Drug and Alcohol Testing Training in Adelaide

With drug and alcohol usage on the rise, more and more companies require trained individuals to spot and test employees who might be struggling with substance abuse. Drug and alcohol testing training in Adelaide is now provided by agencies and individuals specializing in sample taking and screening. It can provide companies with the option to have their employees train and get certified to help provide a safer, drug-free workplace. Having the option of onsite testing for companies could prove beneficial because of how much time could be saved by not requiring their employees to leave the workplace for testing. Training for machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer could also provide reliable alcohol testing methods for companies.  

Having trained and certified individuals perform drug and alcohol testing is beneficial for companies; especially when the test results are challenged legally. There will always be a chance of enraged employees who tested positive; that will try to question the reliability of the results. Having completed formal training that follows procedures that meet the Australian Standards for drug and alcohol testing would allow for highly accurate and reliable results. The training agencies provide highly trained professionals and testing staff that are all Nationally Accredit Drug Screening Officers under the latest Australian Standards AS/NZA4308 and the AS4760. This could provide effective drug and alcohol testing training in Adelaide.  

Drug and Alcohol Testing Training in Adelaide Agencies

The agencies that provide drug and alcohol testing training in Adelaide provide oral (saliva) and urine testing. These are also the same screening methods used when a company requests a mobile testing unit. Urine testing, being used more commonly, can identify drugs like marijuana, opioids, cocaine, and amphetamines. Test results would typically be ready within 2-3 minutes of testing. Other services could include drug and alcohol company policy assistance, implementation, and guidance of regulations; all the more knowledge that could be helpful from trained individuals. Alcohol testing can be performed with the help of effective machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer and could provide tests results within seconds.  

Drug and alcohol testing training in Adelaide can now easily be provided for those companies who feel the need to monitor their employees more closely. It also allows the company to provide more effective pre-employment, post-accident, blanket, and random mass testing. Having an efficient and effective anti-drug and alcohol policy in the company could prove beneficial. It could prevent any form of harmful or disruptive habits from ever developing in their employees. 


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