A Guide for Self Breathalyzer Testing Using BACtrack Devices

A personal breathalyzer is essential, especially if you intend to drive after consuming alcohol. Therefore, with a BACtrack device, a self-breathalyzer test can help observe safe driving practices. A breathalyzer is a portable device with a mouthpiece that you can blow into that determines your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level. The BAC reading will decide if you are under or over the alcohol limit for driving in Australia. Furthermore, Breathalysers Australia is the home of the world’s leading and most trusted brand of breathalyzers, BACtrack. BACtrack supplies a wide range of breath testing devices for personal and workplace use. They even have a unique range of smartphone breathalyzers that can be connected via Bluetooth to smartphones for more convenient tests.

The person’s BAC level should be under the legal limit before driving to avoid alcohol-related accidents. Driving in Australia with a BAC level above 0.05 per cent is subject to criminal charges and penalties. A BACtrack for self-breathalyzer testing can provide the most accurate BAC result to help individuals stay within the alcohol limit. The BACtrack breath alcohol tester uses two kinds of technology. The MicroCheck Sensor technology uses semiconductor sensors ideal for personal and occasional use. On the other hand, the XTend Fuel Cell technology uses advanced fuel cell sensors with enhanced linear accuracy for the most reliable BAC calculation. There are various models of BACtrack personal breathalyzers on the Breathalysers Australia website. Each device has different designs and sizes that you can choose.

Why Use BACtrack as a Self Breathalyzer

Each person has a different level of intoxication. Some people can handle more alcohol than others. However, relying on the standard number of glasses is inadequate for knowing when to stop. Alcohol also impairs people’s senses and reaction time. Therefore, it is essential to use BACtrack devices to conduct a self-breathalyzer test. BACtrack personal breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia can accurately measure individuals’ BAC through breath. A breath test is the most non-invasive and quickest way of accurately getting a person’s level of intoxication. Breathalysers Australia also offers pro-grade breathalyzers for personal use to be more confident with your BAC readings. The BACtrack personal breathalyzer features the same advanced technology law enforcement and health professionals use. Fortunately, you can get your BACtrack breath alcohol tester easily through the Breathalysers Australia website.


How to Conduct a Self Breathalyzer Test Using BACtrack

BACtrack is a leading specialist in breathalyzer technology, providing fast and accurate results. BACtrack breathalyzers utilise advanced sensors and user-friendly features to ensure efficiency with each breath test. As a result, individuals can perform self-breathalyzer testing without needing assistance from medical professionals or laboratory analysis. Users may complete a quick breath check with BACtrack through a single-button operation. In addition, the following steps below advise on the proper usage of a breathalyzer:


  • Wait fifteen minutes after eating, smoking, or drinking before using the BACtrack breathalyzer.
  • Avoid testing in an alcoholic or smoke-filled environment.
  • Mouthpieces are optional but using a clean mouthpiece is highly recommended.


  • Press and hold the Power button. As the sensors warm-up, the device immediately starts a countdown timer.
  • Take a deep breath as the timer approaches zero.
  • Blow continuously for five seconds or until you hear the end of the beeping sound.
  • The device processes the breath sample and displays the BAC results on the LED screen within 15 seconds.


  • The BACtrack devices automatically power down after 10 seconds.
  • Keep the breathalyzer with the carry case that comes with it to prevent damage.

The Importance of Self-Breathalyzer Testing

Many people use alcohol to feel calmer. Some people prefer to drink in a group, while others prefer to drink alone. Nonetheless, performing a self-breathalyzer test is critical to determine the increase in your alcohol level. The BACtrack personal breathalyzers are low-cost BAC monitoring devices. You might, for example, check your BAC every hour to assist you in staying inside the legal driving limits. Many people find a personal breathalyzer helpful in moderating consumption. Self-testing with a breathalyzer improves personal safety, whether driving or working. Furthermore, it assists you in becoming more conscious of how alcohol affects your body, allowing you to make better safety judgments. Breathalysers Australia provides alcohol testers to fit various types and purposes. The great precision of the BACtrack fuel cell sensors ensures the best accuracy for a personal device. Undoubtedly, BACtrack breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia are a worthwhile investment for safety purposes.


BACtrack for Breath Testing

Self-breathalyzer testing using BACtrack personal devices ensure that a person stays within the legal alcohol limit. All types of BACtrack breathalyzers can be found at Breathalysers Australia’s website, including:

  • Keychain breathalyzers: The BACtrack Go Keychain and BACtrack C6 Keychain are small but accurate breathalyzers that you can attach to your keys.
  • Police-grade breathalyzersBACtrack’s fuel cell breathalyzers are appropriate for personal use. These devices also feature the most accurate BAC measurements with simple button operations. The best personal breathalyzer is the BACtrack Scout, Trace Pro, or the BACtrack S80 Pro.
  • Smartphone breathalyzers: With smartphone breathalyzers, users can turn their smartphone into a breathalyzer. Breathalyzers like the BACtrack C6 Keychain, BACtrack C8 Smartphone, and Mobile Pro can connect to the BACtrack mobile app. These devices enable you to read and track your BAC results conveniently. The fuel cell sensors technology is also included in these devices.

Using BACtrack as a self-breathalyzer is the most effective way to measure a person’s BAC level. Genuine BACtrack devices are available on Breathalysers Australia’s website. Furthermore, Breathalysers Australia is owned and operated by the country’s foremost breathalyzer specialists and innovators. They thoroughly evaluate each product to ensure that it meets the high federal standards for a reliable and best personal breathalyzer. Breathalysers Australia also provides complete calibration services by professionals to ensure that all breathalyzers are precise and will last a long time. With a BACtrack breathalyzer, people can avoid alcohol-related accidents while staying healthy.

BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia

Conducting a self-breathalyzer using BACtrack devices can prevent users from acquiring legal charges. The BACtrack devices have exceptional precision, detecting alcohol from 0.0000 per cent to 0.4000 per cent. Furthermore, BACtrack breathalyzers are FDA-approved as alcohol screening and medical devices. BACtrack has a proven record as a reliable breathalyzer and is known for delivering consistent and highly accurate results. Monitoring one’s BAC with a BACtrack device can significantly help everyone’s safety. Lastly, Breathalysers Australia offers robust BAC testing, reliability, portability, and convenience with each alcohol breath test. Without a doubt, you can drive safely with peace of mind if you own a personal breathalyzer. Breathalysers Australia offers personal breathalyzers like S80 Pro, Go Keychain, Mobile Pro, Trace Pro and many more. Visiting the website of Breathalysers Australia allows you to view all breathalyzers and can assist you in purchasing an excellent device for your personal use.


What does a Low Range PCA Mean?

