The BACtrack Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

A digital breath alcohol tester, otherwise known as a breathalyzer, monitors an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). When using a breathalyzer, all a person must do is blow into its sterile tube and await its results; which usually takes only a few seconds. The portability and quick processing capabilities are the main reasons why law enforcers rely on breathalyzers to help them monitor road safety.

Being able to identify one’s BAC could help enforcers single out drivers that may endanger others. A high BAC could have an individual suffer from mild to moderate coordination, motor, and awareness impairments; which could drastically affect one’s ability to drive. Therefore, drivers should always have a BAC under 0.05%; failing to do so is considered a severe offence and is punishable by law. To avoid unwanted run-ins with the law, most people nowadays rely on their BACtrack personal breathalyzers to help them constantly check for their BAC.  

Digital Breath Alcohol Testers

A BACtrack personal digital breath alcohol tester, in most cases, could be considered as one of the more effective personal devices. It has many vital features that help it prove to be a more convenient machine. BACtrack breathalyzers are now capable of wireless connection via Bluetooth and can connect to all iOS, Android, and Google phones. This wireless connection allows more information shown via the BACtrack mobile app. Information like how long and when a user’s BAC would return to 0.00% could be beneficial, especially to the learner and probationary drivers required always to maintain a BAC of 0.00%. Along with wireless options, BACtrack breathalyzers also come in small and compact builds, providing users with more convenience when bringing it around. Some devices may even be attached as keychains and could help reduce the likelihood of being lost or left behind.  


The reliability of a BACtrack digital breath alcohol tester is another reason why it is a considerably effective personal device. The accuracy and reliability mainly come from the technology. BACtrack breathalyzers have fuel cell sensor technology, the same technology found in a medical professional’s or police officer’s breathalyzer. This technology can now provide accurate professional-grade results even to those who are self-testing. A one-touch operation system within a BACtrack device also allows users to perform constant testing effortlessly and efficiently even with a limited breath alcohol testing experience.  

With all the penalties that can now come with DUI charges, most people rely on personal breathalyzers to monitor their BAC before driving. A digital breath alcohol tester may make a reasonable investment considering the hefty fines, possible disqualification, and possible jail time one could acquire from DUI offences. 


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