Breathalyzer Near Me: Choices at Breathalysers Australia

Many people look forward to the end of the day or weekend to relax or unwind. Some do this through alcohol consumption. Alcohol can create relaxing effects like mood elevation when taken in moderation. However, it can quickly turn into intoxication and impairments with overconsumption. This is because alcohol works rapidly in the body from the first sip to the last drop. High alcohol amounts can impair the senses and motor functions within minutes. Moreover, the impaired abilities can pose significant risks in driving and working. Therefore, many people start by looking for “a breathalyzer near me” online to practice safe and responsible driving. 

Breathalyzer Near Me: Why Check Your Alcohol Level Before Driving

Alcohol contributes to thirty per cent of road crashes and serious injuries in Australia every year. Additionally, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in four Australians aged 18 years exceeded the national alcohol guidelines. It includes consuming more than ten standard drinks in a week or consuming five or more drinks on any day. Therefore, the government imposes stricter drink driving laws and punishments to reduce its harmful impacts. The penalties include hefty fines, imprisonment, driving suspension, and an alcohol interlock. Hence, many people start using a personal breathalyzer to keep within the legal alcohol limit and avoid legal charges. If you are looking for a testing device, a quick search for “breathalyzer near me” can return plenty of results instantly. Conveniently, you can get reliable devices at Breathalysers Australia. 

Considerations in Choosing a Breathalyzer

“Is having a breathalyzer near me important?” A breathalyzer is a portable device that can estimate the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through the breath sample. Law enforcement conduct breath checking at sobriety checkpoints or randomly if they suspect impaired driving. For example, they will ask you to pull over and blow through the police breathalyser. You will face corresponding penalties if your BAC is over the legal limit (0.05%). Therefore, many people check their alcohol level before driving to ensure that they keep within the allowed BAC level. A personal breathalyzer is a valuable tool to help moderate their intake. Additionally, when choosing a breathalyzer, you should consider the following:

  • Accuracy – How accurately do you need your breathalyzer to be? Do you need one for alcohol screening or a dependable BAC reading for driving or work?
  • Purpose – Are you buying a breathalyzer for personal, home, or work use. Each devices have unique features that you may find helpful in certain situations. Therefore, identifying your main purpose can help you choose a suitable device. 
  • Convenience – Checking the BAC level should be easy, especially when you are already feeling lightheaded. The devices from Breathalysers Australia have a one-touch button for easy operation.
  • Recalibration – Breathalyzers must be recalibrated to maintain the sensors’ accuracy. Refrain from buying a model that is not serviceable. Moreover, proper care and maintenance of the device enable you to use your breathalyzer long term.


Breathalyzers at Breathalysers Australia

Choosing a breathalyzer from the many choices in the market can be overwhelming. For instance, if you look for “breathalyzer near me” online, you will find varying types, features, and prices. Therefore, the best way to start is to look for reputable brands. Breathalysers Australia has a comprehensive collection of alcohol breath testing devices trusted by individuals and companies nationwide. You may choose a breathalyzer based on usage, style or feature. Breathalysers Australia offers the following devices:

  • Keychain – The BACtrack Go and C6 keychain breathalyzers are the lightest and most compact alcohol testers. They can determine BAC quickly and accurately at the most affordable prices.
  • Smartphone – The breathalyzers with smartphone connectivity are the BACtrack C6, C8 Smartphone, and Mobile Pro. The device seamlessly connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The BACtrack companion app allows you to store your BAC data and track your consumption pattern in a graph over time. Additionally, you may send your BAC via text message to a family member for peace of mind while being out. Lastly, you can estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00% through the ZeroLine technology. 
  • Premier – The pro-grade breathalysers like the BACtrack S80 Pro, Scout, Mobile Pro, and Trace Pro utilises enlarged fuel cell sensors and enhanced linear response for more accuracy. Moreover, they have FDA approval and DOT certification, meeting all federal requirements for breath screening devices.
  • Workplace – The devices suitable for industrial use like the S80 Pro Gen2, Mobile Gen2, and the Alcovisor Mercury

Breathalyzer Near Me: Checking the Blood Alcohol Content

How do I check my alcohol level using a breathalyzer near me? The portability of breathalyzers makes them easy to carry around and use. It is an efficient device for quickly estimating the alcohol content. To use a breathalyzer like BACtrack, simply press the power button. The device instantly activates the sensor to warm up and start the countdown timer. As the timer approaches zero, take a deep breath and give a sufficient blow to the mouthpiece. Keep blowing until you hear the end of the beeping sound. Then, the breathalyzer processes the sample air and displays the BAC results in 10 to 15 seconds. Therefore, you can complete a breath test in less than one minute. You may recheck your BAC every hour to see the increase or decrease of your BAC. 


Breathalysers Australia: The Trusted Breathalysers

Can I get a breathalyzer near me with police-grade accuracy? Police use fuel cell breathalyzers to check for drink driving during roadside inspections. Fuel cell breathalyzers are sensitive to ethanol and do not react to other substances in the breath or ambient air. In addition, fuel cell sensors like the BACtrack have, can trace alcohol concentrations over a complete BAC range. As a result, it can accurately read alcohol content from 0.00-0.400% BAC. Similarly, workplaces use fuel cell breathalyzers to reduce accidents due to alcohol impairment. The BACtrack fuel cell breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia are excellent choices to ensure your safety.

Alcohol can intoxicate you in a matter of minutes. Knowing how alcohol affects your body is critical in moderating your consumption. Some premises like bars or clubs have coin-operated breathalyzers that you can use. However, not all venues have breathalyzers available. Therefore, getting a personal breathalyzer guarantees fast and effective breath tests. You would not need to search for “breathalyzer near me” each time you go out. You can avail a pro-grade device at Breathalysers Australia that has an accuracy level similar to what law enforcement use. Furthermore, a reliable and accurate device is vital in staying safe while driving. Many people also use it to ascertain that their BAC has completely returned to zero the next day before work. Lastly, these devices can help you make better and informed decisions.