Drink-driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over 0.05% to 0.08% in Australia is considered a low range PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) offence. Police officers monitor the BAC levels of drivers to help them determine those who might threaten the safety of others on the road. Therefore, suspected drivers blow into the sterile tube of a police officer’s breathalyser, determining the amount of trace alcohol present in the exhaled breath sample; this converts it into a BAC level. The BAC can evaluate individuals’ mental and functional capabilities, determining whether they can drive safely. Additionally, note that refusing to take a roadside alcohol breath test given by a police officer is also considered a severe offence. These days, individuals have started relying on personal breathalysers, like BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia, to help drivers avoid penalties with the law

PCA Ranges

There are different ranges of PCA offences, the low, mid, and high ranges, that apply to all drivers. Therefore, police officers do not need to see you driving recklessly or erratically to be charged with a low range PCA offence. Hence, a police officer can conduct roadside alcohol breath tests to determine if you are under the influence of alcohol. As a result, the three different PCA range charges will result in various penalties and fines. In addition, the penalty you will receive for a PCA range offence depends on factors such as driving history and the circumstances regarding your incident, like the weather. However, conducting an alcohol breath test with the help of a personal breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia can provide accurate BAC results that can help you prevent PCA charges. Here are the BAC levels you need to look out for when conducting a personal breath test:

  • Low range PCA with BAC levels of 0.05 to less than 0.08%
  • Mid-range PCA with BAC levels of 0.08 to less than 0.15%
  • High range PCA with BAC levels higher than 0.15%


Low Range PCA Conviction

Drink driving is a serious offence in Australia because it can cause road accidents. Therefore, drivers can be convicted for a low range PCA offence. After the conviction, the offence will be noted as a criminal record, resulting in a licence disqualification. The disqualification period will pertain unless the court creates a specific order. Furthermore, the court can also disqualify your licence for a minimum of 3 months for the first offence and a maximum of 6 months for the second offence. As a result, the court will require you to participate in an alcohol interlock program that uses an interlock device that fits your car. Additionally, 43% of individuals charged with PCA offences were convicted, while over 55% were not because of good behaviour. Nevertheless, Personal Breathalysers like the BACtrack C6 Keychain can fit into your pocket with your keys, handy for regular breath tests before driving.

Low Range PCA and License Suspension

A driver is issued a court attendance notice and a penalty notice for low range PCA charges. The driver may also receive an on-the-spot police suspension notice. Therefore, if you hold a driver’s licence, it is instantaneously suspended, and driving is not an option. Additionally, having an interstate or international licence also suffers the same suspension. A police court attendance notice suspends your licence until the court finalises your case. Moreover, police can issue a penalty notice that stops your driving privilege for three months unless; you elect to have the matter heard at court and the case is resolved or withdrawn. However, you can avoid this hassle by conducting an alcohol breath test through a personal breathalyser. The BACtrack breathalyser can provide reliable BAC level test results in 10-15 seconds. Hence, you can decide if the results are under the legal BAC for driving and preventing PCA charges.

Low Range PCA Penalties

The police officers may present you with a penalty notice for a low range PCA offence. To avoid going to court, the minimum amount for a first offence penalty notice is $572. Additionally, the recording of the criminal conviction will not push through if the payment of a penalty notice is made. However, the individual may choose to have the case determined by the court. The court has an option to find the individual guilty but chooses not to record a conviction. In addition, a risk is present when the individual takes the case to court because there is a chance of higher penalties such as:

First offence

  • Fine = $572 – $2200
  • Disqualification = six months with a chance to reduce up to three months of licence suspension.

Second offence 

  • Fine = $3300
  • Disqualification = If an interlock order is in place three months of licence suspension.
  • Interlock program = 12-month interlock period with a chance to reduce up to six months for the program.




Alcohol Interlock Program

When a driver has a second offence of low range PCA within five years, the court will require an alcohol interlock program for the individual to participate that will need an interlock breathalyser device. The interlock breathalyser device is an electronic breath testing device that connects to a car’s ignition. An interlock breathalyser device can stop the vehicle from moving when it detects alcohol content within the driver. If the driver fails the breath test in multiple succession, it may result in a lockout. Therefore, using a BACtrack personal breathalyser can help monitor your BAC levels to 0.00%. As a result, the driver does not need to worry about failing interlock device testing and preventing lockouts. Lastly, BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia ensure safety because breathalysers will keep your BAC levels in check.

Personal Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia

Choosing a personal breathalyser is essential for preventing low range PCA offences. Hence, BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia offer various kinds of portable breathalysers. Individuals can trust the BAC checking reliability of BACtrack personal breathalysers because it uses fuel cell sensors, the same technology as a police-grade breathalyser has. Thus, personal breathalysers can ensure a hassle-free ride without run-ins with the law. Here are the different BACtrack breathalysers and their features sold at Breathalysers Australia:

  • Keychain – The C6 and BACtrack Go keychain personal breathalysers are the most compact and lightest alcohol testers. They can check BAC levels accurately and quickly at the most cost-efficient prices.
  • Smartphone – The breathalysers also offer smartphone connectivity for the BACtrack C8, C6 smartphone and Mobile Pro. These breathalysers effortlessly connect via Bluetooth technology to a smartphone app. The BACtrack Breathalyser App allows you to store data and track your alcohol consumption pattern. Additionally, sending BAC test results via text message to a family member is an option. Lastly, ZeroLine technology will inform users when the BAC levels are back to 0.00%.
  • Professional – Pro-grade breathalysers like the BACtrack ScoutS80 ProTrace Pro, and Mobile Pro use more accurate fuel cell sensors. Furthermore, they have DOT certification and FDA approval that meets all federal prerequisites for breath screening devices.



Breath Alcohol and Blood Drug Test: Safety in Australian Workplaces

Most workplaces in Australia require breath alcohol and a blood drug test for their employment needs. Alcohol and drugs are two of the most commonly used and abused substances globally, including in Australian workplaces. Thus, most businesses suffer from drug and alcohol use and abuse in their workplaces. That is why most employers in Australia conduct breath alcohol and blood drug tests in their workplaces. Most employers conduct these tests from pre-employment to workplace monitoring and post-accident workplace. These tests’ main goal is to reduce the risk of having alcohol or drug-related issues in the workplace.  

Conducting a breath, alcohol and blood drug test in a workplace means an employer is emphasising safety in the workplace. Such tests detect the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. However, employers should not stop at detection. They can also take steps to monitor the safety of their workplaces. One way to do that is to use BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalyser Australia for breath testing in the workplace. These breathalysers are easy to operate, fast, and provide accurate breath test results. Also, these breathalysers can do multiple testing due to their fast warmup time and quick results in just 10 to 15 seconds.  

Breath Alcohol and Blood Drug Test: Workplace Policy

Employers must manage workplace health and safety risks as part of Work Health and Safety (WHS). WHS covers the well-being of the employees, clients, guests, and suppliers. Although conducting breath alcohol and blood drug tests in a workplace is good, it is also imperative that these tests abide by Australian laws and regulations. Most Australian employers have workplace policies that stipulate the procedures and methods to use during testing. Also, the policies must state where and when these tests are done. Moreover, employers should include the repercussions when the tests are non-negative in their policies. Furthermore, the workplace policies must consist of procedures that can help employees who are detected with alcohol and drug abuse. Lastly, the workplace policies must be agreed upon by all the people directly affected. This includes the employers, employees and everyone else in the workplace.  

Another addition that employers can include in their workplace policies for breath alcohol and blood drug test procedures is BACtrack breathalysers. Using these breathalysers for breath checking and monitoring employees can greatly benefit the workplace. Monitoring can significantly reduce the risk of having employees working while under the influence of alcohol. 


Breath Alcohol and Blood Drug Test: When to Conduct?

Anyone may submit to a breath alcohol or blood drug test for personal reasons. But the workplace is the one conducting this most often. Alcohol and drug-related workplace accidents and incidents are significant workplace safety concerns. It causes excessive expenses, more absenteeism, and generally decreases work productivity. Establishing a workplace policy can minimise these negative consequences. A thorough program also allows the employer to legally and safely administer an alcohol and drug test. Policy procedures in conducting this test under the following circumstances: 

  • Pre-employment – breath alcohol and a blood drug test for pre-employment are essential in safety-critical jobs. It helps detect if an applicant has risky alcohol and drug behaviour that may put the workplace in danger.   
  • Post-incident – this test checks whether alcohol or drug substances contributed to an accident or incident in the workplace. Employers should test right after the accident or incident to have valid results. Having a BACtrack breathalyser in the workplace is best for this situation. 
  • Random – unannounced tests help detect workers with current alcohol and drug abuse but hide their symptoms. Early detection is essential to having a safer workplace. It is also helpful in detecting individuals with alcohol use disorder or drug addiction. However, the random selection of employees needs a systematic process. 
  • Reasonable suspicion – targeted testing is done on a specific employee displaying obvious signs of impairment for alcohol or drug usage. However, it requires witnesses to prove that an employee shows signs and symptoms of impairment. 

