Relevance of Drink Driving Lawyers

Drivers caught driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of over 0.05% will most likely be charged with a drink driving offence. How high a person’s BAC reading determines the severity of the charge. Police officers monitor the BAC of drivers using breathalyzers; this is to help maintain safer roads and reduce the likelihood of alcohol-induced accidents. Refusal of a breath alcohol test offered by an officer is considered a serious offence.

Nowadays, most people try their best to prevent unwanted run-ins with the law by using devices like BACtrack personal breathalyzers to ensure that their BAC meets the required legal limit. Drivers charged with a drink driving offence are allowed to challenge their infringement in court. Before doing so, individuals should seek the advice of drink driving lawyers that would most likely know the best course of action.  

When challenging one’s infringement in court, it is essential to note that the minimum period of disqualification can be doubled by a magistrate if found guilty. Without properly consulting drink driving lawyers, your three-month license disqualification may turn into six months if not careful. The expertise of drink driving lawyers may help drivers identify specific faults on the charge. The lawyers make sure that the law enforcers have taken the proper steps. Steps like correctly specifying the charges given, properly wording the specific charge, and whether there were machine use errors are all checked by the lawyer.   

Drink Driving Lawyers

Drink driving lawyers may also help drivers avoid convictions; this could be vital, as a recorded conviction may affect one’s ability to maintain employment. Especially when there is a requirement of a clean record. It may also help those still looking for a job; not finding a job just because one chose to have a few drinks before driving may be a massive hindrance for many. Before choosing to drive, highly accurate police-grade breathalyzers, like BACtrack breathalyzers, may drastically help people decide; whether they should wait out until their BAC reduces. It may be another great way to prevent severe and severe DUI charges in court.  

With more severe penalties present nowadays, one should note how helpful drink driving lawyers and personal breathalyzers are. You can avoid severe penalties like hefty fines, lengthy license confiscation periods, impounded vehicles, and possible jail time with the proper assistance available. 


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