Where to Buy the BACtrack S80 Pro in Australia

Social occasions make up a portion of our life. We meet with friends, relatives, and colleagues with good food and alcohol consumption. If you are always going to special events, whether for leisure or work, you need a reliable breathalyser with you wherever you go. The BACtrack S80 Pro in Australia is easily recognisable as the No. 1 breathalyser with its unparalleled accuracy.

The BACtrack S80 Pro is a professional-grade device with an advanced XTend Electrochemical Fuel Cell sensor. It can deliver fast and accurate results within seconds. It has fuel cell sensor technology, the same technology that law enforcers have in their breathalysers. Police officials heavily rely on this technology to apprehend suspected drivers and maintain safer roads. Driving in Australia has a legal limit of 0.05% breath alcohol concentration (BAC). Driving with a BAC over the legal limit is a criminal offence and is subject to penalties and charges. That’s why it is essential to always have a reliable breath test before driving. Moreover, you can get the BACtrack S80 Pro in Australia for personal use, and it can drastically improve your safety.

Why Buy the BACtrack S80 Pro in Australia

The BACtrack S80 Pro has a convenient one-button operation system for straightforward usage. Additionally, the LED screen allows for easy display of the results. Furthermore, it also has approval from FDA, DOT, and NHTSA to be a reliable breath screening device. The BACtrack S80 Pro has a mini-solenoid internal breath pump for accurate breath capture. Its pro-grade precision can detect alcohol levels accurately up to the third decimal place. Fuel cell technology only detects ethanol in one’s breath. Therefore, it does not create false-positive results from diabetic people who have a presence of acetone or people with a low-calorie diet. Individuals or companies widely use it to help improve their safety. You can buy the BACtrack S80 Pro in Australia from any leading health store and online. Have your police-grade breathalyser delivered to your doorstep through the Breathalysers Australia website.

The BACtrack S80 does more than measure your BAC. It also has user-friendly features such as a built-in memory that holds the last ten results. This feature allows you to track your alcohol consumption throughout the day. It also records the number of tests done, so you’ll know when it’s due for recalibration. These features make the BACtrack S80 Pro in Australia the best-rated personal breathalyser available. All BACtrack breathalysers come with a 12-month warranty and notification for when it’s time for calibration. Get precise readings every time with the BACtrack S80 Pro and drive with peace of mind.

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