Breath Alcohol and Blood Drug Test: Types of Tests

The workplace policy should explicitly state the identification procedures, and everyone at the company must understand the supporting processes. Employers must also stipulate the type of breath alcohol and blood drug test for workplace testing. The most common tests employers use in workplace testing are blood, breath, urine and saliva. The blood drug test provides accurate test results. However, it is intrusive and entails higher costs than any other test. At the same time, most employers frequently use urine testing in their workplaces. This test also provides accurate results, but it is a bit intrusive. Additionally, this test is prone to tampering with the urine samples. 

Moreover, saliva testing can detect very recent use of drugs or alcohol. However, it does not catch habitual use. However, this is a non-intrusive type of testing. For alcohol breath tests, most employers use breathalysers. Breathalysers, for instance, use less invasive procedures than other alcohol tests and do not require a chain of custody issues because the employee administering the test and the individual being tested are both present while testing and taking the result. Compared to other alcohol and blood drug tests, breathalysers could offer a more affordable solution for alcohol use detection. Thus, workplace testing for alcohol abuse is easy since anyone can purchase the BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia.


BACtrack Workplace Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia

While most employers should have breath alcohol and blood drug test policies in the workplace, it is also good to use breathalysers for alcohol breath checking. Breathalysers Australia is a business with offices in Queensland and New South Wales that is owned and run by Australians. They are a business that specialises in high-quality breathalysers in Australia. For anyone’s particular need for a breath alcohol tester, BACtrack Australia has the expertise to provide you with the appropriate advice and product applications. Since 2012, they have concentrated on selling and servicing breathalysers. They only stock genuine and original BACtrack products. The BACtrack breathalysers are currently the world’s most popular and well-known brand. Moreover, BACtrack is recognised as the world leader in developing breathalyser technology. Breathalysers Australia has a wide range of BACtrack’s workplace breathalysers, such as the following: 

  • BACtrack Mobile Gen2 – this is the most recent model in BACtrack’s line of connected technologies. This device helps to achieve high levels of accuracy and compliance for remote workplace alcohol testing.  
  • BACtrack S80 Gen2 – has a larger Xtend® electrochemical fuel cell sensor that is industrial grade and has improved linear accuracy. The device has been specially made for business settings where a reliable, consistent, and accurate breath testing instrument is in need.  
  • Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen – this workplace breathalyser is most suitable for high throughput, high compliance environments. This device uses a platinum electrochemical sensor. The sensor gives the device unparalleled levels of accuracy, which is why Police forces around the world adopt it.  


Any business must value workplace safety. That is why most employers in Australia require breath alcohol and blood drug tests in their workplace. Effective drug and alcohol policies in the workplace lead to happier, healthier, and more productive employees. Moreover, most employers in Australia use BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia to do alcohol breath tests and workplace monitoring.


Information on GCMS Drug Testing

Drug testing is a procedure that detects alcohol, drug and other substance in a person’s body. Drug testing is commonly for employment purposes. This is because some businesses in Australia are affected by the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. That is why most employers employ a workplace policy that stipulates the need for alcohol and drug testing for employment. Such testing requires an applicant or an employee to undergo multiple or specific alcohol and drug tests to work. In cases of non-negative results, employers can require a confirmatory GCMS drug testing. GCMS means Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. This is to ensure that results are not false-positive that could directly affect an applicant or employee’s work status.    

Drug testing is an expensive procedure. Adding a GCMS drug testing will incur more expenses for such testing. However, these expenses are smaller than the possible expenses of employing an applicant or an employee with a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Alcohol and drug abuse impairs a person and can directly affect their abilities to work. Once impaired, a person can hurt themselves and others around them or cause accidents or incidents at work. This entails expenses to the employer such as medical, property damage, insurance and even legal liabilities. Thus, most employers prefer costs from drug testing to expenditures due to alcohol and drug impairment. However, employers can use breathalysers for breath tests during drug testing procedures to reduce costs. Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia are cost-effective.  

What is GCMS Drug Testing

The “GCMS” in GCMS drug testing is known as the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. GCMS is a technique for separating chemical mixtures (the GC part) and molecularly identifying their component elements (the MS part). One of the best instruments available for assessing environmental samples is this GCMS. Gas Chromatography operates under the premise that heating a mixture causes it to split into distinct compounds. A column of hot gases and an inert gas are conveyed through it (such as helium). Mass spectrometry, which determines compounds by the mass of the analyte molecule, analyses the separated components as they flow into the column opening. A computer contains a library of known mass spectra for several thousand substances.   

In both industrial and commercial settings, GCMS is frequently used to identify volatile chemicals in chemical compounds. For instance, enforcers can utilise it in airport screening to find suspicious compounds on people or in luggage. Forensic investigators also use it to look into explosions and fires. The GCMS technique is beneficial in these investigations and drug testing since it can find even the smallest amount of a particular molecule. The “gold standard” in the sector, GCMS drug testing is the most sophisticated drug test currently available. However, because it is a rather expensive and demanding test, most laboratories utilise it primarily for confirmatory or conclusive testing.   


How does GCMS Drug Testing Works

Most initial drug testing does not employ GCMS since it is an expensive and highly demanding kind of test. However, for non-negative test results from drug tests like urine tests, a confirmatory test in the form of GCMS drug testing is employed. This type of test is most commonly done in a laboratory. Although GCMS is frequently utilised to validate the outcomes of urine drug tests, it can also validate the results of tests carried out using blood or other physiological fluids.   

GCMS drug testing works by separating the chemicals in a urine sample based on their molecular interactions with the carrier medium. Gas chromatography uses a gas carrier medium. Vaporising the sample will leave behind just particular chemicals. The mass spectrometer next ionises these substances and blasts them with an electron beam before sending them into a magnetic tube. The mass spectrometer examines the fragments inside the magnetic tube based on their mass-to-charge ratios. Analysts compare molecular fingerprints to a pre-set standard to identify each unique component.  

Breath Test vs GCMS Drug Testing

GCMS drug testing can be considered the most accurate drug testing there is, as long as the proper procedures are followed. However, due to being costly and highly demanding, most employers do not employ it during initial alcohol and drug testing. Also, there are limitations to the use of this type of test. Such limitations are as follows:   

  • The GCMS drug test is challenging to conduct and evaluate. Also, this test uses a complicated machinery needs appropriate maintenance.   
  • It takes longer to complete this test. Results are only available after 24 to 72 hours. That is after an initial examination that lasts 24 hours also.    
  • A GCMS drug test’s composition is also essential. The GCMS drug test will not be able to identify a particular drug analyte if it is not intended to detect it.   
  • This type of test is also prone to human error.   

On the other hand, there is a type of screening test that employers most commonly use in Australia that is easy, accurate and fast. Also, its costs are lower than a GCMS drug testing. This is the breath test. A breath test detects the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of a person via breath samples. This test uses a breathalyser device. This breathalyser is available at Breathalysers Australia. Also, their breathalysers are perfect for personal and workplace use.



