The Choice Breathalyser Review

The Australian Consumer’s Association, also known as CHOICE, is the largest independent consumer advocacy group that tackles issues that matters to consumers. CHOICE is a platform for consumers to voice their opinions or issues regarding all consumer-related products like giving a review, giving recommendations, or campaigning for better deals or improvements. CHOICE is also an excellent community to discuss topics with unbiased opinions from fellow consumers. In particular, the CHOICE breathalyser review has insightful discussions you could use when looking to buy a breathalyser.

Consumers on the CHOICE breathalyser review page discuss the importance of a personal breathalyser’s accuracy. Personal breathalysers are helpful gadgets to determine a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) through the breath. Most people who consume alcohol regularly rely on breathalysers to check their BAC. In addition, many consumers think that using a breathalyser is a helpful way of keeping your license and avoiding trouble with the law. Driving with an over-the-limit BAC (0.05%) is a severe criminal offence in Australia. Police pull out suspected drunk drivers on the side of the road for a breath screening test. To avoid a possible DUI charge, most people feel safer checking their BAC first before driving. Breathalysers like BACtrack devices can accurately estimate your BAC within seconds. This feature allows you to make better decisions even after alcohol consumption.

Choice Breathalyser Review: Other Positive Feedbacks

Moreover, according to another CHOICE breathalyser review, many people use a breathalyser to stay safe at work. In addition, many workplaces maintain a zero-alcohol tolerance policy. Under this policy, no amount of alcohol should be in your blood, or it may pose safety risks to you and others. As a result, people check their BAC in the morning to ensure it has returned to 0.00 level. This option helps people keep their jobs. While consumers argue that there is a vast range of performance between breathalysers, using one is better than none. Consumers also say that going for a high-end breathalyser costs more, but it is worth it compared to losing your license, getting into an accident, or getting a DUI charge.

In conclusion, the CHOICE breathalyser review highlights the need for accurate breathalysers. A reliable breathalyser can help limit alcohol consumption. With a BACtrack breathalyser, you can quickly get the most accurate BAC readings (results would be ready in 10-15 seconds). In addition, BACtrack has a wide selection of fuel cell breathalysers ideal for personal use. The fuel cell sensor technology of BACtrack is the same as what law enforcement uses. Furthermore, each BACtrack breathalyser undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the Australian standards for a reliable personal breath testing device.

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