Can You Beat a Breathalyzer with Peanut Butter?

Alcohol consumption and driving do not mix well, which is universal knowledge. Yet many people still end up driving under the influence (DUI) penalties. Many tactics to trick a breathalyzer has been done and failed. Not only did it not lower the blood alcohol content (BAC), it also did not let people get away with alcohol-related driving violations. Some people use mouthwash, some try sucking on a penny, while others use peanut butter to lower their BAC levels. Many people ask: What is the truth behind these methods, and can you beat a breathalyzer with peanut butter?

Breathalyzers are portable devices that use sensors and electrochemical processes to measure your alcohol level or BAC through your breath. The machine processes the alcohol in the sample breath by causing a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with its sensors. The difference in the chemical reaction is the BAC or the amount of alcohol in proportion to the blood. So, how can you beat a breathalyzer with peanut butter? High sodium levels in peanut butter can neutralize ethanol or ethyl alcohol, but not much. Peanut butter bypasses the lungs and does not lower or neutralize the alcohol in the deep lung air. The deep lung air is what breathalyzers process to calculate your BAC. Also, fuel cell sensors found in BACtrack breathalyzers and police breathalyzers cannot give false results as they are susceptible to ethyl alcohol.

How Can You Beat a Breathalyzer with Peanut Butter?

Can you beat a breathalyzer with peanut butter? You might have seen some videos online about testing a breathalyzer with peanut butter and getting 0.00% BAC results after. So far, there haven’t been any successful cases of peanut butter beating a breathalyzer. The failed results are similar to other methods like using a mouthwash or sucking on a penny. The best way to lower your alcohol level is by understanding how your body metabolizes alcohol. Certain factors affect the BAC, such as weight, age, gender, body fat content, and alcohol absorption rate. Additionally, the body burns off alcohol at the rate of one standard drink per hour. Knowing your BAC level and controlling your alcohol consumption is more manageable than finding ways to beat an alcohol testing device.

Modern breathalyzers such as BACtrack devices use the most advanced sensor technology to measure the BAC in the breath accurately. BACtrack is the world’s leading specialist in breathalyzers technology. Therefore, misconceptions like can you beat a breathalyzer with peanut butter have no sound basis and remain only a misconception or myth. You can try for yourself by using the highly accurate BACtrack personal breathalyzer. These devices use the same technology you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer.

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