A breathalyser is an excellent device for alcohol screening in workplace testing. If an employee has a positive drug or BAC result, the employer has an option to request GCMS drug testing. Breathalysers Australia offers original and genuine BACtrack breathalysers. For everyone’s particular need for a breath alcohol test, Breathalysers Australia has the expertise to provide the appropriate advice and product applications. The breathalysers have high calibre that only BACtrack can provide and are trustworthy, accurate, and reasonably priced. In other words, any products anyone chooses to get from Breathalysers Australia do not disappoint. Moreover, Breathalysers Australia has a wide range of BACtrack breathalysers such as:

  • Personal breathalysers – There are many different types and sizes of personal breathalysers. Small and portable keychain variants, like the BACtrack C6 or C8, are helpful on the road. Models that are bigger and more durable are great for the office, a glove box, or home.   
  • Smartphone breathalysers – One of the significant advancements in alcohol breath testing in the past ten years is a breathalyser that anyone can connect to a smartphone. A smartphone and can connect to this breathalyser via Bluetooth. A user blows into a mouthpiece that wirelessly sends data to the smartphone, where the user can check their Blood Alcohol Content result.   
  • Workplace breathalysers – In many Australian workplaces, they are using products from the Pro Series Workplace Range. These devices deliver reliable BAC results for any organisation on time.   


Most employers in Australia employ alcohol and drug testing in their workplaces. Such testing benefits employers by reducing the risk of alcohol and drug-related accidents and incidents. Some employers go to the extent of utilising a costly and high-demanding GCMS drug testing to benefit their workplace. At the same time, most employers use BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia for breath testing in the workplace. Thus, a safe workplace benefits the employers, employees, and everyone around.   



Online Breathalyser Test vs the BACtrack S80 Pro

Accurate breath testing is crucial in securing safety even while consuming alcohol. If a person always goes to special events, whether for leisure or work, a reliable breathalyzer can help monitor the person’s BAC to maintain safety. It is also a risk factor when driving, resulting in thousands of car accidents or collisions yearly. An online breathalyzer test or portable devices like BACtrack S80 Pro help check people’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and minimise dangers. The BACtrack S80 Pro is easily recognisable as Australia’s No. 1 breathalyzer because of its outstanding accuracy. However, consuming more alcohol than is recommended increases health and safety concerns. Furthermore, choosing a reliable breathalyzer that matches the person’s needs to maintain responsible drinking and safe driving is critical.

An online breathalyzer test and the BACtrack S80 Pro can help people check their alcohol levels. However, testing your BAC with a portable device is more accurate than checking online. In line with this, the BACtrack S80 Pro is a professional-grade device with an advanced XTend Electrochemical Fuel Cell sensor that can help provide quick and accurate results within 10 to 15 seconds. Its fuel cell sensor technology is similar to police breathalyzers. Furthermore, driving in Australia has a legal limit of 0.05 per cent BAC. Driving with a BAC over the legal limit is a criminal offence subject to penalties and charges. Luckily, the BACtrack S80 Pro is available on Breathalysers Australia for personal use and can significantly increase safety.

Online Breathalyzer Test vs BACtrack S80 Pro: Considerations

Choosing an online breathalyzer test for alcohol consumption might be difficult. However, there are other factors to consider while purchasing a personal device. Most people are concerned with the reliability of alcohol testers in providing accurate and valid breath test results. Therefore, checking breathalyzer reviews and customer feedback is essential to determine the best device. Most importantly, it is best to consider the following factors when choosing a breathalyzer:

  • Sensor type – Semiconductor breathalyzers are perfect for detecting the presence of alcohol. However, fuel cell breathalyzers provide greater consistency and precision in a breath test. They can also track alcohol over a wide range of BAC (0.00-0.400 per cent) without compromising accuracy. Therefore, consumers who rely on accuracy choose fuel cell breathalyzers like BACtrack S80 Pro.
  • Recalibration – Purchase a breathalyzer from a reputable company that offers complete recalibration services. Breathalyzer recalibration is critical for maintaining sensor performance over time. Breathalysers Australia offers full recalibration services for all devices purchased.
  • Certification – Certified breathalyzers ensure that the device meets the requirements of a breath screening device. In particular, the BACtrack Pro series (S80 Pro, Trace Pro, Mobile Pro, and Scout) has FDA approval and DOT compliance.


Online Breathalyzer Test vs BACtrack S80 Pro: Importance

Many people drink alcohol daily after work or at social gatherings to help them relax or unwind. For this reason, impaired driving has become a significant cause of traffic accidents or collisions in Australia. People relied on guess estimates to determine their capacity to drive before the availability of personal breathalyzers. Consequently, it leads to numerous driving violations and accidents. Fortunately, breathalyzer technology has become more accessible, allowing anyone to use one as a personal device. Additionally, the S80 Pro can provide more rapid and reliable test results than an online breathalyzer test. The BACtrack S80 Pro is also one of the first personal devices to use fuel cell sensor technology to perform reliable breath testing. Using a personal breathalyzer is essential for the following reasons:

  • Ensure that the BAC level does not exceed the legal limit
  • Understand how alcohol affects your body
  • Keep track of your sobriety
  • Increased safety on the road or in the workplace

Why use the BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

Accurate alcohol breath testing allows you to make informed judgments. However, when deciding between the BACtrack S80 Pro and an online breathalyzer test, you should consider the additional services the device can provide. Breathalysers Australia’s BACtrack S80 includes innovative features that improve accuracy, allowing you to take each breath test confidently. Breathalysers Australia offers BACtrack S80 Pro that provides the following performance:

  • Breath capture system – The BACtrack breathalyzer has an internal breath pump that activates at the end of each test. It optimally catches deep lung air for analysis by the sensors. Furthermore, it prevents ambient air or external pollutants from entering the device.
  • Linear response –The linear response of the fuel cell delivers more accurate findings over the entire range of alcohol concentrations. The unit can measure right through 0.400% BAC without losing accuracy.
  • Temperature check – As the temperature rises, the performance of the fuel cell improves. The BACtrack S80 Pro continuously checks the breath sample’s temperature to maintain uniformity.
  • Adjustable settings – The S80 Pro allows you to adjust the settings to your needs. To improve precision, you may, for example, increase the blow time and decrease the blow strength.
  • Audible alarm – The BACtrack S80 Pro from Breathalysers Australia is set Australia’s 0.05 per cent BAC legal limit. Therefore, the device will notify you if your BAC exceeds the limit. You can conveniently change the warning settings to different BAC levels.


Guide to Using a Breathalyzer

The accuracy of the BACtrack S80 Pro is highly reliable than an online breathalyzer test. The reason is that each BACtrack breathalyzer undergoes rigorous testing to maintain high and reliable performance. The BACtrack S80 Pro is NHTSA and DOT compliant, meeting all federal requirements of a breath screening device. Therefore, you can ascertain that you get reliable test results each time. Additionally, valid BAC results depend on the correct use of a breathalyzer. Breathalysers Australia offers BACtrack S80 Pro and other models of breathalyzers for personal and workplace use. To administer a self-test, ensure that you follow the guidelines in using the BACtrack S80 Pro:

  • Wait at least twenty minutes after your last consumption before taking a test. The waiting interval allows the alcohol to enter the bloodstream and reach the lungs.
  • Take a deep breath and give the mouthpiece a sufficient blow until you hear the end of a click.
  • Use a new mouthpiece when taking a test or sharing your breathalyzer with a friend.
  • Avoid taking the test in a room full of smoke or other odours.
  • Store the breathalyzer securely in the storage case to prevent unwanted elements from entering the instrument.


An online breathalyzer test can be an alternative if someone does not own a breathalyzer yet. However, getting a personal breathalyzer like BACktrack S80 Pro is best to ensure safety and prevent alcohol-related accidents. It can also help prevent people from exceeding the legal limit of 0.05 per cent BAC level or more. Therefore, controlling alcohol misuse can help people face the drink driving charges in Australia. Furthermore, many people find that utilising a breathalyzer helps reduce their intake. Purchasing BACtrack S80 Pro from Breathalysers Australia is an effective way to ensure someone’s and others’ safety. A BACtrack S80 Pro breathalyzer is undoubtedly a cost-effective and practical investment in assessing your alcohol level and protecting your safety.



