Information on the HLTPAT005 Training Course

HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing 

The HLTPAT005 is considered the Industry Standard for drug and alcohol testing courses. HLTPAT005 is a course designed for individuals who are needed to conduct on-site alcohol and drug testing within their workplace or for individuals who are considering working within the drug and alcohol testing industry as a specimen collector. 

The HLTPAT005 course outlines and specifies the knowledge, capability skills, and ability essential to have the authority for collection requirements. The course will help educate the individual on preparing the client and the equipment used for testing and adequately collecting test samples via urine or oral and breath testing by implementing the procedures made explicitly for applying for drug abuse testing.  

The HLTPAT005 course is required for respective personnel working in collection facilities, hospitals, medical facilities, other healthcare facilities, and workplaces. These places are required to have drug and alcohol testing. And HLTPAT005 has been identified as a Health and Safety requirement for the workplace. 

These include individuals working in:  

  • drug and alcohol testing 
  • mine sites 
  • transport depots 
  • large industrial sites, 

HLTPAT005 Course 

Undergoing the HLTPAT005 course is made to ensure the individual learns the proper procedures are followed when conducting on-site drug testing. And implementing alcohol breath tests by using the suitable instruments and arranging the appropriate way to pack and send a drug or alcohol test sample to the laboratory for testing. 

HLTPAT005 Course Content: 

  • Introduction to HLTPAT005 course 
  • Type of Drugs and what are their effects 
  • Australian Standards Review 
  • Different Drug testing techniques 
  • How to Arrange a drug test 
  • Various Drug testing instruments 

       (urine sampling cups & saliva drug testing) 

  • Confirmation of testing at a specified laboratory 
  • Requirements for Chain-of-custody 
  • The integrity of every Drug Test 
  • Procedures on how to Conduct a urine drug test 
  • Guidelines on how to Conduct an oral fluid drug test 
  • How to use a Breathalyser 
  • Methods on how to Conduct and record a breath alcohol test 

Individual Assessment 

The individual taking the course will be evaluated by demonstrating the various procedures applicable to the HLTPAT005 unit. The individual also needs to answer questions regarding their actions and how they applied their knowledge throughout the course. 

As a certified specimen collector 

You may find that the use of a certified breathalyzer unit is necessary for conducting alcohol testing. The BACtrack workplace breathalyzer units are AS3547 certified. BACtrack breathalyzers have police-grade accuracy that you can rely on when conducting workplace alcohol testing. 


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Drug and Alcohol Testing in Perth

Drug and alcohol testing in Perth is becoming more and more crucial in the workplace as the influence of inappropriate alcohol, and drug use can cause significant damage and grievous risks to the employees’ health and safety thus affecting workplace productivity. 

You must ensure that the drug and alcohol policy you are implementing in your business meets the current Australian Standards. 

Why drug and alcohol testing in Perth is important?

As an employer, you should ensure that the alcohol and drug policy implemented in the workplace is applied consistently to all your employees. Drug and Alcohol Testing in Perth ensures compliance, which helps bring peace of mind to business owners and their employees. Having a drug and alcohol policy indicates that you are making sure that your employees are safe as an employer. 

All companies and business owners are responsible as employers to ensure that their employees have a safe working environment. Alcohol and drug use and abuse may cause significant risks and dangers towards work safety, the employees’ health, and their job quality. Most companies and business owners have created and implemented an alcohol and drug policy. They seek to create a safe and drug-free workplace. Drug and alcohol testing in Perth may involve using urine for testing, saliva, or utilizing a breathalyzer for testing Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC). 

If you consider getting a breathalyzer unit to use for your business, you may want to get a BACtrack breathalyzer unit. The BACtrack workplace units provide you with police-grade accuracy that you can rely on. Alcohol testing is best advised to be conducted on-site using a breathalyzer. BACtrack workplace units are accurate, portable, and inexpensive. It is a worthwhile investment for workplace safety. 

Workplace Risks

There is a high possibility rate that one or more of your employees are regular drug users. And you might never find out until a workplace incident happens or until they go through an overdose. 

If you are an employer in Perth, the key to success is by managing risks in the workplace. Implementation of drug and alcohol testing in Perth is a good start. There are risks to the business that may have severe repercussions if left alone and not handled properly. Some examples of possible causes of alcohol and drug abuse by your employees may include poor work performance and productivity, lack of motivation, high rates of absences, and poor conduct during work. 


