Your Local BACtrack Breathalyzer Distributor

Breathalysers Australia is Australia’s only specialist breath testing equipment supplier. Our products are sold widely throughout Australia. Nationally this includes consumer electronic retail chains, safety equipment retailers, service station groups, and alcohol retail chains. Our direct customers also range from large organisations at the forefront of health & safety to businesses wishing to have responsible after works drinks.

We take pride in giving all of our customer’s expert information on the correct product application for their requirement. Therefore, we ensure that our staff are highly trained and have precise knowledge in the field of breath testing.

Breathalysers Australia’s biggest-selling digital breathalyser is the BACtrack S80 Pro. The S80 Pro is also the most widely sold digital model in the world. The main reason that the BACtrack S80 Pro is such a successful model is that it is simple to use, offers superior levels of accuracy and is robust. Essentially it can be relied on as both an entry-level workplace breathalyser and a high-end personal breathalyser. Clever design by BACtrack has allowed one model to cross over two very different markets.

Other models by BACtrack that Breathalysers AU stocks are:
• The Trace, which is BACtrack’s latest hand-held digital model
• The Scout, which is BACtrack’s entry-level fuel cell hand-held breath tester
• The Mobile Smartphone, which is BACtrack’s Bluetooth smartphone semi-conductor model
• The Go Keychain, BACtrack’s very reliable yet cost-effective keychain unit
Our message to anybody considering buying a breathalyser is buying local, buy genuine and buy reputable. This way, you can be assured of what you are getting accurate results.