Drunk Drinks Breathalyzer – Why Alcoholism Should be Taken Seriously

Alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism, is when a person cannot manage their drinking habits or consumption rate. It is not always easy to identify alcoholism. People who have alcohol use disorder feel that they cannot function normally without alcohol. If left untreated, it can escalate into more severe health problems, including negative impacts on personal or professional relationships. Excessive alcohol consumption can impair your senses, perception, and motor functions. At an extremely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the person experiences significant motor coordination and judgment loss. For example, a man is so intoxicated that the drunk drinks the breathalyzer when police ask him to blow a breath sample.

There is an old video on YouTube about police officers trying to get the BAC of an intoxicated man. But, instead of blowing to the device, the drunk drinks the breathalyzer. Intoxication at this level impairs judgment severely. In addition, there is difficulty in comprehending the situation in the video, and the man thinks the officers are offering him drinks. It may create a few laughs, but situations like this often have severe underlying problems. Alcoholism poses health risks and endangers lives on the road, workplace, or home. As such, high-risk workplaces implement a zero-alcohol tolerance policy. They require breath tests to ensure sobriety from all employees. Workplace devices such as BACtrack workplace breathalyzers can help determine the alcohol in the blood.

Drunk Drinks Breathalyzer: Prevention

Always check your BAC after alcohol consumption to ensure that you won’t be the “drunk drinks the breathalyzer” person. Devices like BACtrack personal breathalyzers can measure the BAC level quickly and accurately. The BACtrack breathalyzers utilize fuel cell sensors that have police-grade accuracy. The benefits of using a personal breathalyzer are that it can determine your BAC in seconds and help you monitor your alcohol level so you won’t go over the legal limit (0.05% BAC). People are coping with alcoholism by using breathalyzers to monitor their BAC at home and prevent a relapse. In some probationary instances, the judge requires the person to send their BAC results regularly.

Long-term alcohol use disorder has a high probability of developing cancer, heart problems, and liver disease. It also decreases the productivity rate at work and causes domestic issues. Use a BACtrack breathalyzer to control your alcohol consumption. This method will prevent you from becoming like the “drunk drinks the breathalyzer” individual in the video. Without a doubt, BAC monitoring can drastically help improve your safety in alcohol consumption. Knowing your BAC may also help you make better decisions after consumption.

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