Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing


Why We Need Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing?

The emergence of drug and alcohol misuse by workers both within and outside their office or workplace is prevalent in modern workplaces. It would not be incorrect to suggest that almost every workplace has encountered at least a couple of incidences related to drug and alcohol abuse. Every workplace must have a drug and alcohol testing program for this reason. But it is not enough only testing workers for such substances. It is essential to educate and make staff aware of the negative results of addiction too.

The Drug and alcohol management therapies formed the next stage of the drug management programs initiated by employers for their employees. It is quite encouraging to see striving business organizations make their workplaces secure and drug and alcohol-free.

Here we must be aware that we are not discussing the use of drugs and alcohol at the workplace alone. Of course, this kind of behaviour can have serious repercussions. Besides the possibility of injuring themselves, the workers can hurt or injure others in the vicinity too. There is also the danger of causing harm or being injured if the worker, especially one under the influence of a drug, is operating any heavy machinery. More often than not, the reason for accidents and mishaps at factories, workplaces and sites are that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Employer’s Reputation

At the workplace, most workers refrain from consuming drugs and alcohol. However, any adverse actions or behaviour that would negatively reflect the company due to alcohol consumption could lead to serious workplace reprimand. Therefore, having a personal breathalyser for testing to understand their BAC can help guide any decisions.

Through workplace drug and alcohol testing, drug management programs can educate workers about why they need to take control of their lives. They are counselled by experts and can also be sent for medical examination to detect any health problems they may be facing due to drug and alcohol abuse.

The business owner or employer may have spent years building up a good reputation; however, one small incident can tarnish a business organisation’s reputation. That is why employers need to be aware of their employees’ behaviour. The correct drug and alcohol testing management program ensure the employees’ privacy and that both employer and employee are not jeopardised. Your employees make your organisation the brand of which it is associated. They deserve a safe and respectful environment in the same way your clients, associates and visitors to your workplace should encounter as well. 

Drug and alcohol testing is essential, keeping your workplace and workers safe at the same time.


How Roadside Breath Tests are Conducted

Random Breath testing has been used by Australian Police to detect alcohol impaired drivers since 1985. Anyone in control of a vehicle or attempting to drive a vehicle can be asked to conduct a random Breath Test.