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What are the Alcohol Laws in Australia

Having a drink in Australia is considered a common social thing to do. However, drinking too much may have some serious legal consequences. You should keep in mind that being aware of alcohol laws in Australia is important and can be helpful. There are various laws on who can buy alcohol, what the legal age is, and whether you are allowed to drink on some premises. 

It is vital that you remember that if you are drinking; to know your limits, to be safe, and never drink if you are under pressure or if you are not comfortable with drinking alcohol. 

Alcohol Laws in Australia 

Alcohol laws Australia, knowing and abiding by these laws help to minimize the harmful effects of drinking alcohol on individuals, families, and the overall communities. Some of these laws, like the legal drinking age, are identical across Australia. However, some laws, differ in each state and territory. Like where it is legal for you to drink. 

Laws that apply throughout Australia 

  • Drink driving – you will be considered breaking the law if you drink and drive and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is equal to or more than 0.05. If you have a learner’s license or one that is provisional, your BAC should be zero. If you are caught drink driving, your license will be suspended and you would have to pay a fine. 
  • Legal age to drink– You can only purchase or have an alcoholic drink in a licensed venue if you are 18 years old or older. 
  • Selling alcoholic beverages – it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to minors or to an individual who is already drunk and at their limit. 
  • Labeling – If you are selling alcoholic beverages, the packages of alcohol must show how many standard drinks it contains. 
  • Legal Venue – there are areas in Australia where it is considered illegal to drink alcohol. You should consider looking up drinking laws in your state or territory for more information about alcohol laws. 

Different laws in each state and territory 

There are alcohol laws that differ from state to state and between territories. It could help to know what the alcohol laws in Australia are depending on the state or territory you are residing in. 

Secondary supply 

Secondary supply – This means you are supplying alcoholic beverages to individuals under 18. It is considered legal to give alcoholic drinks to minors if you are given the approval to do so from the minor’s parent or guardian; in some states and territories of Australia. However, in other states or territories; it is only legal if and only if, you are the minor’s parent or guardian. 

Be sure to remember that there are drinking laws before you decide to let your child drink alcoholic beverages. And make sure they are still under the legal drinking age. It is crucial for you to have the facts right about alcohol laws in Australia. 


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What is a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

The drug and alcohol policy in a workplace defines an employer’s or company’s rules regarding the use of narcotics and alcoholic beverages by workers during work hours whether if they are on-site or in the workplace. Most corporations and business managers are constitutionally required to administer a written drug and alcohol policy. However, some employers choose to willingly administer this kind of policy to control narcotics and alcoholic beverages used while in the workplace. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy in the Workplace 

Implementing a drug and alcohol policy in the workplace has become progressively customary as companies and employers acknowledge the benefits of preventing drug and alcohol abuse by their workers. This policy is highly considered because the policy gives out better health and safety benefits for the employees. Furthermore, most insurance companies would suggest or even require the employers to have a written drug and alcohol policy as a condition for acquiring insurance. 

Some jobs require zero-drug and alcohol tolerance. The Workplace Act requires that the companies and businesses have a written drug and alcohol policy. And any testing that the company or employer would implement should and must be included in the workplace’s drug and alcohol policy. 

Fundamentally, a workplace drug and alcohol policy should consist of a written explanation indicating what kind of substance use is prohibited. And what would be the repercussions for violating the policy enforced. An extensive or more comprehensive workplace policy should include all the information required. Such as about training, guidance, and support for the workers. The possible method and requirements of drug and alcohol testing should also be explained thoroughly.

Drug and alcohol testing for workers is also a vital part of improving workplace safety and productivity. The company’s workers must be able to read and understand this policy with ease. Keeping updated about changes to this policy is also essential. 

 BACtrack Breathalyzers

The company or employer would typically use a breathalyzer to check the employee’s BAC with alcohol testing. BACtrack provides various personal and workplace breathalyzer units that you can rely on. BACtrack units have police-grade accuracy and are trusted by many companies that require alcohol testing in the workplace. If you consider getting one for yourself or workplace use, the BACtrack breathalyzers are one of the best options.


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Drug and Alcohol Testing Course in the Workplace

In Australia, a growing number of companies are enrolling in drug and alcohol testing courses. These courses result in a safer and healthier workplace with increased productivity, reduced liability costs and a stable workforce. Organizations at any stage of developing or revising a drug and alcohol policy for their workplace would benefit from these courses. The unit HLTPAT005 is a thorough nationally accredited pathology training course that collects specimens for drug abuse testing. This training course is intended to guarantee that proper processes are followed while conducting onsite drug and alcohol testing in compliance with Australian Standards. 