Police Breathalyser Technology for Personal Use Breathalysers

We are all aware that alcohol drinking can be hazardous to one’s health and safety. A high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) can impair a person’s senses, perception, and motor function. These impairments then affect the ability to drive. Therefore, law enforcement patrols highways frequently to ensure that all motorists have a safe journey. They use police-grade breathalysers to determine a person’s BAC level. A police breathalyser uses fuel cell sensor technology, the most advanced sensor available for breathalysers. Fortunately, Breathalysers Australia sells BACtrack breathalysers using the same sensor technology as police officers’ breathalysers.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a prevalent safety issue in many countries. It has resulted in thousands of casualties or fatalities on the road every day. Hence, law enforcement uses an accurate police breathalyser for roadside screenings to determine the BAC level of potentially intoxicated drivers. Breathalysers Australia offers BACtrack breathalysers to individuals and businesses. These devices can significantly improve personal and occupational safety. The best-selling BACtrack S80 Pro, in particular, includes pro-grade Xtend fuel cell sensor technology with improved linear accuracy. Because of the Xtend function in this sensor, it does not require regular recalibration to be accurate. Furthermore, the S80 and other BACtrack devices have received DOT and NHTSA approval as personal breath alcohol testing devices. Additionally, various BACtrack personal breathalysers are available on the website of Breathalysers Australia. 

The Need for a Police Breathalyser Technology for Personal Use

A personal breathalyser is a portable device that detects the amount of alcohol in a person’s breath. It calculates the BAC or the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. As a result, the more the person drinks, the higher the BAC. Furthermore, the accuracy of BACtrack devices from Breathalysers Australia is the same as a police breathalyser accuracy. It can accurately measure the BAC levels of individuals and is helpful for personal use. The device can help people monitor alcohol consumption and avoid exceeding the legal limit. A personal breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia can significantly assist people in managing their alcohol intake and making smarter drinking decisions. Moreover, the severity of impairment depends on the alcohol concentration in a person’s system and factors that influence our BAC.

The number of alcohol-related incidents increases the need for a personal breathalyser. The police officer may conduct breath testing using a police breathalyser on suspected drivers with substance impairment. If the person’s BAC exceeds the legal limit of 0.05 per cent, they will face legal charges and penalties. Therefore, many individuals may want to avoid drink driving charges and potential accidents by checking their alcohol level before driving. A BACtrack personal breathalyser allows you to make more informed and intelligent safety judgments. Breathalysers Australia sells BACtrack personal alcohol testers to assist individuals in managing their alcohol use.


Police Breathalyser: Alcohol Limit for Driving

The police breathalyser and BACtrack breathalysers both can accurately measure alcohol consumption. They can determine a person’s ability to safely drive based on the amount of alcohol in their system. The BACtrack breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia is effective and reliable in assessing BAC levels and can be an invaluable guide to understanding whether or not to drive. Additionally, people with low BAC levels still pose safety risks. Furthermore, knowing the alcohol limit for driving is mandatory in Australia. Each state has its alcohol limit and associated penalties. The general alcohol restrictions are as follows:

  • Zero BAC – Zero alcohol level applies to drivers with a learner, provisional 1 and 2 permits. New drivers who improve their skills must comply with a speed restriction of 100 kilometres per hour or less. Furthermore, visiting drivers or those with an overseas licence must maintain zero BAC. There must not be any alcohol content in the system while driving.
  • Under 0.02 BAC – This BAC limit applies to drivers with gross vehicle mass (GVM) or vehicle units weighing more than 13.9 tonnes. Similarly, drivers transporting dangerous materials and public utility vehicles like taxis and buses must have a BAC of less than 0.02.
  • Under 0.05 BAC – This BAC applies to all licences that are not restricted to zero or 0.02. This BAC is the standard BAC level that most drivers need to follow.

Factors that Affect your BAC

Relying on guess estimates does not guarantee a person’s BAC level. An excellent way to monitor BAC is to use a personal breathalyser. It is essential to obtain a personal breathalyser for safety and pass the test if police officers use a police breathalyser to check your alcohol consumption. Therefore, we highly recommend the BACtrack S80 Pro breathalyser for personal use. The BACtrack S80 is the best personal alcohol breathalyser available for purchase due to its accuracy. This unique, high-tech breathalyser provides results in 10 to 15 seconds. Every BACtrack professional breathalyser device is easy to operate. The BACtrack Pro breathalysers can maintain this high accuracy even when used repeatedly. They can also stand up to thousands of testing. However, understanding how different factors influence the BAC can help moderate alcohol consumption. The various aspects are the following:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Blood Type
  • Metabolism
  • Medication
  • Food
  • Alcohol Concentration


Police Breathalyser Technology for Personal Use: Why BACtrack

A police breathalyser and BACtrack breathalysers feature similar technology. Therefore, users can be secure that they are within the legal limit if they use BACtrack as their personal breathalyser. Fortunately, BACtrack breathalysers of all types are available from Breathalysers Australia, including:

  • Keychain breathalysers: The BACtrack Go Keychain and BACtrack C6 Keychain are compact, accurate breathalysers that may be attached to your keys.
  • Police-grade breathalysers: BACtrack’s fuel cell breathalysers are ideal for personal use. These devices also feature the most accurate BAC readings and are easy to use. The BACtrack Scout, Trace Pro, or BACtrack S80 Pro are the best personal breathalysers.
  • Smartphone breathalysers: You can turn your smartphone into a breathalyser using a breathalyser with Bluetooth connectivity. The models of smartphone breathalysers are the BACtrack C6 Keychain, C8 Smartphone, and Mobile Pro. These models could enable users to read and track their BAC results conveniently. These devices also feature fuel cell sensors.

Police breathalyser and BACtrack are both effective in calculating a person’s BAC. The BACtrack devices from the Breathalysers Australia have police-grade accuracy to ensure you get the most reliable results. Breathalysers Australia also provides complete calibration services by professionals to ensure that all breathalysers are precise and long-lasting. With a BACtrack personal breathalyser in your pocket, you may enjoy moderate alcohol consumption while driving safely.

BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia

Monitoring BAC levels before driving will save people from the hassle of undergoing police breathalyser alcohol tests. The BACtrack devices use a fuel cell sensor with exceptional precision, capable of detecting alcohol between 0.0000 per cent to 0.4000 per cent. Personal BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia are available in various designs and sizes. You may visit the website of Breathalysers Australia to help you stay within the BAC limit and prevent having alcohol-related accidents and charges.



Breath Alcohol and Oral Drug Test: How Reliable are They?

Alcohol and drug use in Australia has brought many adverse consequences to many companies or workplaces. Various drug types have different effects on the body. High alcohol and drug use levels also lead to serious impairment of perception, senses, motor skills, and judgement. Thus, they can pose a safety hazard when operating heavy equipment in the workplace. Substance impairment is also a leading cause of workplace accidents and work-related conflicts. Because of this, companies conduct breath alcohol and oral drug test in workplaces. For example, a BACtrack workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia can determine an individual’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Additionally, the BAC level is the percentage of alcohol traces in the blood, indicating the intoxication level of an individual. On the other hand, an oral drug test can detect illegal drugs through mouth swabs.

What Substances Can an Oral Test Detect?

