Can you get a Breathalyser Supercheap?

While consuming alcohol, you’ve probably seen people blowing into a small device. This device is called a breathalyser. A breathalyser is a handheld mouthpiece device that can measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) through a person’s breath. It helps people keep their alcohol intake under control and within safe, legal limits for driving. A breathalyser is a handy machine that has kept people safe on the road. If you haven’t got one already, it’s time to consider getting your breathalyser. With drastic changes to the market these days, people tend to ask: Can you get a breathalyser supercheap?

Breathalysers come in many shapes, forms, and costs. The quality and performance of breathalysers vary according to their kind and specifications. There are two distinct types of breathalysers: the semiconductor sensor and the fuel cell sensor. The semiconductor sensor uses a tin-oxide substance to measure the BAC. The fuel cell breathalysers have platinum electrodes inside the sensor that oxidises the ethyl alcohol that passes through. Semiconductor breathalysers are relatively cheaper than a breathalyser with fuel cell technology. If you’re aiming to buy a breathalyser supercheap, BACtrack‘s range of MicroCheck Sensor breathalysers is the best choice.

Can you get a Breathalyser Supercheap: Consider BACtrack

BACtrack’s MicroCheck technology uses oxide sensors as a base to measure BAC. The sensors go through a patented burn-in process to measure the tin dioxide and the ethanol reactivity in the breath sample. The reaction changes the sensor’s electrical resistance, and the device can then calculate the difference as the BAC. The BACtrack Go Keychain is a very viable and affordable option for personal and low-volume alcohol breath test use. BACtrack Go Keychain comes with a fold-away mouthpiece so you can secure it when not in use and a keychain that you can attach to your pockets, purse, or keyholders. Even at $59.97, BACtrack Go Keychain still uses advanced sensing technology for accurate BAC readings. Its market price makes this breathalyser supercheap, but its accuracy is still top of the line.

Be careful in buying a breathalyser supercheap. Not all breathalysers are equal. However, all BACtrack breathalysers met the federal and industry standards as an accurate and reliable breath alcohol tester. You may also check BACtrack’s line of XTend Fuel Cell Technology breathalysers if you want to opt for police-grade accuracy. Having a reliable breathalyser can help you stay safe, especially on the road. Before driving, make sure you take your breath test to know if you’re within the legal driving limit. Should you have high alcohol content, ask a sober friend to drive home for you or take a cab instead. A BACtrack breathalyser can help you make that decision.

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