This is Where to Find the Perfect Breathalyser Near Me

Whether you consume alcohol regularly or only on special occasions, staying on top of your intake is important. Many people enjoy a glass or two of alcoholic beverages to make them feel relaxed or stimulated. However, excessive alcohol use has immediate effects that increase the risks of harmful health conditions and safety. This is because alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that affects the body’s normal functions. As a result, it impairs the senses, perception, and motor functions affecting the ability to drive safely. Fortunately, a quick and efficient way to see if you are fit to drive is to use a breathalyser. However, you may ask, where can I find the perfect breathalyser near me? Breathalysers Australia has a wide selection of alcohol breath testers for your specific needs.

Why Should I Get a Breathalyser Near Me

Why should I get a breathalyser near me? Alcohol impairment is a significant factor in motor vehicle crashes resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. A small amount of alcohol in the blood can affect a person’s ability to drive. Subsequently, the higher the alcohol level, the greater the risk of accidents. Therefore, stricter road regulations and heavy penalties aim to reduce drink driving cases. In Australia, the legal alcohol limit is 0.05% BAC or Blood Alcohol Content. Thus, many individuals use a breathalyser to check their BAC levels to avoid high intoxication or drink driving charges. Additionally, you may need a breathalyser device for the following reasons:

  • Monitor your alcohol level during consumption
  • Need to drive after consuming alcohol
  • Rely on safety for work
  • Check a family member
  • Make informed safety decisions

Where to Find the Perfect Breath Testing Device

A breathalyser is a testing device that estimates the BAC level or percentage of alcohol in the blood through a sample breath. Most people associate breathalyser devices with police stops or inspections conducting alcohol breath testing. However, personal devices are also available to help individuals monitor their BAC. You can help improve personal safety by searching for “the perfect breathalyser near me” online. An excellent way is to go directly to the Breathalysers Australia website. Breathalysers Australia offers accurate and reliable BAC tests through the BACtrack breathalysers. BACtrack specialises in innovative breathalyser technology to help one stay on top of their consumption. Additionally, law enforcement units, hospitals, and industries trust the BACtrack breathalysers to give precise BAC results. 


What to Look for in a Breathalyser

The perfect breathalyser can help improve your safety significantly. It enables you to determine your BAC level efficiently when you need to make quick, informed decisions. Furthermore, a reliable device can help save you from potential risks of alcohol use. Therefore, searching for “the perfect breathalyser near me” online takes great consideration before making a final purchase. Many people look for these aspects when choosing a device:

  • Sensor type – accuracy is the most important aspect in choosing a breathalyser. Breathalysers mainly use two sensor types – semiconductor and fuel cell sensors. Choosing a device will depend on your testing needs. For example, a semiconductor breathalyser will suffice if you want a quick breath check to detect alcohol presence. However, breathalysers with fuel cell sensors provide higher accuracy rates. This is because they are more sensitive to ethanol and do not react with other substances.
  • Durability – a high-quality device should last long and deliver reliable BAC results with the right use and care. The BACtrack breathalysers are designed for robust breath testing needs. 
  • Maintenance – each breathalyser device requires periodic recalibration to maintain the sensor’s performance. When looking for a breathalyser, check the recommended period for recalibration. For example, semiconductor breathalysers need more frequent tuning-up than fuel cell breathalysers.
  • Features – extra functions can help make breath tests more efficient. For instance, some needs a simple BAC check, while others want a device with smartphone connectivity to view and track BAC results. 

Breathalyser Near Me: Sensor Accuracy

Finding the perfect breathalyser near me, how important is accuracy? A breathalyser’s performance will depend on the sensor technology used. People use a breathalyser to know their precise BAC to help moderate their alcohol consumption. Moreover, you would want a device that can give you security while driving. Therefore, considering the sensor type is vital in choosing a reliable breathalyser. Most devices at Breathalysers Australia utilise fuel cell sensor technology to give valid and accurate alcohol breath test results. Fuel cell breathalysers are ethanol-specific; thus, acetone or other compounds will not affect the sensor readings. Therefore, it is less likely to produce false positives. Additionally, fuel cell sensors remain consistent despite back-to-back tests.

The BACtrack fuel cell breathalysers have police-grade accuracy to provide fast and precise BAC. In particular, the Pro-grade devices at Breathalysers Australia utilise the Xtend fuel cell sensor technology. The fuel cell sensors have enhanced linear response to measure the BAC over the complete range of alcohol concentrations expected in the breath. A breathalyser like the BACtrack S80 Pro can accurately measure the BAC from 0.000 to 0.400%. Moreover, providing BAC data up to three decimal places helps improve the exactness. The fuel cell sensors are the same technology police officers use in roadside alcohol screening. Therefore, you will likely find the BACtrack pro-grade breathalysers as the most reliable device when looking for “the perfect breathalyser near me” online. 


Options at Breathalysers Australia

Breathalyser near me; what are my options? There are various breathalyser models available in the market to choose from. Choosing a suitable device will depend on your testing needs. Firstly, it is best to buy an effective and reliable device from a reputable company. Breathalysers Australia offers the most efficient breath testers, ideal for different purposes and costs. The BACtrack personal breathalysers come in keychain alcohol testers (BACtrack Go and C6 Keychain), smartphone breathalysers (Mobile Pro, C6, and C8), and the Pro series (BACtrack S80 Pro, Mobile Pro, Trace Pro, and Scout). In particular, BACtrack smartphone breathalysers have a Bluetooth connection to pair to iOS or Android devices. Through the BACtrack app, you may view the BAC results directly on the smartphone and track them in a graph. Additionally, the app features the ZeroLine technology that quickly estimates how long your BAC level will return to 0.00%. 

Finally, the BACtrack Pro breathalysers utilise police-grade sensors that many safety-critical industries depend on. Furthermore, they have FDA approval and DOT compliance, meeting the Federal requirements of a personal breath screening device. Therefore, you can get the most reliable breath test with the BACtrack fuel cell breathalysers. You can look no further when finding for a “breathalyser near me” online or in retail stores. Breathalysers Australia has comprehensive alcohol tester selections suiting various needs, costs, or preferences. A reliable breathalyser can help ensure your safety and others during alcohol consumption