The working environment is a critical area prone to impairment-related injuries and conflicts. Thus, illicit substance use costs the economy large sums of dollars annually. Hence, many companies conduct breath alcohol and oral drug test through an alcohol and drug policy. An effective policy can help decrease the expenses resulting from absenteeism, lost productivity, healthcare and legal cost. Screenings also aim to counter the adverse effects of illicit substance impairment. A workplace breathalyser and oral drug test are standard tools for detecting substance impairment. However, conducting alcohol breath tests is more convenient because of devices like workplace breathalysers from Breathalyser Australia. Breathalysers Australia offers various BACtrack alcohol testers with different features and can help a company conduct regular tests. In addition, an oral drug test is an effective screening tool that can detect the following:

  • MDMA
  • Amphetamines
  • Ethanol
  • Barbiturates
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamine
  • Oxycodone


Breath Alcohol and Oral Drug Test: Drug and Alcohol Tests Other Methods

Workplaces can use different drug test methods that can check for alcohol and drugs. These tests are similar to an oral drug test concerning what they can detect (alcohol and drug use). Moreover, it is worth considering that these tests have different detection periods and result releases. Aside from an oral drug test and a workplace alcohol breath test, the following tests are also possible to conduct: 

  • Urine test: Employees need to provide a urine sample during this screening. The testing cup would usually contain a substance that sets lines or changes colour that could show a “negative” or “positive” test result. Companies prefer these screenings over blood tests because urine samples are easier to collect. Furthermore, this form of alcohol and drug screening is also more cost-efficient when compared to blood tests. (Detection time: 24-48 hours)
  • Blood testThis screening is the most invasive of all the accessible screenings. Nevertheless, it is also the most reliable drug and alcohol screening test. This test can name the drug used or detect the amount of alcohol ingested. Blood tests require a certified test sample collector and an accredited laboratory or clinic to process test results. This screening is expensive and consumes time due to its requirements it has. (Detection time: 24-48 hours)
  • Hair follicle test: This screening has the longest detectable period for test samples, among other tests. Additionally, this screening can detect usage from 90 days ago. 

Breath Alcohol and Oral Drug Test: Alcohol Breath Tests

Workplaces prefer breath tests over other procedures because it is fast and can trace alcohol up to 24 hours from last consumption. In addition, an oral drug test can trace illicit drugs from 6 to 12 hours. Therefore, companies can use the BACtrack workplace breathalysers to monitor alcohol impairment. The BACtrack pro-grade breathalysers use highly accurate fuel cell sensors to provide reliable alcohol breath test results. Hence, workplace breathalysers have the same sensors police officers use for breath testing in random roadside screenings. Companies looking to conduct regular alcohol tests for minimising workplace hazards can benefit from having a workplace breathalyser ready. Thus, BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 and other workplace breathalyser units can deliver highly accurate and consistent BAC readings. Additionally, these highly effective workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia have:

  • A breath capture system that is efficient (prevents external factors from affecting results)
  • Interchangeable mouthpieces (for hygiene purposes)
  • Lower chances for false-negative and false-positive results
  • Long-lasting fuel cell sensors that only need recalibration service once every 6 to 12 months (depending on the usage of the unit)

Breath Alcohol and Oral Drug Test: Workplace Testing

Breath alcohol and oral drug test can significantly benefit any working environment in any company. Therefore, these screenings can ensure that all employees are fit to work. Substances and alcohol use can have adverse effects, especially on workplace safety and productivity. Companies would usually need to test for drugs and alcohol because usage before or during work shifts can be a problem. Nevertheless, since alcohol is more often available and easily obtainable, companies should be able to provide alcohol breath tests more than drug screenings. Employers can purchase and use a BACtrack workplace breathalyser at Breathalysers Austalia, for more cost-efficient testing. Therefore, having a workplace breathalyser can allow companies to deliver more frequent tests. Lastly, since these devices are portable, on-site alcohol breath testing is used in these industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation (sea, air, and land)
  • Mining
  • Construction


Workplace Breathalysers From Breathalysers Australia

A BACtrack workplace breathalyser is a cost-effective method for an alcohol breath test. It is quick, non-invasive, and easy to use. Therefore, companies may use a workplace breathalyser and oral drug test to minimise workplace hazards. A workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia is fit for all kinds of work environment screenings. Furthermore, the BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 is a premier workplace breathalyser. It offers a breath capture feature that ensures that only an exact amount of breath sample enters the sensor of the breathalysers. In addition, this feature prevents ambient air and external pollutants will not affect the test samples. Therefore, anyone who wants to check their BAC level can use a workplace breathalyser.


Breath alcohol and oral drug test can be reliable and fast drug and alcohol screening methods. The oral drug testing procedure is more uncomplicated, with low error rates. Oral drug testing also requires nominal preparation. Therefore, the only requirement for these screenings is to avoid drinking and eating anything for 10 mins before the testing procedure. Furthermore, the sample collection time is fast and will only take 1 to 3 minutes. Additionally, carrying out the test is also easy. Specimen collectors can use a pad or sponge to swab the inside of the person’s cheek. The testers can then analyse the saliva specimen in a laboratory or on-site testing van immediately. However, for more constant alcohol breath tests with minimal effort, companies can now use the BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia.



What is the Best Alcohol Breath Tester in Australia?

Alcohol drinking is a part of many cultures worldwide for celebrations. However, alcohol can cause adverse effects on the body like dizziness, slow reaction time, bad decision making, and lack of movement coordination. Therefore, a lack of awareness of the adverse effects of alcohol can lead to a severe accident. As a result, alcohol screening methods on the road or at the workplace discourages excessive consumption. Alcohol breath test uses a portable device known as a breathalyser or breath analyser. It measures the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or the amount of alcohol in the blood. Individuals and companies look for the best alcohol breath tester in Australia to minimise risks. 

Drink driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents in Australia. Therefore, law enforcement strictly enforces a 0.05% BAC limit to prevent drink-driving incidents. Hence, police officers conduct random roadside alcohol tests through a breathalyser. In particular, the BACtrack breathalysers use a fuel cell sensor to estimate the BAC in breath samples. Fuel cell sensors is the same technology as a police breathalyser. Thereby, BACtrack breathalysers can give accurate BAC results within 10 to 15 seconds. Thus, constantly conducting an alcohol breath test can decrease the chance of accidents relating to alcohol. A fuel cell breathalyser is an excellent option if you are looking for the best alcohol breath tester in Australia. Breathalysers Australia has various fuel cell breathalysers providing accurate and reliable results.

Advantages of using a Breathalyser

It is important to monitor alcohol consumption because high doses can endanger health and cause accidents. Therefore, having the best alcohol breath tester in Australia is essential when monitoring your alcohol levels. Previously, breathalysers were quite expensive and hard to obtain. However, in recent years, breathalysers have become more affordable and accessible for consumer use. The BACtrack breathalysers are compact, reliable, and affordable. Additionally, Breathalysers Australia has personal and professional alcohol testers to help individuals and workplaces monitor alcohol intake or impairment. Moreover, different breathalyser types can help with alcohol testing needs. For example, smartphone breathalysers enable remote monitoring. Using a breathalyser has the following advantages:

  • Reliability: By utilising fuel cell sensors, breathalysers provide accurate BAC results and minimise false positives.
  • Ease of use: Conducting alcohol and breath is easy because breathalysers are easy to operate.
  • Portability: The breathalyser’s compact design can easily fit everywhere in your bag or pocket.



The Best Alcohol Breath Tester in Australia: Personal Breathalysers

Individuals use personal breathalysers to become more aware of how alcohol affects their bodies. It is also efficient in monitoring the alcohol intake to prevent the BAC level from going over the legal limit. BACtrack personal breathalysers are reliable and compact devices that have the same size as a smartphone. Therefore, a personal breathalyser can also help prevent individuals from drink-driving and causing road accidents. Most BACtrack devices from Breathalysers Australia that have police-grade accuracy. Thus, BACtrack personal breathalysers are the best alcohol breath tester in Australia because of their reliability and different option models. 

