How Can I Pass a Breathalyzer After Drinking?

A lot of things go into our minds after consuming alcohol. While most thoughts are random, some might be important. People, that generally need to drive home have probably asked themselves, “how can I pass a breathalyzer after drinking tonight? A breathalyzer is a device that can measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This device can help determine how much alcohol is in your system. The amount of alcohol (through BAC %) can help inform you of your current mental and functional capabilities. Furthermore, alcohol consumption can drastically affect our coordination, perception, and motor control. All of which are necessary for when we need to drive. Police officers mainly use breathalyzers to help distinguish drivers that may be intoxicated and prevent them from driving. Without a doubt, this method can drastically help improve road safety. 

If a police officer stops me, how can I pass a breathalyzer after drinking? The alcohol burn-off rate is different for everybody. The standard alcohol burn-off rate is 0.016% per hour. However, factors like age, weight, size, height and current health status can affect how fast you metabolize alcohol. In short, there is no exact method that can help you pass a police breath test. Nowadays, though, people are now using personal breathalyzers before driving. Doing so ensures that they are under the driving limit of 0.05% when they leave. This method informs would-be drivers that they would pass a police breath test if they were to take it. BACtrack personal breathalyzers are the most reliable personal breathalyzers for self-tests. They feature the same sensor technology you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer.  

If I Drive, How Can I Pass a Breathalyzer After Drinking?  

Before driving, you can ensure that your BAC is within the driving limits. Australia has a BAC driving limit of 0.05%, and driving over that is punishable by law. This limit ensures that all drivers on the road have optimal senses enough to drive a car safely. If you plan on driving after consuming alcohol, your best bet is to check your BAC before doing so. Checking your BAC with accurate devices helps improve your safety and lessen your chances of acquiring DUI charges. Furthermore, knowing your exact BAC can help you make better decisions after alcohol consumption. You no longer need to ask yourself the question of “how can I pass a breathalyzer after drinking tonight?”.  

BACtrack personal breathalyzers, like the C8 and Mobile Pro, are even capable of tracking your BAC throughout the night. These personal breathalyzers are also capable of estimating when and how long until your BAC would return to 0.00%. People that have these devices no longer ask themselves, “how can I pass a breathalyzer after drinking tonight?”. They know if they would pass a police breath test or not. Without a doubt, accurate breathalyzers can help inform you exactly when it is safe to drive. 


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