Failed Pre Employment Alcohol Test: What to do now?

Companies nowadays prefer to perform workplace testing regularly. These tests can drastically help improve workplace safety and productivity. Moreover, drug and alcohol tests can also play a vital part in a company’s success by helping reduce annual costs. The primary purpose of these tests is accident, risk, and hazard reduction. Alcohol and drug consumption can lead to various adverse effects and impairments. These impairments can drastically affect an employee’s ability to work safely and productively. Furthermore, having employees with impairments in reaction times, behaviour, judgment, coordination, and memory (all apparent in alcohol and drug consumption) can significantly increase the likelihood of workplace accidents. Alcohol and drug tests can help employers single out potentially dangerous employees that may endanger the workplace and coworkers. Test results like a failed pre employment alcohol test can help employers determine the applicants that are more likely to decrease workplace safety.

Companies provide a pre employment alcohol test to applicants before hiring. It is typically the last step of a company’s hiring process. Moreover, it is also one of the most critical tests to pass when applying for a job. Employers are no longer looking for just specific skillsets and experience. Not having a failed pre employment alcohol test is now as crucial as an applicant’s credentials and abilities. A skillful employee can still be a liability if they can decrease workplace safety. You can expect an alcohol breath test with a breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia when applying for a job.

Failed Pre Employment Alcohol Test: What can I do now?

As an applicant, it is your responsibility to ensure that your alcohol level is at 0.00% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). A failed pre employment alcohol test can drastically affect your chances of getting hired. Applicants that fail an alcohol test are less likely to be considered by the company. However, applicants need to know that a retest may be possible. Applicants may get their second chance by visiting a testing facility to get another alcohol test. It is best to get a retest on the same day (a few hours after your initial test) or the next day. This method can help prove that your alcohol level was not high enough to last until the retest despite testing positive. However, applicants need to use a certified testing facility for the retest to ensure that their results are valid.

A failed pre employment alcohol test is taken seriously by companies. When acquiring a retest, applicants must also provide a valid reason for failing the alcohol test. If an applicant can give efficient evidence of what they were doing before testing, it might help increase the chances of getting hired. Moreover, applicants need to prove that there was a special occasion (birthday of a direct relative or anniversary) before the test. This evidence can help applicants prove that they do not have a drinking disorder. Furthermore, the breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia can also help you with alcohol consumption monitoring during an occasion.


Preventing a Failed Pre Employment Alcohol Test

Despite having options for a retest, it is essential for an applicant always to try to pass their initial alcohol test. A failed pre employment alcohol test can drastically decrease a company’s interest in you. When nearing a job interview (and possible alcohol test), it is best not to consume alcohol. Alcohol, depending on the amount consumed, can last for 12 up to 24 hours in our bodies. So, if you have an interview coming up, it is best not to consume alcohol one to three days before your interview. Most companies do not state when they would provide alcohol tests, so it is best to come prepared. Furthermore, it is also worth noting that different tests can detect alcohol in a specific time range. Companies can detect alcohol use with these tests within these periods:

  • Blood Tests: up to 6 hours
  • Breath Tests: 12 to 24 hours (most common in roadside screenings and workplace alcohol testing)
  • Urine: 12 to 24 hours. However, newer test methods can detect alcohol usage up to 72 hours ago (most common in workplace tests for drug usage).
  • Saliva: 12 to 24 hours
  • Hair: Up to 90 days.

Failed Pre Employment Alcohol Test: Things to Know

Personal devices like the breathalysers you can find on Breathalysers Australia can help maintain and monitor alcohol consumption. Maintaining your alcohol consumption can help prevent a failed pre employment alcohol test. However, when checking your alcohol consumption, it is also essential to know what factors can affect your BAC and the alcohol burn-off rate. The alcohol burn-off rate is about 0.016% BAC per hour. This rate means that having a BAC of 0.032% (about one and a half standard drinks) can take about 2 hours to return to 0.00%. Furthermore, drinking only a specific amount can help you pass a pre employment alcohol test. However, it is still best to avoid consuming alcohol when your interview and alcohol test is coming up. These factors can affect an individual’s BAC:

  • Food consumption: Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach can typically cause higher BAC results. Furthermore, it is essential to note that food can affect your absorption rate.
  • Gender: Women have fewer enzymes (than men) that can metabolise alcohol.
  • Body Mass: The BAC of a person with more body fat would typically be higher than a person with more muscle. Fat tissue has low water content, and it can’t absorb alcohol well.
  • Kind of alcohol Consumed: Hard liquor like whiskey or vodka have higher alcohol concentrations than drinks like wine or beer.


Breath Tests

One of the most reliable methods for alcohol testing nowadays is the breath test. Police officers and medical professionals heavily rely on these breath tests. Breath tests can help law enforcers and healthcare practitioners maintain safer roads and provide adequate medicine prescriptions. Moreover, breath alcohol test results through a breathalyser can determine the severity of a drink driving charge and its penalties in court. A failed pre employment alcohol test will most likely come from a breath or urine test.

Why use the Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia?

Breathalysers Australia features highly reliable and accurate workplace and personal breathalysers. Companies can use the BACtrack workplace breathalyser to provide constant workplace tests. Likewise, individuals can also use a personal breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia to prevent drink driving charges and a failed pre employment alcohol test. Alcohol consumption monitoring can drastically help with roadside and workplace safety. Employees without alcohol-induced impairments are more likely to work effectively and safely and have fewer absences. Breath tests with the breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia are quick and easy. It only takes 10 to 15 seconds for a BACtrack device to process your BAC results. Furthermore, all BACtrack devices have one-button operations, allowing for breath tests with just a press of a button.