What is an Alco Tester?

An Alco Tester goes by different names. Breath alcohol tester, alcohol meter, breath analyser or breathalyser are the few names people typically use for this device. An alco tester is a handheld device that estimates the amount of alcohol in your blood through a breath sample, also known as the blood-alcohol content (BAC). The device is has a mouthpiece that captures the breath into its tube. The breath undergoes an electrochemical process to which helps in calculating your BAC. The breathalyser would then show the results on its screen. When looking to buy a personal breathalyser, you should look into BACtrack and its highly accurate breathalysers available.

Why is an alco tester essential? The police or workplaces conduct alcohol tests to confirm drivers’ or employees’ alcohol consumption. It gets absorbed in the bloodstream and other internal organs when you consume alcohol. Through an alco tester, the BAC comes out as a percentage. In Australia, having a BAC of more than 0.05% is a criminal offence subject to penalties and charges. Having a high BAC means that your senses and judgment may have impairments. Alcohol consumption slows down reflexes and reaction time. Driving or operating heavy machinery while intoxicated poses risks to you and others.

What is an Alco Tester: What People Use

There are different types of alco tester. Nowadays, people mostly use digital breathalysers. Digital breathalysers are also what law enforcers and workplaces use to check for sobriety. Police use a professional breathalyser that has a high precision of accuracy. BACtrack has a series of MicroCheck semiconductor sensors and XTend Fuel Cell sensor breathalysers that can imitate their devices. BACtrack personal breathalysers can suit any person’s budget and needs for a reliable alcohol breath meter. Whether you only consume alcohol once in a while or regularly, you need a breathalyser to help you make safer decisions.

To use an alco tester, wait at least 20 minutes after drinking before checking for your BAC. BACtrack personal breathalysers can deliver accurate BAC results within seconds. Blow sufficiently into the mouthpiece and have your results displayed on the screen. With BACtrack smartphone breathalysers, you can receive your BAC results through your smartphone app and share them with your family. Additionally, BACtrack personal breathalysers use the same technology that law enforcement use. This technology allows self-monitoring results to remain accurate. Without a doubt, you can be confident that your BAC will not differ widely from an officer’s results. BACtrack encourages safe and responsible alcohol consumption. Should you register high BAC in your alco testers, it’s better not to risk driving and have someone bring you home.

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