Importance of Drug Testing in the Workplace

A healthy and stable workforce is vital towards a safe and productive working environment. Drug and alcohol impairments at work are the top reason for many workplace accidents. Additionally, it costs businesses a lot of money for insurance, compensation, and legal costs. Therefore, many workplaces implement drug testing programs to detect illicit substance use among employees. Random or regular drug testing in the workplace discourages employees from illegal substance use. Standard testing methods include blood, urine, saliva, or breath tests. Breath tests are the most common testing methods for alcohol consumption. Breathalysers, like BACtrack devices, are testing devices that can detect and measure alcohol levels through the breath.

Under the Work Health and Safety Act, employers must ensure that the workplace is safe and healthy for all employees. It only takes one worker to put the whole workplace in danger. Therefore, it is imperative for industries like mining, construction, health, law enforcement, or transportation to do drug testing in the workplace. A zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol use is critical to maintain safety and manage workplace hazards. A zero-tolerance approach means that no drugs or illegal substances should be found in the body while working. However, before facilitating drug testing, it must be clear to all employees the purpose of testing them.

Drug Testing in the Workplace: Using Workplace Breathalysers

According to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, cannabis, cocaine, Ecstasy, and amphetamines are the most commonly used illicit drugs. These illegal substances can affect people’s perception, reasoning, or judgment when operating equipment or driving a vehicle. Furthermore, long-term use can also result in serious health problems. Drug testing in the workplace helps identify the individual that needs help or intervention. If untreated or unmonitored, it can cause more significant issues at work and in the family or personal relationships. Additionally, impairments could lead to casualties and low productivity rates or behavioural problems. Therefore, regular drug and alcohol testing is the most effective way to prevent and manage substance use. You can get a police-grade BACtrack workplace breathalyser for the most precise and quick blood alcohol content (BAC) reading. BACtrack breathalysers only take 10 to 15 seconds to process your results accurately.

Finally, drug-safe workplaces have higher productivity. Companies that have annual drug testing in the workplace report decreased accident rates. Fewer substance-related accidents have lesser disruptions in everyday operations. You can start managing safety risks by investing in a reliable workplace breathalyser as an employer. The BACtrack breathalysers at Breathalysers Australia are all AS3547 certified, ensuring the quality and accuracy of each breath test. As an employee, you can also take the initiative to monitor your alcohol level by carrying a BACtrack personal breathalyser with you.

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