How to Conduct an Alcohol & Drug Test at Work

Alcohol and drug testing and screening at work have become a norm in this day and age. With issues all around the world in terms of Alcohol and Drug availability. Luckily enough, despite being a little time-consuming, testing and screening are not all that complicated. There are three ways of collecting samples, which can be done via blood, saliva, and urine samples. Owning or working for a company with a strict Alcohol and Drug policy may seem a bit straining or irritating when it comes to providing or taking random drug tests regarding the time it takes for processing. With recent technological innovations being available to the public though, it may now be easier to take an alcohol or drug test at work, with the help of machines like breathalyzers, to help smoothen the process. 

Despite being the most accurate for both drugs and alcohol, blood samples are also the least done because of the time it takes to collect and process the samples. Alcohol and drug tests at work are mostly done by taking saliva and urine samples. Saliva being tested to check whether the employee is currently under the influence at work and urine to test whether the person has taken recreational drugs in the past 48 hours. If tested positive, the samples are then sent to a laboratory for a more detailed test. 

Conveniently enough, both alcohol and recreational drugs like marijuana can be easily and quickly tested using the breathalyzer. It is a much more time-efficient and cost-effective way of testing employees, cutting away the huge costs of finding a mobile drug testing unit. With the help of innovations, an alcohol and drug test at work can now be done more frequently for an even safer workplace.

Alcohol and Drug test at work and in the workplace

Workplace safety is one the most essential standards for any business owner or employee alike. Working in a safe environment dramatically reduces stress, thus helping the company become more productive. Increasing the safety of the workplace, despite not always being the issue, does rely on decreasing the likelihood of having a person under the influence during working hours. With employee safety in the utmost priority, it is justifiable why an owner or manager may provide an alcohol and drug test at work. With continuous improvements to technology, the workplace could be made even safer with the help of machines like the breathalyzer to provide testing more frequently. 


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