What is the Most Accurate Breathalyzer in Australia?

A breathalyzer, also known as an alcohol breath tester, is a device used to calculate an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC calculates the alcohol present in a person’s exhaled breath after they have blown into the sterile tube of the device. Police officers and medical professionals use some of the most accurate breathalyzers to ensure road safety and appropriate medication administration. Law enforcers ensure that drivers are within the legal driving limits of under 0.05%; anything above that can be a serious offence and can be punishable by law. In most cases, the higher the BAC, the more severe the penalties might be for the driver. Prevent severe DUI charges by using personal breathalyzers. Therefore, people nowadays ask, what is the most accurate breathalyzer in Australia?  

The Most Accurate Breathalyzer in Australia

Finding and buying the right personal breathalyzer may be hard for others; but not for those who have access to the internet. There are now websites that sell the most accurate breathalyzer in Australia. The BACtrack S80, available on many websites, can also be bought from its official Breathalysers Australia website. It uses fuel cell technology similar to those found in the breath testers of law enforcers and medical practitioners. The BACtrack S80 removes the need for professional training on breathalyzers, and you can use them as a “police-grade” personal breath testing device. This allows anyone to test their BAC accurately and reliably. Having a device that is like what police officers use can drastically decrease the chances of DUI charges.  

A BACtrack device can be the most accurate breathalyzer in Australia because of its company’s innovative technology. Other BACtrack devices also provide wireless connectivity to iOS, Android, and Google devices via Bluetooth to provide even more detailed information. Detailed information like the exact BAC and how long until the user’s BAC would return to 0.00% can be helpful for learner and probationary drivers with legal driving requirements of 0.00%. The BACtrack S80 Pro also has an audible alarm that can help inform would-be drivers that they are still over the driving limit of 0.05%.  

Avoid Penalties

Penalties of DUI charges have gotten more severe over the years, that even first-time offenders are given hefty fines and can get their license confiscated. Repeat offenders may have ignition interlocks installed or have their vehicles impounded for about a month. You can prevent all these hindrances by checking in with your BACtrack device before driving. Having the most accurate breathalyzer in Australia with professional-grade reliability can help improve safety and avoid DUI charges for the user. 


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