Alcohol Testing Units at Breathalysers Australia

Testing your breath for alcohol concentration after consuming alcohol is not only common today but is also highly recommended. Alcohol consumption affects a person’s physical and mental abilities. These impairments can then affect their capabilities to drive a vehicle or operate machinery. High alcohol levels in the body can impair our vision, hand and feet coordination, reaction time, and perception. All of which is necessary when we drive. Because of this, alcohol testing units for personal use have become prevalent. These devices allow us to monitor our alcohol consumption effectively.

Alcohol testing units like breathalysers are now widely available to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) through our breath samples. A breathalyser is a portable device that can measure our BAC within seconds. Many people find a breathalyser useful to estimate their BAC. Knowing your exact BAC helps you limit your alcohol consumption and stay within a safe level for driving. There are several kinds of breathalysers available in the market. The best ones available are the BACtrack breathalysers, which you can find online at Breathalysers Australia. Breathalysers Australia is an all Australian owned and operated company specialising in breathalysers sales and services (recalibration) since 2012.

Alcohol Testing Units: BACtrack

The BACtrack breathalysers are the most trusted and leading alcohol testing devices that service thousands of individuals and workplaces. You can find the breathalyser that can suit your needs and budget at Breathalysers Australia. Each BACtrack product has its unique features with the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and affordability for the quality that it offers. The BACtrack breathalysers range from the smallest keychain alcohol testing units for low-volume use and quick BAC check to smartphone breathalysers and the advanced Pro series for the most accurate breath testing needs. The smartphone breathalysers sync seamlessly with most iOS and Android gadgets via Bluetooth. The app can display your BAC results conveniently and allow you to share them instantly with your family. It can also track your alcohol consumption over time and estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%.

On the other hand, the BACtrack Pro series offers the highest precision of BAC checking known in personal alcohol testing units. The BACtrack Pro series features advanced fuel cell sensor technology to measure the BAC accurately. Fuel cell sensors are susceptible to ethyl alcohol which eliminates the possibility of false-positive readings from other alcohol types found in the breath. All units come with reusable and replaceable mouthpieces, so you can share your breathalyser with your friends and family without compromising your hygiene and BAC results. Additionally, we test all BACtrack breathalysers to ensure they meet Australian criteria and requirements for effective alcohol testing units. Without a doubt, you can drastically improve your safety with any BACtrack device.

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