Drug and Alcohol Testing in Perth

Drug and alcohol testing in Perth is becoming more and more crucial in the workplace as the influence of inappropriate alcohol, and drug use can cause significant damage and grievous risks to the employees’ health and safety thus affecting workplace productivity. 

You must ensure that the drug and alcohol policy you are implementing in your business meets the current Australian Standards. 

Why drug and alcohol testing in Perth is important?

As an employer, you should ensure that the alcohol and drug policy implemented in the workplace is applied consistently to all your employees. Drug and Alcohol Testing in Perth ensures compliance, which helps bring peace of mind to business owners and their employees. Having a drug and alcohol policy indicates that you are making sure that your employees are safe as an employer. 

All companies and business owners are responsible as employers to ensure that their employees have a safe working environment. Alcohol and drug use and abuse may cause significant risks and dangers towards work safety, the employees’ health, and their job quality. Most companies and business owners have created and implemented an alcohol and drug policy. They seek to create a safe and drug-free workplace. Drug and alcohol testing in Perth may involve using urine for testing, saliva, or utilizing a breathalyzer for testing Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC). 

If you consider getting a breathalyzer unit to use for your business, you may want to get a BACtrack breathalyzer unit. The BACtrack workplace units provide you with police-grade accuracy that you can rely on. Alcohol testing is best advised to be conducted on-site using a breathalyzer. BACtrack workplace units are accurate, portable, and inexpensive. It is a worthwhile investment for workplace safety. 

Workplace Risks

There is a high possibility rate that one or more of your employees are regular drug users. And you might never find out until a workplace incident happens or until they go through an overdose. 

If you are an employer in Perth, the key to success is by managing risks in the workplace. Implementation of drug and alcohol testing in Perth is a good start. There are risks to the business that may have severe repercussions if left alone and not handled properly. Some examples of possible causes of alcohol and drug abuse by your employees may include poor work performance and productivity, lack of motivation, high rates of absences, and poor conduct during work. 


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