What is the Breathalyzer used by Law Enforcement

Law enforcement conducts random breath tests to ensure that the roads are safe for all passing motorists. If you get a random breath test, police officers will ask you to blow a breath sample into a device known as a breathalyzer. The breathalyzer used by law enforcement measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) which determines your degree of intoxication. The breathalyzer will reflect a positive test result if you’ve consumed alcohol before the test. As a result, more people nowadays self-test their BAC beforehand to avoid a DUI (driving under the influence) charges.

The breathalyzer used by law enforcement utilizes advanced fuel cell sensor technology to measure the driver’s BAC accurately. Fuel cell sensors have higher accuracy and sensitivity than a traditional semiconductor breathalyzer. Fuel cell breathalyzers rely on an electrochemical process that oxidizes the alcohol by producing small electrical currents. The breathalyzer measures the electrical currents to determine the BAC in proportion to the alcohol in the blood. Fuel cell sensors are accurate enough that it is less likely for them to have false-positive results. BACtrack personal breathalyzers use the same fuel cell technology as law enforcement.

Personal Devices Similar to a Breathalyzer used by Law Enforcement

If you reach the legal limit of 0.05% in the screening test, police will require further tests to confirm your exact BAC. The breathalyzer used by law enforcement at a police station is an infrared spectroscopy. This breathalyzer relies on an in-depth electronic analysis of the breath passing through a beam of infrared radiation. It can differentiate alcohol from the lungs and upper tracks, producing the most accurate BAC results. Consequently, the court uses the results from this breathalyzer as evidence for drink-driving violations. For this reason, it is crucial to have the most precise breath test from a reliable personal breathalyzer to avoid severe DUI charges.

Fortunately, you can get a similar breathalyzer used by law enforcement for personal use. BACtrack fuel cell sensors have police-grade accuracy and can deliver precise and consistent BAC readings. In particular, the BACtrack S80 is the best-selling BACtrack breathalyzer ideal for personal and professional use. The BACtrack S80 Pro uses the advanced Xtend fuel cell sensor with enhanced linear accuracy for convenient breath testing. It also has a one-touch operations for fast and effortless self-tests. Moreover, the BACtrack S80 Pro has FDA and DOT approval as a safe and reliable personal alcohol breath device. Nothing is more important than putting your safety as a top priority. Whether at work or on the road, a reliable breathalyzer can help you.

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