The drug and alcohol testing course encompass anything from policy and procedure adherence to testing methods and equipment comprehension as well as worker interaction. This drug and alcohol testing course are more than just about knowing how to test for drugs and alcohol; it is also about being knowledgeable in managing the risks involving drug and alcohol. 

Drug & Alcohol testing Standard in Australia:

  • AS/NZS 4308-2008 is a procedure for collecting specimens as well as detecting and quantifying illicit substances in the urine. 
  • AS/NZS 4760-2019 is a procedure for collecting specimens and detecting and quantifying substances in oral fluid 
  • AS3547:1997 is an alcohol breath testing device for individual use.  

The BACtrack breathalyser is an alcohol breath testing equipment that is AS3547:1997 approved and can be both used for personal as well as in the workplace. 

Importance of a Drug and Alcohol Testing Course

People who arrive at work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol pose a serious threat to the workplace. When one’s health for work is compromised, there’s a higher chance of workplace incidents and accidents. That affects  workplace morale and the environment. People who are unsuitable for work might jeopardize compliance with workplace safety rules and regulations. Managing employee’s safety and health at work may be difficult, expensive and time-consuming without a system in place. With the implementation of a drug and alcohol testing course, you can detect and manage your employees under the influence of alcohol or drugs more easily and effectively. 

What You Need to Do:

In the workplace, managing a drug and alcohol testing course can substantially enhance employee health, safety and well-being promptly and effectively. It is essential to have the necessary skills and expertise to deliver and organize these programs: 

  • Carry out comprehensive tests such as an alcohol breath test and other requirements for confirmation testing and implementation of control measure protocols. 
  • Learn workplace drug and alcohol screening policies and processes, as well as the Australian Standards and Legislation and device selection. 
  • Demonstrate how to put a program in place and manage high-quality testing procedures. 
  • Retrain your employees on their roles and duties. 


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How to Test for Alcohol Using a Breathalyzer

How can you detect your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) to test for alcohol using a breathalyzer? The breathalyzer is the most well-known portable instrument on how to test for alcohol levels on a person’s breath. The quantity of alcohol in exhaled air is used by alcohol breath-testing equipment to determine the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood. A person’s blood-alcohol level is a standard measure of how intoxicated they are. Different amounts of alcohol in the blood can cause various mental and physical changes. A BAC of 0.05% is the legal limit in Australia, which means that you can no longer drive a vehicle beyond that. 

Alcohol Intoxication

One to two drinks elevate the BAC to a tiny amount, ranging from 0.01% to 0.05%. This is dependent on individual characteristics such as weight, gender, age, and probable prescription medicines. Since the liver metabolizes roughly one standard drink per hour, a person’s BAC is approximately within 0.06% and 0.1% after drinking. At this point, recollection, judgment, response time, perception, and fine motor abilities are all impaired. Higher BAC can cause improper social behaviors, dizziness, slurred speech, blurred vision, unconsciousness, low body temperature, breathing difficulties, or nausea. BACtrack breathalyzers are perfect for on-the-go and simple to use testing. You may avoid driving while intoxicated and the legal repercussions that come with it by performing this easy breath test for alcohol before getting behind the wheel. 

How a Breathalyzer Test for Alcohol

A beam of infrared radiation (IR) is transmitted into the air sample chamber as you breathe into a breathalyzer. The machine can quickly test for alcohol by measuring how much IR reaches the other side of the chamber against how much is absorbed by the ethanol molecules. The breathalyzer then distills the quantity of ethanol in the same amount of blood and delivers a digital read-out right away. 

Observing or testing a person’s behavior is another approach to determining whether they are intoxicated. For the same quantity of drinks consumed, each person will experience distinct intoxication symptoms. Law enforcement officers must depend on a legally established measure of intoxication when observing conduct. The BAC, which is determined to test for alcohol by inhaling into a breathalyzer machine. 

What Makes BACtrack Professional Series Breathalyzers So Popular? 

The BACtrack Professional Series breathalyzers use Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology. This is a police-grade technology suited for applications that need the most precise findings, such as medical or highway tests for alcohol or personal BAC tracking. The BACtrack Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor’s linear response provides exact results throughout the whole range of anticipated test for alcohol. From 0.000 to 0.400% BAC, it excels in situations when persons are tested several times in a short period.


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The BACtrack C6: Accuracy and Assurance in a Pocket

BACtrack is one of the most highly-rated personal breathalyzers, according to several user reviews. We have a wide variety of products ranging from $59 to $650 that can be delivered anywhere in Australia. With everything in stock and ready to ship from our dispatch centre in New South Wales. Our BACtrack C6 Keychain is one of the most popular breathalyzers. The BACtrack C6 accuracy can provide practically immediate BAC readings owing to its excellent Microcheck sensor. 

