Benefits of Having a Personal Breathalyser Kit

People that go to gatherings can now consume alcohol with ease and peace of mind in this digital age. You can take a personal breathalyser kit and know your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) within seconds (10-15 seconds for BACtrack devices). A breathalyser is a portable device to measure your BAC through your breath sample. The breathalyser sensors process the breath to create a chemical reaction that determines the alcohol percentage. A personal breathalyser kit like BACtrack can help you stay within the legal alcohol limit for driving.

A breathalyser is not just a fancy accessory; it can have multiple benefits. Firstly, having a personal breathalyser kit saves lives. Breathalysers measure your alcohol level or BAC conveniently. By knowing your BAC level, you can control your rate of alcohol consumption. Each alcoholic beverage has a different alcohol concentration. There is no other way of accurately finding out your BAC on the go other than using breathalysers. If you ignore the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol, you put yourself and others in danger on the road. Not only will you risk getting caught by police, but intoxicated driving can also lead to accidents or fatal collisions. Secondly, breathalysers can help you make better decisions after alcohol consumption. It can help you decide if you need to catch another ride home instead of driving.

Having a Personal Breathalyser Kit with More Features

A personal breathalyser kit can come with more convenient features. Personal breathalysers like the BACtrack Mobile Pro can connect to phones via Bluetooth. The BACtrack Mobile Pro Series can directly deliver your BAC results to your phone. This feature can also help you share your BAC with your family. Additionally, the app can also track your results over time, giving you valuable insight into your alcohol consumption patterns. Moreover, if you have too much alcohol, the app can also call an Uber ride for you. On the other hand, you can use the BACtrack S80 Pro and its one-button operations system if you want a more straightforward breath testing approach.

BACtrack aims to help people make better decisions by providing the highest accuracy in each BAC reading. Each BACtrack unit utilises the most advanced fuel cell sensor technology to give precise and consistent breath test results. Millions of customers worldwide trust the accuracy and efficiency of BACtrack professional breathalysers. Furthermore, BACtrack comes with a reusable and replaceable mouthpiece, so you can even share your personal breathalyser kit with friends.

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