What is a Pre Employment Drug Test and Alcohol Test?

Whether or not an employee will be the right fit for a company is always a hard decision for any business owner or manager. It depends on how a person would match with the existing employees of the company. This is decided by the attitude and behavior of the new employee; which can be then influenced by many things such as the type of employee they were in their previous company. There may be other factors that influence a person and their behavior; one of the leading issues worldwide is substance abuse, which mainly affects the individual through his thoughts and actions. Placing an influenced individual without the proper screening before hiring would significantly disrupt the workplace and reduce the safety of its workers. Hence a pre employment drug test is given, along with a pre employment alcohol test to secure the integrity and security of the company.

About pre employment drug and alcohol tests

Testing and screening for alcohol and drug abuse mainly rely on saliva and urine samples, respectively. Saliva samples are to mainly check for alcohol intake within the day and urine samples to check for recreational drugs being taken in the last 48 hours. Despite being easy to collect; a mobile testing unit may be required to process the samples for a pre employment drug test. If the results return positive, a more detailed laboratory test would be necessary to identify the type of drug used.

Luckily enough, screening before a laboratory test has become much more accessible, with machines like the breathalyzer to analyze alcohol intake and recreational drug intake (like marijuana) by just blowing into a sterilized tube and awaiting its result. It is a much more cost-effective and less time-consuming method for employers and employees alike. Due to its cost-effectiveness, it can also be done more frequently and with a lot less doubt for the employer on whether or not a screening is possible and/or affordable.  

With more and more options for screening available, it is now easier to secure the safety and integrity of the company and its employees. The advantages of more frequent cost-effective testing outweigh its little to no disadvantages. A pre employment alcohol test and a pre employment drug test would greatly help a company’s productivity; securing a more efficient, safe, and stress-free workplace for its employees. With machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers, more frequent screening is made available with guaranteed police-grade accuracy. 


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