Importance of Drug Testing in the Workplace

The views and responses to drug testing in the workplace vary considerably, depending on the kind of job in question. Typically, the higher the possibility that impaired job performance due to drug and alcohol abuse could cause endangerment to the employee, their coworkers, and the general public, the higher the level of acceptance for alcohol and drug testing in the workplace. Conducting alcohol and drug testing is likely accepted for mining, aviation, and transport jobs than for office jobs. 

There are three apparent programs for drug testing in the workplace. 

  • Pre-employment testing before hiring aspiring job candidates 
  • Incident-driven or “for-cause” testing of employees is conducted if an accident in the workplace occurred due to drug use or used for fitness before continuing with duty. 
  • Post-employment testing without a specific cause, or typically called ‘Random drug tests’ 

Pre-employment drug testing is the most common form of drug testing. This type of drug screening may be helpful to companies and employers in selecting wisely among tons of job candidates. 


Conducting alcohol and drug testing on your employees can help deter and detect drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. The most common illegal substances detected include marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, and MDMA.  

Companies and Business owners that implement alcohol and drug policies have excellent benefits like: 

  • A safer and healthier workplace – Drug screening can help reduce workplace-related injuries. 
  • Improvements in employee attitude, high productivity rate, and outstanding performance – enabling you to have a quality labor force. 
  • Stable workforce – With a successful alcohol and drug policy, you may see decreased absenteeism among employees. 
  • Liability – Regular testing will enable you to reduce compensation claims effectively. 

Implementing a drug and alcohol policy in the workplace should ideally be used to improve the health and safety of employees. In conducting drug testing in the workplace and having employees with positive results, you must ensure that they will be treated with decency and respect and be supported rather than humiliated and shamed for having a positive result, providing help and assistance to those who tested positive. This way, you can avoid the misuse of drug testing in the workplace and do not discriminate.  


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