Why People Like BACtrack C6

The BACtrack C6 accuracy is made possible because of BACtrack‘s exclusive BluFire® fuel cell sensor technology and trademarked with ZeroLine® technology, which can even notify you when your BAC will recover to 0.00%, allowing you to make smarter and responsible drinking decisions. It works well in a variety of social settings, from happy hour to family gatherings. 


The Microcheck sensor in combination with the fuel cell sensor, provides for precise findings that were seemingly unimaginable to get with traditional semiconductor sensors. Many confirmed customer reviews complimented the BACtrack C6 accuracy. Also the feature that of having two modes: the “Standalone Mode” and the “App Mode”. The standalone mode has a built-in, easy-to-read OLED display that does not require the app to function. In contrast, the app mode is linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The C6 breathalyzer can connect to your iPhone or Android smartphone to record results, just as the BACtrack Mobile Pro. If you’ve tested and are above legal limit or just feel unsafe to drive, the app will let you contact an Uber to bring you home safely. 

Safer Choices with A Smart Device

There’s no excuse to take a chance when it comes to something as dangerous as drink driving. That’s why gadgets like the BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer are a becoming more sought after. Instead of risking your life or someone else’s life by getting behind the wheel when you’re unsure if you’re above the limit, take the breathalyzer out of your pocket and you’ll know with certainty because of the BACtrack C6 accuracy. It employs the same precision technology that law enforcement agencies use around the world. 

The BACtrack C6 keychain breathalyzer is a cutting-edge device that allows you to check your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) readings quietly and at any time you wish. The c6 is a cost-effective reliable device and another benefit is the convenience of a smaller device with top-of-the-line accuracy and assurance.  This is one gadget that you should bring with you on your night out. We hope you have found this review to be informative.


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Smartphone Breathalyzers



Reasons to Buy a Breathalyzer Today

Breath-testing equipment, also known as breathalyzers, was once costly for a typical customer. But recently, personal breathalyzers have grown smaller, lighter, economical, more accurate and readily available in stores and on line. Because of these advantages, more people can buy a breathalyzer without any hassle. You can also now purchase a BACtrack breathalyzer from Breathalysers Australia to quickly determine how much Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is in your bloodstream before driving. With BACtrack, you can get a reliable and cost-effective way to make smart drinking decisions.

Commercial breathalyzers have been on the market for quite a few years now. Using fuel cell technology, it is now feasible to buy a breathalyzer with the same precision as those used by law enforcement officers. Fuel Cells are accurate, reliable, and quick to respond to various alcohol breath percentages.

How much is too much to buy a breathalyzer?

When you think about it, most people believe that it is okay to drive even if you only consumed one beer. Nevertheless, this assertion is incorrect. Many things influence a person’s ability in regards to their BAC level and intoxication. Such factors as weight, age, and how much a person drinks, are factors contributing to how intoxicated a person can be. Simply said, just because your elder brother can take five beers in an hour and not get intoxicated doesn’t imply you can do the same. Everyone is distinct and reacts to alcohol differently. That is why you need to buy a breathalyzer to monitor your own personal BAC levels.

Investing in a Breathalyzer Is a Good Idea

If you find yourself frequently asking “how else would you know if you are sober enough to drive?” Best to buy a breathalyzer that can assist you in monitoring your BAC levels. So that you’ll know if you are sober enough to drive safely. Statistics are factual, and you’ll know for sure if you perform a breathalyzer test. 

Did you know that a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge can result in an array of penalties? A minimum fine of $1100 is imposed, a license suspension of at least 12 months is induced for a first offense, with a minimum three-year suspension if you have previously been charged with alcohol or drug driving. It is also possible that you will be imprisoned. And lastly, you will get six demerit points. However, this isn’t the only fee you’ll have to pay and you may also be responsible for a number of other penalties and costs. “Is it really worth it?” you must ask yourself. Even better, can you afford it? This is another incentive to buy a breathalyzer. 


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The Most Popular BACtrack Breathalyzers

Do you want to be confident when you are sober enough to drive home from a night out at your favorite restaurant, pub or friend’s house? By having a personal breathalyzer, you can make sure your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is below the legal limit. There are many of high-quality personal breathalyzers on the market that can assist you in avoiding driving while intoxicated. We’ve managed to cut the list down to the finest BACtrack breathalyzers to help you make an informed selection. 

