Drug and Alcohol Testing in Perth

Alcohol impairment remains to be a significant factor in workplace productivity and accidents. For example, in Perth, Western Australia, alcohol influence at work cost billions of hospitalizations and revenue loss every year. Therefore, many workplaces nowadays implement drug and alcohol testing in Perth to manage hazard risks related to drug and alcohol use. A carefully designed drug and alcohol program is vital to managing risks and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. Most employers, especially in high-risk industries, have a zero-tolerance policy. It means that no amount of drugs or alcohol should be found in your system while at work.

Drug and alcohol testing in Perth is essential for monitoring the workers’ well-being. Standard tests include blood, urine, saliva, or breath sampling. An alcohol breath tester such as a BACtrack breathalyser can accurately help detect alcohol in the breath. Workplace breathalysers are practical in determining the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person. It is the least intrusive of all other methods; that is why most employers use a breathalyser as a screening process. Breathalysers are handheld devices that can quickly measure the BAC or alcohol intoxication level through the breath. If alcohol is present in the exhaled breath, the device would present with a BAC level expressed in percentage amount.

Drug and Alcohol Testing in Perth: Possible Consequences

What happens if you test positive for drug and alcohol testing in Perth? Workplace drug and alcohol policies must have clear guidelines on what to do if an employee is intoxicated at work. Depending on the severity of the situation, the consequences may range from counselling, treatment or probation. If you have existing policies in your workplace, it is best to review them so you can reduce any untoward incidents from happening. On the other hand, it is criminally punishable if your BAC is over the legal limit (0.05%) in roadside screenings. Additionally, Australia has strict laws about drink-driving. You could face hefty fines, a driving suspension, court proceedings, and imprisonment terms if you exceeded the legal limit for alcohol.

Since more companies implement drug and alcohol testing in Perth, it significantly reduced alcohol and substance-related incidents. Proactive measures are also crucial to maintaining safety at all times. For example, a personal breathalyser could help you safely monitor your alcohol consumption. Check your BAC after a few glasses, so you’ll know when to stop. Similarly, you may check your BAC before driving or working to ensure you are sober. BACtrack breathalysers are available nationwide. You may get highly accurate BACtrack breathalysers for work or personal use at Breathalysers Australia.

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