The Best Alcohol Breath Tester in Australia: BACtrack S80 Pro

The BACtrack S80 Pro is the best alcohol breath tester in Australia. For the reason that the S80 Pro delivers an accurate and reliable BAC results closely with police breathalysers. Additionally, the unit is easy to use because of its portability and easy function. The S80 Pro breathalyser features a one-button system that allows an individual to conduct an alcohol breath test in 10 seconds. In addition, the device gives accurate four-digit BAC level results that can be seen on a bright LCD. The S80 Pro has a breath capture system that activates at the end of each test that helps keep external pollutants or ambient air from entering the sensors. Moreover, the s80 Pro has advanced temperature check feature to help ensure the consistency of a breath test sample. Lastly, the BACtrack S80 Pro has an FDA certification that meets all requirements for a breath testing unit.

The Best Alcohol Breath Tester in Australia: Smartphone Breathalysers

Breathalysers Australia also offers smartphone breathalysers to individuals and employees for alcohol monitoring. Smartphone breathalysers use Bluetooth technology to pair with a smartphone. For example the BACtrack C6 Keychain and Mobile Pro are compact yet very accurate. In addition, the C6 Keychain is pairable to a smartphone and can be used manuallyMoreover, BACtrack devices use the BACtrack Breathalyser App that is downloadable via Google and Apple stores. Through the smartphone app, the test results can be received via message for personal monitoring that parents or an employer can use. Additionally, the BACtrack View feature is also available for smartphone breathalysers, an app-based alcohol monitoring service that takes a video and shows it to a third party to ensure BAC tests are valid. In conclusion, the BACtrack smartphone breathalysers are the best alcohol breath tester in Australia for personal and workplace use.


BACtrack Breathalyser App

BACtrack smartphone breathalysers give you an option to turn your smartphone into a part of a breathalyser. Hence, making the BACtrack breathalyser the best alcohol breath tester in Australia because of its innovative and reliable design. BACtrack breathalysers check your BAC levels, but now it’s easier to access them through the smartphone. After pairing the breathalyser with the smartphone via Bluetooth, you can begin breath testing conveniently. Furthermore, the email registration is essential so you can benefit from the warranty and get timely recalibration reminders. You can download the BACtrack Breathalyser app in the Apple and Google stores. The features of a BACtrack Breathalyser App:

  • Innovative tracking option for tacking results.
  • Shows test result history through graph for a better sense of your drinking pattern.
  • The addition of notes and photos is an option for monitoring results.
  • Informational trivia for enhancing drinking IQ.
  • A friend mode to organise your BAC results from others.
  • Apple Health integration.
  • Linking to Uber is an option for you to ride back home if you have high levels of BAC.

BACtrack Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia

BACtrack Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia assists individuals and high-risk industries in avoiding alcohol-related accidents. Therefore, Breathalysers Australia provides the best alcohol breath tester in Australia. The BACtrack Pro series at Breathalysers Australia are genuine, and FDA-approved, assuring the product’s reliability. They are also DOT-certified, meeting the Federal requirements of breath screening devices. In addition, different kinds of products like workplace, personal, and smartphone breathalysers are available for purchase. These breathalysers use  electrochemical fuel cell sensors that assure accurate results. The compact design and accuracy of the breathalysers make alcohol breath tests easier to conduct in personal or workplace settings. Additionally, Breathalysers Australia has a recalibration service that can help maintain device accuracy and reliability. BACtrack Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia is a wise investment for your alcohol breath testing needs.



What Kind of Sensors does an Australian Police Breathalyzer Use?

An Australian police breathalyzer helps determine people’s ability to drive after consuming alcohol. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a prevalent safety issue in many countries. It has resulted in thousands of casualties or fatalities on the road every day. Therefore, law enforcement personnel administer alcohol breath testing randomly or at checkpoints to keep the roadways safe. Law enforcement uses breathalyzers for roadside screenings to determine the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reliably of potentially intoxicated drivers. A police breathalyzer is a portable device that analyses a breath sample to determine the BAC the same way products from Breathalysers Australia do. If your BAC exceeds the legal limit of 0.05 per cent, you will face legal charges and penalties. The police breathalyzers are robust and portable, with the most modern sensors for measuring BAC levels, similar technology is found in BACtrack products from Breathalysers Australia.

High BAC levels can impair a person’s senses, perception, and motor function. These impairments then affect driving ability. Thus, Law enforcement patrols Australian highways frequently to ensure that all motorists can have a safe journey. They use police-grade breathalyzers to determine a person’s BAC. The most advanced breathalyzer sensor that an Australian police breathalyzer uses is fuel cell sensors technology. Breathalysers Australia sells devices that have the same sensors as police breathalyzers. Moreover, they also supply BACtrack breathalyzers catered to individuals and workplaces. These devices can drastically help with personal and workplace safety.

How Do Australian Police Breathalyzers Work?

When police suspect a person is driving whilst intoxicated, they will ask the driver to pull over and undertake sobriety tests, which will most likely be blowing into a breathalyzer device. An Australian police breathalyzer with fuel cell sensor technology helps determine the BAC level properly. When the sample breath goes to the sensors, it undergoes an electrochemical process that oxidizes the alcohol. The device then generates tiny electrical currents proportional to the amount of alcohol in the breath and converts it to BAC. The greater the BAC level, the stronger the currents generated. In addition, the fuel cell sensor breathalyzers are ethyl alcohol-specific and will not react with other substances. Therefore, they have a lower chance of producing false positives. Breathalyser Australia have an entire range of Breathalysers with police grade fuel cell technology.


Australian Police Breathalyzer: Alcohol Limit for Driving

The Australian police breathalyzer and BACtrack breathalysers both can accurately measure alcohol consumption. They can determine a person’s ability to safely drive based on the amount of alcohol in their system. Using of BACtrack breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia are effective and reliable in determining BAC levels and therefore can be an invaluable guide to knowing whether to drive or not. As a result, even low BAC levels pose a safety risk. Furthermore, knowing your alcohol limit for driving is mandatory in Australia. Each state has its alcohol limit and associated penalties. The general alcohol restrictions are as follows:

  • Zero BAC – Zero alcohol level applies to drivers with a learner, provisional 1 and 2 permits. New drivers are improving their skills and must keep to a speed limit of 100km/hr or less. Furthermore, visiting drivers or those with an overseas license must stick to a zero BAC limit. There must not be any alcohol content in the system while driving.
  • Under 0.02 BAC – This BAC limit applies to drivers with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) or vehicle units greater than 13.9 tonnes. Similarly, drivers transporting dangerous products and public utility vehicles such as taxis and buses must have a BAC of less than 0.02.
  • Under 0.05 BAC – This BAC applies to all licenses not subject to zero or 0.02 restriction. This BAC is the standard BAC level that most drivers need to follow.

Failed Alcohol Test: What will happen?

Failure to comply with the alcohol driving limit is punishable by law. Penalties have also been more severe throughout time, primarily to assist in regulating alcohol-related incidents. Furthermore, punishments for first-time to repeat offenders who exceed the legal alcohol limit could include:

  • Penalty notice fines
  • Immediate licence suspensions
  • Maximum court-imposed fines
  • Prison terms – for mid and high-range Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA)
  • Driving disqualifications – minimum of three months
  • Alcohol interlock program

Thus, owning a reliable personal breathalyzer from Breathalysers Australia are available with the same sensor as the Australian police breathalyzer can accurately measure your BAC level and help you avoid such severe penalties. Breathalysers Australia provides a selection of BACtrack personal breathalyzers for people to check to see if their BAC is over the alcohol driving limit before getting behind the wheel.


How to Pass the Australian Police Breathalyzer Test?

An Australian police breathalyzer or fuel cell breathalyser from Breathalyser Australia are sensitive devices that use fuel cell sensor technology to determine the amount of alcohol in the system. Understanding how alcohol affects the body is critical for passing a breathalyzer test. To begin with, when we ingest alcohol, it quickly moves from the stomach to the small intestines and the bloodstream. The bloodstream then transports alcohol quantities to various body areas, where they remain for varying amounts. Alcohol that enters the lungs, in particular, changes into a vapour, which exits the body via exhalation. As a result, the intoxicating effects may be felt within minutes. Breathalysers Australia sells BACtrack devices for determining BAC after consumption.

