BACtrack Keychain Alcohol Tester

Cap off the night of celebration with safe goodbyes by checking your blood alcohol content (BAC) first. More people get into the habit of checking their BAC through breathalysers. This method makes sure that they are not over the driving limit of 0.05%. Breathalysers are useful breath testing devices that you can use to know your alcohol content. The BAC percentage is proportional to the alcohol percentage in the person’s breath. Breathalysers come in different sizes, types, and styles, each with various features. You can now get the most convenient, smallest, yet effective breathalyser in the market, the keychain alcohol tester.

BACtrack has the most advanced keychain alcohol testers with the BACtrack C6 and BACtrack Go Keychain. They are ideal for quick and easy checking of your BAC.

  • BACtrack C6 – Powered by BluFire fuel cell sensor technology, BACtrack C6 is the smallest professional-grade keychain alcohol tester. The device comes in two modes for standalone or app use. In Standalone Mode, the BAC result is directly on the unit screen. Alternatively, the breathalyser syncs with the smartphone via Bluetooth connection in the App Mode. The BAC result is displayed directly on the smartphone. Additionally, you can track your results and estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%. Moreover, this device features the same sensor technology you could find in a police officer’s breathalyser.
  • BACtrack Go – The BACtrack Go is the smallest breathalyser available. It has a folding mouthpiece for easy breath testing and storage. It is ideal for confirming the presence of alcohol in the breath. The Advanced MicroCheck sensor delivers the most accurate results at this price point and size. This BACtrack Keychain device can also quickly estimate the BAC in breath in 5 seconds. It also comes in a variety of attractive colours.

BACtrack Keychain Alcohol Tester: Why Use it?

The BACtrack keychain alcohol tester provides the utmost convenience, ease of use, and great portability. Despite being the smallest devices, they are still fully functioning breathalysers with high accuracy. We know that alcohol impairs the senses and perception of a person. Breathalysers help you understand your alcohol limit. Without a doubt, these devices can help you make better decisions even after alcohol consumption. The BACtrack’s keychain breathalysers easily fit in your pocket or purse and the keyrings of your house and car keys. You can hang them at your most convenient place so you will not miss them every time you go out. You can choose your keychain alcohol testers at the official store of Breathalysers Australia online.

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