BACtrack Breath Testing Devices

Breath testing devices can significantly help you decide if you can drive based on your blood alcohol content (BAC). Devices such as BACtrack personal breathalyzers are helpful tools in determining your BAC level quickly and accurately. A breathalyzer analyzes the alcohol in a breath sample and measures the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. Checking your BAC after consuming alcohol is vital to keeping your consumption under control and aiding you with decisions. Additionally, reliable breath testing devices can help reduce and even prevent alcohol-related road accidents.

Law enforcers conduct roadside screening by checking your BAC through police-grade breath testing devices. Police use high-accuracy breathalyzers to measure your alcohol level. Driving in Australia with a BAC of 0.05% or higher constitutes criminal penalties and imprisonment terms. Therefore, a personal breathalyzer is the most convenient and practical way of checking your BAC without involving yourself with the police. In addition, they are portable devices that you can effortlessly operate to measure your alcohol level. Personal breathalyzers are now widely available online, and you can get the best kinds at Breathalysers Australia.

Breath Testing Devices: BACtrack Devices Available

Different BACtrack breath testing devices are available to suit your particular needs and budget. Each BACtrack breathalyzer has unique features and functionalities. BACtrack products can range from small keychain alcohol testers, smartphone-capable devices and more sophisticated workplace breathalyzers.

  • Keychain breathalyzers – the BACtrack Go and C6 Keychain breathalyzers are the smallest and sleekest devices available. The BACtrack Go mouthpiece folds away so you can store it when not in use. Meanwhile, the C6 is the smallest fuel cell alcohol tester that delivers highly accurate BAC results. The C6 Keychain also doubles as a smartphone breathalyzer (With standalone options).
  • Smartphone breathalyzers – the BACtrack C6, C8, and Mobile Pro, use advanced fuel cell sensors and connect wirelessly to smartphones. You can see your results through the BACtrack smartphone app. They have innovative tracking and personalization features, as well as the ability to share your results with others. These devices also come with ZeroLine technology. They can estimate when your BAC level will return to 0.00%. Breath testing devices with these features make self-testing feel more convenient.
  • Workplace breathalyzers – A Premium breathalyzer like the BACtrack S80 Gen 2 is perfect for high-frequency workplace use. BACtrack workplace breathalyzers only take a few seconds to process BAC results (about 10-15 seconds). This feature makes on-site testing in the workplace feel less of a hindrance.

The BACtrack breathalyzers are compliant with Australian Standards as safe and are reliable breath testing devices. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent and valid breath test results. BACtrack breathalyzers are available in-store and online at Breathalysers Australia.

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