.

The legal term for calculating the degree of intoxication is Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). However, in today’s world, taking a blood sample on the field, such as roadside testing or workplace testing and sending it to a lab for analysis, is impractical, wasteful and time-consuming. Intoxicated drivers must be distinguished and, if necessary, arrested, which is challenging to do with the time-consuming blood sample review method.

When to buy a breathalyzer in Australia

Today, breathalyzers’ are much improved. The unit resembles a walkie-talkie in size down to a matchbox. When you blow into a mouthpiece, it gives you an instant reading.

Most people buy breathalyzer Australia to help assist in making safer decisions about drinking and driving. If that sounds like you, then you probably do need to buy a breathalyzer. Here are some of the factors to consider if you feel you want to buy a breathalyzer:

  • Parents with kids who are driving and on restricted licenses or just concerned parents
  • Adults that are going to dinner and enjoying a few drinks with your meal and intend to drive home
  • Those with suspected drinking problems which can help moderate alcohol use
  • Anyone with a car and enjoys alcohol
  • People who are having a drink after work then getting in their car after a long day

Parents with children, especially teenagers who are driving on restricted licenses, enjoy the knowledge that alcohol in the body can be accurately detected. We are increasingly noticing concerned parents purchasing breathalyzers for this purpose.

Adults going to dinner and enjoying a couple of drinks who wish to drink responsibly and drive their car home. To buy breathalyzer Australia is invaluable for this scenario and gives the user peace of mind before getting behind the wheel and not feeling anxious if pulled over for a breath test or worried about endangering their lives and others.

Those with suspected drinking problems, especially if one of your friends wants to drive, you can use the breathalyzer to know if he/she is capable of driving. This is a great awareness tool for those wishing to moderate their drinking.


In a nutshell, if you ever need to know if you can drive or not after a few drinks or want to ensure those you love and care about safe, it is strongly recommended to invest in a breathalyzer. Breathalyzers will tell you when you are over the limit and when you’re safe to drive. It is always important to note that even though you are under the legal limit. If you feel unsafe to drive, please don’t. Think forward, and how would your life and those of others change just if you had left the car?

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