Our Most Popular BACtrack Breathalyzers

BACtrack S80 Pro 

The BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer is the most popular and accurate alcohol breath tester among the BACtrack breathalyzers. It is powered by BACtrack’s biggest Xtend Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor and can give dependable BAC readings with police-grade precision. The S80 is ideal for a range of professional alcohol reading, identifying and testing applications. From serving as an alcohol detector for employees in enterprises to serving as a breath alcohol tester for patients in clinics or treatment facilities or for home use especially those testing at 0.000 BAC 

BACtrack Trace Pro 

The BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer is the quickest and most accurate way to obtain an accurate BAC measurement in seconds. This compact, attractive gadget is simple to use and has an award-winning, cutting-edge sensor technology from BACtrack breathalyzers. The Trace can identify tiny quantities of alcohol, dependably manage high BAC levels, and is precise to the third decimal place. 

BACtrack Mobile Pro 

The BACtrack Mobile is an award-winning mobile breathalyzer with the ZeroLine® Technology, which predicts when your BAC will recover to 0.00%, providing you to conduct drinking assessments and help improve judgment choices.  This breathalyzer uses Bluetooth to connect to your iOS or Android smartphone and instantly logs your findings, which is helpful for individuals who want to manage their alcohol intake over time. The connectivity is simple to set-up and operate. The gadget is rechargeable, so running out of batteries will not be a problem. Furthermore, the Mobile is much smaller than most other BACtrack breathalyzers, making it easy to slip into a handbag or pocket. 

BACtrack C6 Keychain 

The C6 is meant to be worn as a keychain, so you can always have it with you while deciding whether to leave a social gathering or stay a little longer. The C6 is even smaller than the BACtrack Mobile, making it the tiniest among the BACtrack breathalyzers. It can also predict your ZeroLine to inform you how long you’ll be at 0.00%. The gadget may be used in two ways: standalone mode or app mode. The BAC finding is shown on the device’s built-in OLED display in standalone mode. Whereas the app mode can instantly connect the gadget to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

BACtrack Scout Breathalyzer 

The BACtrack Scout Breathalyzer is a compact, digital breathalyzer that gives accurate results with little effort on the user’s part. It only requires two AAA batteries and can be turned on with a single button. This gadget can run for around 1,000 tests before the batteries need to be replaced. It also maintains track of the overall number of assessments you’ve completed. Like other BACtrack breathalyzers, it also uses Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor technology to give reliable readings. 


Having BACtrack breathalyzers does not make a person an alcoholic; instead, it makes them a responsible drinker. It is perfect for anyone who drives on the road and cares for themselves as well as the people around them.


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BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer Review

All drivers face circumstances when they must either say no to alcohol or calculate how long it will take them to sober up entirely after their previous drink. On the other hand, breathalyzers will be an excellent device for parents dealing with their teens’ drinking habits. Or people trying to control their alcohol intake. This device can also be helpful for law enforcement officers or healthcare experts who can quickly determine if a driver or an arriving patient is under the influence of alcohol. With the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer review, you can monitor your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) right from your pocket. 

Why People Like the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

Customer evaluations for the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone breathalyzer review show that the gadget is highly rated and praised. This breathalyzer has a fuel sensor technology that can provide precise BAC readings. This portable breathalyzer is lightweight and simple to operate and even lets you save and track your previous results by months. 

This BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer review is recognized for giving accurate alcohol level readings and is one of the finest devices in its class. The fuel cell outperforms the conventional semiconductor sensors and provides more accurate BAC readings. This breathalyzer for smartphones is compatible with Apple and Android cellphones, as well as the Apple Watch. 

Performance and Design

It is essential to check the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer review before deciding if it is the perfect device for you. Furthermore, BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer is a palm-sized breathalyzer. It measures only 1.75″ x 0.63″ x 2.75″ (LWH) and weighs about 1.7 ounces. This makes it easy to slip into most trousers’ pockets or handbags. The blue LED indicator lights up when in use, which shows part of the finer details. The gadget is powered on and off with a single button located below the mouthpiece opening. And it may be charged using the provided cable via a micro USB connection on the bottom. 

The BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer is small enough to carry with you. After taking a sample with its small breath pump, it will evaluate your breath’s content and tell you the result. When the BAC is available, it will show on the app, along with an assessment of your present sobriety level. You may also save your results for later use or call an Uber if you want. It also tells you when you may anticipate being sober again, according to BACtrack‘s integrated ZeroLine Technology. This functionality accurately estimates when your BAC will return to 0.00%. We hope that this BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer Review has given you a better understanding the benefits of this award-winning gadget. 


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