Alcovisor Mercury: DOT Approved Breathalyzer with Printer

Alcohol breath tests are essential in determining the person’s alcohol level or degree of intoxication. Every time you ingest alcohol, it passes quickly into your bloodstream to the different parts of the body. The intoxicating effects of alcohol may be mild or subtle at first but can escalate rapidly within a few minutes. In high doses, alcohol severely impairs the senses, perception, and motor functions. As a result, it poses high safety risks while driving or working. In line with this, many companies incorporate a workplace policy to help minimise the hazards associated with alcohol use. Through the policy, the employer can administer alcohol screening to monitor sobriety. In addition, a breath test through a DOT approved breathalyzer with printer effectively reduce alcohol-related incidents. 

A breathalyzer is a portable alcohol testing device that estimates a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through the breath. It is a cost-efficient tool to detect alcohol presence and determine the BAC level. A breathalyzer like BACtrack captures the exhaled air and processes the amount of alcohol in the sample breath. In particular, workplaces and testing laboratories use a breathalyzer utilising fuel cell sensor technology. Fuel cell sensors have a higher accuracy rate than standard semiconductor breathalyzers. The Alcovisor Mercury from Breathalysers Australia is a DOT approved breathalyzer with printer capabilities to monitor the employees’ alcohol levels. It passes the DOT standards for evidential breath screening devices. 

The Alcovisor Mercury: A DOT Approved Breathalyzer with Printer Options

The Alcovisor Mercury is a premier workplace breathalyzer suitable for high-compliance environments. It consists of platinum electrochemical sensors to give unparalleled precision of breath tests. The sensors undergo a chemical reaction when it interacts with alcohol in the breath. In particular, the oxidisation process produces small electrical currents and converts them into BAC. In 10 to 15 seconds, the device will display the BAC results on the large touchscreen. Furthermore, it has dual functionality, which is easy to operate. You may select breath screening or testing modes to facilitate a breath test. In addition, the DOT approved breathalyzer with printer options connects to compatible wireless printers via a Bluetooth connection. 


Features of the Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzer

The Alcovisor Mercury features advanced, user-friendly functions to allow efficient checking of the BAC level. The DOT approved breathalyzer with printer options can provide instant documentation of test data for recording employees’ information. It offers a reliable reference in case of emergencies or sudden accidents. The advanced functions of the Alcovisor Mercury include:

  • Platinum electrochemical sensor – The sensor can trace alcohol concentrations from 0.00-0.400% BAC ranges
  • Dual-mode testing: Passive breath screening and active BAC testing
  • Test Record Stamp: Include BAC results and the automatic time, date, and location of the test
  • Touchscreen with a stylus pen: 2.4-inch colour touchscreen and built-in keyboard
  • Internal Memory: 16,000 tests CPU storage
  • Downloadable to PC: The breathalyzer has a USB port to download the test data to a PC and export it into an MS Excel file.
  • Customisable Data Fields: It has fully customisable data fields to input the employee name, department, test administrator, etc. 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The breathalyzer can sync to a wireless thermal printer for instant output
  • Lockable Device Settings: Only authorised personnel can access the test information with passwords to prevent tampering. 
  • Adjustable Settings: You can modify the strength of the breath pressure sensor and blow time settings for increased accuracy. You can change the unit of measure to suit your work requirements (mcg/L or ºC).
  • GPS Tracking: Record exact location for increased compliance. 
  • Calibration Monitoring: It has a test counter and date to monitor when calibration is due. 

The Benefits of a DOT Approved Breathalyzer With a Printer

The workplace depends on the accuracy and reliability of devices to ensure safety. A DOT approved breathalyzer with printer capabilities ascertain that breath test results are valid. The Alcovisor Mercury from Breathalysers Australia adheres to international standards to deliver fast and precise BAC readings. Monitoring the workers’ sobriety is crucial to maintaining an alcohol-free environment. It also deters alcohol use and reduces the number of accidents or injuries. In addition, regular alcohol screening helps identify employees with alcohol use disorder and refer them for treatment or rehabilitation. Moreover, workplaces with an alcohol program report improved productivity, decreased downtime and turnover rates, and improved attendance. It has also boosted employee morale and stabilised the workforce. 

High-risk industries use a DOT approved breathalyzer with printer options to monitor alcohol use on the premises. Workplaces with zero-alcohol tolerance rely on a breathalyzer to maintain health and safety. For instance, mining employees must give a breath sample before entering the premises. If they have a positive BAC level, they will not be fit to work. In addition, the test records from the Alcovisor Mercury can serve as a reference in case of accidents or emergencies. It can also give a comprehensive understanding of the employees’ health status and improve workplace conditions. Lastly, it helps reduce healthcare costs and minimise liabilities from accidents. 


Alcovisor Mercury: Operations

Unlike other screening methods such as urine, oral fluid, or blood sampling, anyone can facilitate an alcohol breath test. The DOT approved breathalyzer with printer option is portable and easy to operate. First, press the “on/off” button to warm up the sensors. Then, attach a sampling cup for breath screening. Give a blow and wait for the device to display the result. The screen will show “Alcohol Present” or “No Alcohol Present”. Breath screening is efficient, and you can save on mouthpieces. If alcohol is present, select the test mode and attach a mouthpiece. Upon the signal, give a strong blow for BAC analysis. The breathalyzer analyses the breath sample and instantly displays your BAC level on the screen. 

To use the DOT approved breathalyzer with printer, turn the Bluetooth on both devices. After each test, press the Print icon to print out the results instantly. You may also set the Auto Print function to print the hard copies automatically. Likewise, you can download all the data to a PC via USB. 

Where to Get a DOT Approved Breathalyzer with a Printer

The Alcovisor Mercury is available at Breathalysers Australia. The DOT approved breathalyzer with printer options is also on NHTSA Conforming Product Lists for evidential breath alcohol measurement devices. In addition, it meets all the federal requirements of the FDA for alcohol breath screening. The Alcovisor kit includes the following:

  • Hard carry case
  • Reusable mouthpieces and sampling cups
  • USB download cable
  • 12V cigarette lighter adapter
  • Travel cover

The Alcovisor Mercury is an excellent blood alcohol monitoring device in the workplace. In addition, the DOT approved breathalyzer with printer capability is also suitable for roadside breath screening. The pro-grade accuracy is the same as what police officers use. You may also select a wide range of professional BACtrack breathalysers at Breathalysers Australia.