Breathalyser Supercheap? Do They Work? 

Driving under the influence can raise the risk of an accident. Cognitive and motor skills are affected by alcohol use. Furthermore, it can disrupt attention, decision-making, and reaction time. As a result, it decreases driving skills and increases road risks. Every year, intoxicated driving is a significant contributor to traffic casualties. It can result in severe injuries and even death. To effectively monitor this, law enforcement conducts random roadside testing more frequently. Driving under the influence is a criminal offence in Australia, with severe consequences, including an alcohol interlock program. The procedure entails obtaining a restricted driver’s license and placing a breathalyser in the vehicle. If a breathalyser is that effective, you may be wondering where I can find a breathalyser supercheap? 

Breathalysers exist in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. Breathalysers vary in quality and performance depending on their type and features. The semiconductor and fuel cell sensors are the two common types of breathalysers. The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is measured via a semiconductor sensor that uses a tin-oxide material. Platinum electrodes inside the sensor of fuel cell breathalysers oxidise the ethyl alcohol that goes through. Semiconductor breathalysers are significantly less expensive than fuel cell breathalysers. If you’re looking for the best value for money breathalyser, Breathalysers Australia offers BACtrack breathalysers supercheap. 

Get a Breathalyser Supercheap: BACtrack S80 Pro ($189.97) 

What does make a breathalyser supercheap? Alcohol breath testing that is accurate allows you to make informed judgments. Remember the additional services each device can provide when deciding what breathalyser to get. Breathalysers Australia’s BACtrack S80 includes innovative features that increase accuracy, allowing you to take each breath test confidently. The S80 Pro delivers the following results: 

  • Breath capture system – An internal breath pump in the BACtrack breathalyser engages at the end of each test. It catches the exhaled air best for the sensors to analyse. It also prevents contaminants from entering the gadget from the environment. 
  • Linear response – The linear response of the fuel cell delivers more accurate findings over a broader range of alcohol concentrations. Without decreasing accuracy, the instrument can measure through 0.400 per cent BAC. 
  • Temperature check – The performance of the fuel cell improves as the temperature rises. The BACtrack S80 Pro provides continuous temperature checking to assure breath sample uniformity. 
  • Adjustable settings – You can customise the settings on the S80 Pro to suit your needs. To improve accuracy, you may, for example, lengthen the blow time and adjust the blowing power. You can also modify the unit of measurement to suit your needs. 
  • Audible alarm – The BACtrack S80 Pro is set to Australia’s 0.05 per cent BAC limit. As a result, if your BAC exceeds the set level, the device will notify you. You may also alter the warning settings to different BAC levels, which is convenient. 


Get a Breathalyser Supercheap: BACtrack Mobile Pro ($139.97) 

Another device to consider in making a breathalyser supercheap is its features. Bluetooth connectivity is the most prominent feature of the BACtrack Mobile Pro. The breathalyser connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth to provide quick and reliable results. Most iOS and Android devices are compatible with the BACtrack companion app. You may find the complete list of compatible devices on the BACtrack Mobile Pro page on Breathalysers Australia’s website. Additionally, the BACtrack app includes revolutionary features that help you monitor your alcohol consumption: 

  • Tracking tool – You may store all of your BAC results on your phone and monitor them using a graph. Also, the diagram depicts your alcohol consumption tendencies to help you better understand your habits. 
  • Personalisation – The app allows you to keep track of everything you eat and drink so you can see how different foods and beverages affect your blood alcohol level. You can also include a photograph with your BAC results. 
  • ZeroLine Technology – Based on the last test, BACtrack’s unique technology calculates how long the BAC will return to 0.00 per cent. The information can benefit those subject to a zero-tolerance drinking policy. 
  • Apple Health – The BACtrack Mobile Pro works with Apple Health to provide access to various health monitoring and management capabilities. 
  • Uber – If intoxicated, the app allows you to request an Uber. Regardless of the amount consumed, it is advised to avoid driving. 

More Breathalyser Supercheap: Other BACtrack Models 

You can also get these breathalysers supercheap: 

  • BACtrack Go Keychain  ($59.97)
    This unit has a small design that makes it convenient to carry everywhere. It’s a simple approach to accurately tracking your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). 
  • BACtrack C6 Keychain  ($89.97)
    It boasts a dual-mode operation and is driven by BACtrack’s patented BluFire Fuel Cell Sensor (the same professional level of technology that healthcare experts and law enforcement authorities trust). Moreover, you can view your BAC values on a bright, easy-to-read OLED display by selecting “Standalone Mode.” The “App Mode” option allows you to communicate BAC readings to your smartphone over Bluetooth. 
  • BACtrack C8 Smartphone ($109.97)
    This unit only weighs about 2 ounces and fits easily into your purse or pocket. You may also connect it to your iPhone or Android device wirelessly. The BACtrack C8 features an app that records and tracks your blood alcohol content over time, and it can even help you phone an Uber if you are sufficiently inebriated. 
  • BACtrack Scout ($119.97)
    It’s a small device that captures breath precisely and efficiently for testing. Also, this breathalyser can be operated with a single press and begin testing in seconds. The BACtrack scout has a long battery life, lasting up to 1000 tests on just two AAA batteries. 
  • BACtrack Trace Pro ($139.97)
    Features award-winning Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology (which provides a linear response throughout the whole range of BAC from 0.000 to 0.400 per cent, ensuring long-term reliability) and a slim, discreet design.  


How to Use a BACtrack Breathalyser 

When buying a breathalyser supercheap, knowing how to use it is crucial. Breathalysers are small, portable devices that make BAC testing simple and practical. Unlike other alcohol testing procedures, a breath test is safe, simple, and non-invasive. Furthermore, BACtrack devices are simple to use, but before using a breathalyser, you must wait at least fifteen minutes after eating, drinking, or smoking. The time spent waiting allows the alcohol to enter the lungs and be exhaled. It also reduces the impact of alcohol in the mouth on the test. Then, when you’re ready, power on the gadget and wait for the signal to go off. Then, blow hard enough for five seconds or until you hear the beeping sound stop. You will know your exact BAC in seconds.  

BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia 

Be cautious when buying a breathalyser supercheap because not all breathalysers are created equal. However, all BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia fulfilled federal and industry criteria for accuracy and reliability as breath alcohol testers. Furthermore, if you want police-grade accuracy, look into BACtrack’s XTend Fuel Cell Technology breathalysers. Having a good breathalyser can help you stay safe while driving. Make sure you take a breath test before driving to avoid the risk of being in an accident. If you’ve had too much to drink, ask a sober friend to go home or take a cab instead. A breathalyser like the BACtrack can assist you in making that decision.