What is the Dangerous BAC Value when Driving

The blood alcohol content (BAC) is the alcohol concentration in the bloodstream. The BAC is the amount of alcohol in milligrams (mg) per 100ml of blood. When you consume alcohol, it travels from the stomach to the small intestines and the bloodstream. The bloodstream carries the alcohol to different body organs, including the lungs. Alcohol is a volatile substance. So, when alcohol comes in contact with lung alveoli, it dissipates out of the body through the breath. The breathalyser captures the alveoli air and measures the BAC. The higher the BAC is, the higher the intoxication level. Intoxication in driving poses safety risks, especially when reaching dangerous BAC levels.

Alcohol impairment explicitly affects the driving ability of a person. Through a breathalyser like BACtrack personal breathalysers, you can measure the BAC or the intoxication level instantly. In Australia, the legal alcohol limit is 0.05% BAC. Driving over the legal limit is considered a criminal offence with harsh penalties. Several factors can affect the BAC and intoxication of a person. However, a 0.04-0.06% BAC will generally show exaggerated behaviour, slight loss of muscle control, blurred vision, and impaired judgment. At 0.07% – 0.09% BAC, speech, vision, coordination, and reaction time are impaired. A 0.07% BAC is considered a dangerous BAC level. Furthermore, 0.10% BAC and above will have obvious physical (motor) impairments and slurred speech.

Dangerous BAC: Even at Minimal Levels

A minimal BAC is already a dangerous BAC level for driving and road safety. A low BAC can already affect your driving ability by impairing your senses and perception. Alcohol impairment slows down reflexes and reaction time which is crucial in staying alert and assessing danger while driving. Through BACtrack breathalysers, you can check and monitor your alcohol level so you do not go over the legal limit. BACtrack breathalysers use the most advanced sensor technology to provide the highest accuracy in each BAC readings. They use the same sensor technology you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Without a doubt, they make excellent and accurate personal devices.

Risking to drive at a dangerous BAC level puts not only you at risk but others on the road as well. The surest way to drive safe is to drive sober. Breathalysers act as a guide to control your alcohol intake and not as a means to push your limit. Moreover, you can use BACtrack breathalysers to help you make better decisions about driving or taking a cab home.

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