Drug and Alcohol Test for Job: What to do?

Workplace alcohol and drug tests play an important role in workplace safety and productivity. These tests can help with workplace risk management and prevent potential accidents or incidents. Safety-critical industries like transportation, construction, mining, and air transport heavily rely on drug and alcohol tests. A drug and alcohol test for job site safety could help companies maintain a zero-alcohol and drug tolerance policy. Moreover, companies need to prevent employees from showing up under the influence. Alcohol and drug consumption can drastically affect our ability to do things safely. Consuming alcohol and other illicit substances can affect coordination, reaction time, memory, and muscle control. These factors can play a vital role in operating vehicles or heavy machinery. Therefore, employers would rather spend a little extra on testing services and machines. Nowadays, companies can also rely on the BACtrack workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia.

Without a doubt, a drug and alcohol test for job site safety can benefit both the employer and the employee. Reducing potential risks in the workplace can help make employees feel safer. The more comfortable employees are, the more productive they might be. Having an employee feel at ease in the workplace can also drastically affect job satisfaction. Furthermore, increased job satisfaction and productivity can help companies make more money in the long run. Additionally, a drug and alcohol test can help prevent extra costs coming from:

  • Employee injury (healthcare and compensation costs)
  • Loss of productivity
  • Damaged company machinery
  • Product Damage
  • Faulty Products

Drug and Alcohol Test for Job: What to do as an Employer

Drug and alcohol test for job safety: What can I do as an employer? Firstly, and most importantly, employers should ensure that they are providing highly accurate and reliable tests for their employees. Employers must make sure that they are hiring testing services that are certified and qualified to offer tests in their area. Using accredited testing services ensures that the tests are reliable. Furthermore, when competent testing services provide company tests, the test samples can most likely be used as evidence in court. This can come in handy when former employees try to build up a case against the company. Employers must also ensure that they use certified devices to test their employees. Employers should make sure that they use devices like the BACtrack workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia that have FDA and DOT approval to be an alcohol testing device.

On the other hand, employers should also make sure that they abide by the company’s alcohol and drug policies when providing tests. Furthermore, employers should also ensure that the workplace alcohol and drug policies are transparent and that all employees know it. The employer must discuss and explain the workplace alcohol and drug policy upon hiring an employee. Moreover, employers and employees must provide a formal agreement. These policies would allow employers to perform a drug and alcohol test for job site safety with employee consent. These policies can also help protect an employee’s rights, like keeping the test results private.


Drug and Alcohol Test for Job Site Safety: Grounds for Testing

To legally provide a drug and alcohol test for job site safety, the employer must follow the appropriate grounds for testing. These grounds for testing are set to allow for proper testing and discrimination for the employees. Furthermore, these procedures can help improve workplace safety and improve its risk management programs. As an employer, your grounds for testing should be:

  • Random testing: Testing that is unannounced and regularly for a set of random employees. This kind of testing can effectively help single out individuals using alcohol or drugs in the workplace.
  • Blanket testing: All employees within an organisation are tested.
  • ‘For cause’ or targeted testing: An employer has the right to test employees that are acting suspicious (weird, altered, or dangerous behaviour). However, the employer must make sure that they have sufficient evidence.
  • Pre-employment testing: Employers have the right to test job applicants. This sort of testing can help prevent the company from hiring employees with alcohol or drug usage problems.
  • Post-accident/incident testing: It is the employer’s duty to check if drugs or alcohol have contributed to a recent workplace accident. This test can also help inform the company if they need to perform tests on other employees.
  • Post-positive result testing: This form of testing is for employees that have tested positive before. Employees must test negative before returning to work.
  • Rehabilitation testing: For employees undergoing or may have recently completed rehabilitation. Moreover, this test can help ensure that the employee is no longer struggling.

Drug and Alcohol Test for Job: What to do as an Employee

Drug and alcohol test for job site safety: What can I do as an employee? First and foremost, the company would have you sign a formal agreement upon hiring. Within this legal agreement, you would find a section that explains the company’s drug and alcohol policies. In most industries, these policies are strict. Failure to follow these policies may even lead to instant termination. As an employee, you must follow the workplace guidelines on drug and alcohol usage. Abiding by these rules can help improve your safety and your coworker’s. In most cases, the workplace policies employees usually sign prevents the employee from refusing to take a drug and alcohol test. So, as an employee, it is best to not use drugs and limit your alcohol usage to the weekends. When drinking alcohol, you can also use a BACtrack personal breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia to help monitor your consumption.


Testing Services and Devices Available

Testing services now provide on-site testing. On-site testing can help maintain the company’s productivity. Employees would no longer need to take a day off to take a drug and alcohol test for job site safety. Nowadays, the testing services can test your employees with their mobile testing units. Furthermore, to make alcohol testing more accessible and convenient, BACtrack workplace breathalysers are now available on the Breathalysers Australia website. These breath testers can allow for more constant workplace testing. Additionally, these devices can also help save the company money as they no longer need to request the help of testing services for alcohol testing constantly.

Why use BACtrack Workplace Breathalysers

These devices also make alcohol testing more manageable. Breath tests with BACtrack workplace breathalysers are also quick. It only takes BACtrack devices 10 to 15 seconds to process your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) results. Furthermore, BACtrack devices feature removable and interchangeable mouthpieces. This feature is hygienic and can allow companies to test all their employees with different mouthpieces. Moreover, BACtrack breathalysers also feature fuel cell sensors. These sensors are highly accurate and reliable. These are also the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalysers. Fuel cell sensors are sensitive to only ethyl alcohol, making false-positive results less likely. Testing services and highly accurate devices allow for a very reliable drug and alcohol test for job sites.