To Swab Drug and Alcohol Test: What to do?

Swab Drug and Alcohol Test – There are companies that offer lab-based oral fluid sample collections. Lab-based swab drug and alcohol test provides a straightforward method to collect samples for the chain of custody procedure. Moreover, the swab method is directly examined, making it less susceptible to specimen contamination. The individual taking simply opens the testing kit, conducts the swab test. Then the specimen administrator transfers the sample into the transport device for delivery to the lab for testing. Swab tests require much lower testing levels than urine sample testing.

Types of Tests and Sample Collection

Swab drug and alcohol test will detect various substances like: 

  • Amphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Bromide
  • Buprenorphine
  • THC
  • Cocaine
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Fentanyl
  • PCP

Results for negative swab samples are typically available within 24 hours after the samples are delivered to the facility. However, test results for confirmation of possible positive tests are generally available for an additional 72 hours. How long is the detection window for a swab drug and alcohol test against urine testing and other types of drug tests? Detection times may vary due:

  • To the dose
  • The method testing
  • How the substance has been taken
  • How long the user has been taking the substance
  • The sample provided for analysis
  • And the amount of the sample provided

Swab Drug and Alcohol Test Frequently Asked Questions

In general, the detection window is highly evident in hair samples, followed by urine, then, saliva samples. Drugs that can be detected in an individuals hair may be evident for up to 90 days. Substances in a urine sample are detectable for 1 to 7 days and  5 to 48 hours in saliva samples. Drug testing is a common procedure for companies and also to rehabilitation centers. These tests can determine job qualifications, and sobriety for individual’s struggling with addiction. Furthermore, a swab drug and alcohol test can help improve workplace safety.

Can food, beverages, medication, and mouthwash affect swab drug and alcohol test results? The answer is “Yes”. In fact, the individual taking the test should refrain from consuming food or beverages for 15 minutes before testing. With Alcohol Breath Testers, Breathalysers Australia recommends that you wait 20 minutes after your last drink before taking the test. The alcohol in your breath may affect the breathalyzer unit and give out a higher BAC reading.

What is the detection window for swab drug and alcohol testing? Different detection windows are typically followed, depending on the drugs used and dosage. A substance may remain detectable for 5 hours to 48 hours after the last use. Pre-employment alcohol and drug testing can help businesses maintain a safer and more productive workplace. Breathalysers Australia supplies genuine BACtrack breathalyzers for personal and workplace use. BACtrack professional models use fuel cell sensors that provides highly accurate BAC readings making it perfect for workplace testing.



How Does Swab Drug and Alcohol Test Work?

Swab drug and alcohol test is a drug screening test that identifies substances in an individual’s saliva. The test is to analyze the drugs or alcohol in the system. Moreover, this is a common collection method that uses a swab stick to swab the inside of their cheek or under the individual’s tongue. Additionally, other sample collection methods include spitting and draining to gather saliva samples. These types of drug and alcohol tests have been done using an individuals hair, urine or blood samples. However, nowadays, there is a quick and easy way, and these are through mouth swabs. This method is non-invasive, and is easier than having to collect body fluids, and a much quicker to process. Without a doubt, swabs are a highly effective and quick way of testing.

Instantly examining the provided sample on-site. If the main result is positive, then additional testing needs to be done. Furthermore, a more detailed review will be performed. This confirmation is essential. Additionally, it is important to remember that taking prescription drugs may cause a false positive result. As with blood and urine testing, the presence of drugs within the body is detectable on varying periods.

Is A Swab Drug Test Accurate?

A swab drug and alcohol test is accurate when used correctly. Conducting a swab test requires supervision. Making it harder for the individual taking the test to contaminate or tamper with the sample provided. Furthermore, testing accuracy may vary between testing kits, testing devices, and lab testing. Conducting an alcohol breath test to determine an individual’s BAC levels is quick and easy with the help of Breathalysers Australia. We provide BACtrack professional breathalyzers for workplace testing, and the pro units offer highly accurate and constant BAC readings.

Swab Drug and Alcohol Test detection periods are typically 5 to 48 hours. Drugs or alcohol taken is detected in blood samples provided at least 1 or 2 days after use. Additionally it is detecting in a urine sample for 1.5 up to 4 days. Furthermore, it can prove difficult to get an exact detection window for any drug test. In fact, the detection window has various factors such as:

  • The substance used
  • The amount of the substance taken
  • The frequency in which the individual tested uses the substance
  • The duration of substance use
  • The preparation and way the individual took the substance
  • The metabolism of the individual taking the test
  • The accuracy of the testing method used


Choose The Right Type Of Drug Testing

Oral Fluid is just one type of drug test often used for specific situations such as random testing, reasonable suspicion, or post-accident drug testing. Swab Drug and Alcohol Tests are not designed to tell you if an individual uses drugs or alcohol. It only helps by determining if they have used an illicit drug or consumed alcohol recently. Using quick testing kits may be problematic in pre-employment screening, particularly if a potential employee briefly refrain from using drugs and consuming alcohol while they undergo the interview. Urine testing is typically a better sample choice to test for prior substance abuse. When it comes to keeping the workplace environment safe and risk-free, Breathalysers Australia recommends that you keep a BACtrack Professional Breathalyzer unit for workplace testing. 

Conducting a Swab Drug and Alcohol Test. Having an alcohol breath tester in the workplace can truly help the business, like keeping employees safe during work hours. Some industries have a zero-tolerance policy like aviation, mining, construction, transportation and medical professionals. To sum up, BACtrack breathalyzers are an excellent choice for workplace testing, the professional models like the sturdy S80 Pro provides highly accurate BAC results and can run thousands of tests before requiring recalibration. Breathalysers Australia delivers each product with a certificate of accuracy and the breathalyzer units arrive ready for use. Start testing with just a simple push of a button. Units also come with interchangeable mouthpieces.