Drug and Alcohol Testing Training in Mackay

Safety at work is of utmost importance. People reporting for work under the influence of alcohol and drugs are a significant hazard to the workplace, their colleagues, and themselves. When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, people tend to have impairments in their senses and judgement. Unquestionably, they may not discern well and are at risk for accidents and injuries. Moreover, companies must perform workplace drug and alcohol testing to ensure employers’ and employees’ protection from untoward incidents. There are several drug and alcohol testing training in Mackay that provide comprehensive programs.

Firstly, Australia has a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of 0.05% when driving and has a 0.00% BAC limit in workplaces. Sobriety in the workplace is critical, mainly when operating heavy pieces of equipment and machinery. An example of a great device an employer should train their employees to use is the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer. Some of the drug and alcohol testing training in Mackay available are:

  • Urine drug test: use urine as a specimen to analyze the presence of illegal drugs in a person’s system
  • Saliva test: lesser invasive but accurate method to determine the presence or number of drugs or other substances. A saliva test can identify different illicit drugs under Australian standards.
  • Alcohol breath test: calculate the BAC in a person through one’s breath. It is a non-invasive method and most convenient to determine a person’s alcohol level. Breathalyzers can perform alcohol breath tests. This type of test is where a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer could come in handy.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Training in Mackay: Purpose

Without a doubt, the drug and alcohol testing training in Mackay is valuable to employers who have zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol usage. While the urine drug test and saliva test need to be administered by qualified professionals or technicians, getting an alcohol breathalyzer test beforehand can be done effortlessly. The breathalyzer is a handheld device that can calculate the amount of alcohol concentration (BAC) in a person’s breath. The device has a mouthpiece where the person can blow into, and it undergoes a series of electrochemical processes that computes how much ethanol is in a person’s breath/blood. You can get your professional-grade breathalyzer from BACtrack. BACtrack is the leading breathalyzer brand in Australia and can provide accurate and precise BAC readings.

All the drug and alcohol testing training in Mackay is compliant with safety laws and Australian standards for a safe and healthy working environment. Suppose you need to maintain an alcohol-free workplace as an employer or manager. In that case, it is best to get a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer to help you monitor alcohol levels and consumption throughout the working day. It is available at most health stores, large retailers and online nationwide. Undoubtedly, having a device for onsite testing may prove to be an excellent investment for any company.

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