What is a Digital Alcohol Meter?

What is a digital alcohol meter or professional breathalyzer? A breathalyzer or alcohol breath testing equipment is an electronic device used to measure the breath alcohol content (BAC) of an individual undergoing a breath test. BAC is also used to measure an individual’s blood alcohol content accurately. Typically, breathalyzers utilize one of three technologies to detect and measure the BAC of an individual’s blood alcohol concentration:   

  • a semiconductor oxide sensor   
  • a fuel cell sensor    
  • or an infrared spectrometer   

A portable handheld breathalyzer or digital alcohol meter can provide highly accurate readings, produce reliable results, and be used for alcohol screening purposes. The breathalyzer works by measuring the alcohol content in an individual’s breath. These breathalyzer devices are affordable and highly sufficient for personal use.   

Digital alcohol meter readings

The numbers you see on the digital alcohol meter or breathalyzer after conducting a test measure your BAC. An individual blowing does the test into the breathalyzer device, and it calculates the levels of alcohol present in their breath. In most states and territories in Australia, it is considered that when your BAC is at .08% or higher, you are legally intoxicated.   

A digital alcohol meter or breathalyzer units are highly reliable and easy to use. Breathalyzers with fuel cell sensor technology can measure a wide range of alcohol content and high accuracy and stability. BACtrack breathalyzer units are designed to be compact and easy to operate; and it is ideal for conducting testing at the workplace or for personal use.   

When it comes to drinking and driving, most people tend to make the wrong choices. An individual has no way of knowing how long alcohol stays in their system; and if they are still under the limit and can drive without a digital alcohol meter.

The BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer

BACtrack has specifically made the BACtrack C8 breathalyzer unit that provides users optional smartphone connectivity that allows them to view and track their breath test results. The users can choose between “Standalone Mode” that delivers BAC results directly through the easy-to-read OLED screen of the breathalyzer device. Or choose to use the “App Mode,” The C8 breathalyzer unit will easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth with the free BACtrack app. With the free BACtrack App, individuals can quickly and easily estimate their BAC levels and track their results over time. BACtrack offers various breathalyzer units with digital alcohol meters that are perfect for personal use or workplace use. 


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