iPhone Breathalyzer Reviews: BACtrack Mobile

The BACtrack Mobile is a powerful all-in-one breathalyzer. They integrate the innovative smartphone app features with the pro-grade accuracy of an alcohol breath testing device. It connects wirelessly to most iOS and Android gadgets via Bluetooth to deliver accurate blood alcohol content (BAC). The BACtrack app also features innovative tracking, personalization and integrates with Uber and the Apple Health tools. The iPhone breathalyzer reviews for BACtrack Mobile have overall positive ratings and are rated best by consumers as a personal and professional breathalyzer.

What do the iPhone breathalyzer reviews say about the BACtrack smartphone device? Firstly, the fuel cell sensor of BACtrack Mobile can provide high accuracy and consistent results. As a result, many users are surprised to find that their actual BAC is higher than expected. Knowing your BAC can help you limit your alcohol intake and avoid a potential DUI charge. Secondly, the sleek and compact design of the BACtrack Mobile Pro maximizes portability by letting the results be delivered directly to the phone. The app also has a helpful tracking feature that records your BAC result over time. It allows you to view your alcohol consumption pattern and behaviour, helping you make better decisions.

iPhone Breathalyzer Reviews: Other BACtrack Features

Additionally, other iPhone breathalyzer reviews state that the ZeroLine technology of BACtrack Mobile Pro is a convenient feature. BACtrack devices can estimate when the BAC level will return to 0.00%. The app can then show the results along with other helpful information. This feature can help drivers know how long they must wait to drive legally under the limit. Furthermore, the personalization tool of the BACtrack Mobile Pro will enable you to attach notes or photos. This feature allows for more efficient BAC tracking. BACtrack devices also have a lesser warm-up time (10-20 seconds), so you can quickly check your BAC. Conveniently, the device has a one-touch operation button for powering up and initiating pairing mode. The simplicity, convenience, and pro-grade accuracy of the BACtrack Mobile Pro make it the top-rated breathalyzer for its value by the consumers and experts.

The BACtrack Mobile Pro earns overall positive ratings and feedbacks found in iPhone breathalyzer reviews and several online retail outlets. BACtrack breathalyzers use the most advanced sensor technologies to deliver accurate results. This sensor technology is the same technology you can find in a police officer’s or medical professional’s breathalyzer.  If you want to be confident with your BAC readings, you can use BACtrack personal breathalyzers. There is a wide range of BACtrack personal breathalyzers available at Breathalysers Australia under many kinds of price ranges.

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