When you drink alcohol, your BAC quickly rises. Different beverages have varying alcohol contents or standard drinks. Furthermore, a person’s age, weight, body type, food and drink intake, medications, and metabolism rate are all factors that influence BAC. Passing the Australian police breathalyzer test depends on multiple factors. Furthermore, the BAC rapidly rises when a person intake more alcohol in a shorter period. As recommended by Breathalysers Australia, a person should wait 15 minutes after their last drink to take a test. A high BAC level has the following effects:

  • Significant impairment of vision and hearing
  • Loss of motor coordination and balance
  • Alcohol odour in the breath
  • Mental confusion or memory loss
  • Changes of behaviour
  • Reduced the ability to drive

BACtrack Personal Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia

Monitoring the BAC level can be difficult if you rely solely on intuitive guesses. Many people trust their ability to drive safely on their judgment, which can be inaccurate. Fortunately, devices with the same sensor technology as an Australian police breathalyzer are becoming more widely available for personal usage. Most breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia use fuel cell sensors to ensure the BAC reading is correct.

A dependable instrument, much like Australian police breathalyzers, BACtrack devices allow you to know your exact BAC and make informed judgments. Furthermore, the BACtrack breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia include a one-touch operation to facilitate quick breath testing. In 10 to 15 seconds, it may process the breath sample and present the results accurately. Personal BACtrack breathalyzers like the BACtrack S80 Pro, Go Keychain, C6 Keychain, C8 Smartphone, Scout, Mobile Pro, and Trace Pro Gen1 and Gen2 are available on the Breathalysers Australia website to help you avoid alcohol-related accidents, fines and penalties.


Workplace Breathalysers and Urine Drug Test Kit in Australia

A workplace breathalyser and urine drug test kit in Australia are two ways to determine individuals’ alcohol and drug use in the workplace. Employers conduct drug and alcohol testing to ensure the working environment is safe. Employers are also responsible for protecting their employees and addressing occupational risks. Therefore, many businesses have drug and alcohol policies to avoid substance abuse and impairment in the workplace. In on-site testing, certified laboratory facilities conduct mobile drug and alcohol testing in the workplace to collect samples for analysis. Furthermore, employers can also administer alcohol tests using breathalyser devices to detect alcohol in the breath samples of their employees.

Substance impairment is a prominent cause of workplace accidents and injuries. A workplace breathalyser like BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia and a urine drug test kit in Australia are crucial for safety-critical industries. A urine drug test can analyse the chemical makeup of the urine and produce a highly accurate reading. It can analyse any drug metabolites present, which is critical in drug detection. Despite its high accuracy, it is not always the first choice for drug or alcohol testing. It is both difficult and expensive to utilise. As a result, most laboratories only use it as a confirmatory test. If the initial screening test is positive, companies or officers will request a urine test. Furthermore, devices like BACtrack workplace breathalysers are ideal for detecting the presence of alcohol. A breathalyser equipment analyses the alcohol in a breath sample to determine the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). 

Reasons for Using Alcohol and Urine Drug Test Kit in Australia

Despite being easy to perform, everyone must still observe the proper guidelines for using an alcohol and urine drug test kit in Australia. Firstly, companies must obtain employee permission to conduct alcohol and drug testing in the workplace. Secondly, ensure that the purpose for testing is provided. Furthermore, employers can undertake on-site testing in a variety of settings. They may request a test if they have a reason to suspect a worker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Moreover, employers must follow established workplace testing processes to prevent legal repercussions.

A urine drug test kit in Australia is the most common type of employment drug testing. This strategy can help organisations trust new employees for specific jobs while ensuring workplace safety. This test can also help to lessen risks for present employees. However, employers can now utilise BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia to help make the process easier for managing safety risks. It calculates the amount of alcohol in the breath and converts it to a BAC level.


Alcohol Breathalysers and Urine Drug Test Kit in Australia: Other Alternatives

The workplace breathalysers and urine drug test kits in Australia are reliable, accurate, and less intrusive in workplaces and testing centres. Nonetheless, there are other options for drug and alcohol testing. However, devices such as BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia is easier to conduct for alcohol testing. Furthermore, aside from urine and breath tests, various test techniques can determine the alcohol level of different biological samples. Other test methods include:

  • Mouth swab test– saliva can reveal drug and alcohol use within 6 to 24 hours. A mouth swab test is the standard method for drug screening at roadside checkpoints because it is convenient and less invasive than a urine or blood test.
  • Blood sample test– A blood test is the most precise type of test. It is, however, the most expensive and invasive method. As a result, they are appropriate as a follow-up test to confirm initial positive test results.
  • Hair follicle test – Hair sample procedures collect sufficient hair to determine alcohol or drug use. Hair tests also have a wider detection window and can track substance use for up to 90 days. Thus, it aids in determining whether a person has a substance use issue.

Alcohol Breath Test and Urine Drug Test Kit in Australia: When to Conduct

As far as it is reasonably practicable, an employer has a legal obligation to protect the safety of their employees at the workplace. For this reason, a workplace breathalyser and urine drug test kit in Australia helps companies protect their workplaces. The following are the situations in a workplace that requires such drug and alcohol screening:

  • Pre-Employment – Employers can conduct this testing before hiring new employees. It is essential to determine whether prospective employees have risky substance use behaviour.
  • Blanket testing – This type of testing involves testing all employees simultaneously. This testing can help employers confirm that their employees are fit for work.
  • Random testing – Randomly selecting employees to undergo the screening process. Any employee, regardless of kind, position, or performance, has an equal chance of being chosen for testing.
  • After an accident or incident testing – Some companies mandate an automatic drug and alcohol screening for individuals involved in a workplace accident or injury. This test can help determine the possible cause of an accident.
  • For-cause testing – Some companies require an employee to undergo drug and alcohol screening if that employee shows signs of drug and alcohol abuse. However, strong evidence is necessary for an employer to provide testing in a viable manner.
  • Return to work testing – An employer may require such tests if an employee has recently returned from a leave of absence or has a previously positive drug and alcohol screening result.




Benefits of Testing in the Workplace

A urine drug test kit in Australia and other different tests are beneficial for both employers and employees. Likewise, a breathalyser can accurately measure the BAC level of employees’ intoxication. There are several benefits why employee drug tests are essential:

  • Safe environment – Staff drug testing at random helps reduce substance usage. Alcohol and drug use have a large number of workplace accidents. In addition, alcohol and drug tests can identify employees who abuse substances, allowing the employer to aid with rehabilitation.
  • High productivity and employee morale – A stable workforce leads to improved output and positive employee morale. Furthermore, clear and sober personnel have reduced absenteeism and turnover rates.
  • Reduced legal liability – Employers are legally required to reduce workplace hazards. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is always safe. As a result, companies will cover any accidents on the job.
  • Promote better health – Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace results in fewer accident rates and healthier employees.

A urine drug test kit in Australia can positively impact workplace productivity. On the other hand, a breathalyser provides accurate and quicker results than a urine test. Additionally, these BACtrack breathalysers employ fuel cell sensors. These sensors are only sensitive to ethyl alcohol, and false-positive readings are less common.

BACtrack Workplace Breathalysers

BACtrack breathalysers have one-button operations. This feature helps add to the convenience of alcohol breath testing. Moreover, this feature allows businesses to conduct breath tests with a simple button press. Breathalysers Australia can provide more accessible and quicker alcohol breath tests than any procedures. For any situations requiring alcohol testing, BACtrack is the best choice. BACtrack takes 10 to 15 seconds to process and analyse your BAC results. Thus, a breath test with a BACtrack workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia may also be faster than any alcohol and urine drug test kit in Australia.