Procedure for Drug Testing Employees

Having strict workplace policies has been a norm for companies worldwide; mainly because of the rise of alcohol and drug availability and social acceptance. These policies exist primarily to help monitor and prevent the usage of alcohol and drugs of their employees; providing a safer and more efficient workplace. Despite wanting to monitor their workers closely, companies must still follow appropriate procedures for drug testing employees. With mobile testing units and machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer more available nowadays, more accurate and reliable testing methods can now be implemented. 

Procedures for drug testing employees should be thoroughly followed because the inability to do so might help the employee who tested positive win in court. Effective drug testing procedures include knowing when the tests should be done, how to conduct the testing properly, and having a certified individual perform the tests. Providing training for employees on how to spot individuals under the influence may also help companies perform these procedures more effectively and accurately; instead of randomly testing every individual. 

Procedure for Drug Testing Employees Sample Collection

There are several ways of collecting samples for alcohol and drug tests. Blood samples are seldom taken since a registered health lab is needed to process the sample despite being the most accurate. Urine samples are what most companies use as they can quickly be taken and processed by a mobile testing unit. Despite identifying drug usage; mobile testing units may still need to be sent the samples to a laboratory to determine the exact drug used. Effectively monitoring alcohol usage; though, can quickly be done by the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer; able to trace alcohol intake from 15 minutes up to 24-48 hours. Following and having the proper procedures for drug testing employees regarding sample collection is one of the more sensitive issues when talking about acquiring accurate results. 

Constant testing benefits not only the company but also the employee working for them. Having a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer available at any time could help prevent alcoholism before, during, and even after work. Employees will most likely be forced to break old bad habits and be less likely to develop new disruptive ones. Companies investing in having the proper procedures for drug testing employees will most likely have gained more than what they paid for it; securing the safety and productivity of all their workers. 


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