How to Use a Breath Test Kit

Alcohol breath testing has been one of the most reliable and cost-effective forms of testing done to check for a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC level assesses the amount of alcohol present in an individual’s system; which can then help determine their mental and motor functional capacity. This form of testing allows to single out those who may not drive or work safely. A breath test is done more frequently than other tests, mainly because it is easy and quick to perform. Have the person blow into a breath test kit or a breathalyzer device to perform a breath test.  

You can perform a breath test almost anywhere and in nearly any setting, on the go; which is one of the primary reasons law enforcers and office alcohol breath testers use this form of testing. One of the most common forms of a breath test kit includes a balloon and a glass tube with yellow crystals. The individual would blow into the balloon, which then releases air into the tube. The crystals change colour from yellow to green depending on how high the alcohol content is in the system. One green band means a BAC of under 0.05%, two bands indicate a BAC between 0.05% and 0.10%, and three bands mean that the BAC is well over 0.10%. Instead of using disposable breath testing kits, devices like BACtrack breathalyzers are more effective.  

Breathalyzers vs Breath Test Kits

A breathalyzer, also known as a breath test analyzer, can also be effectively used to help monitor the BAC of an individual. Police officers use a breathalyzer more often than a breath test kit. Mainly because it can give the exact BAC of a driver. With fuel cell technology, similar to those used in official breathalyzers of law enforcers and medical professionals, devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer can accurately and reliably measure the BAC in the system. They can be for personal or office use. The availability of various alcohol breath testing methods has helped reduce alcohol-induced road accidents significantly. Being able to test one’s BAC at a push of a button with their breathalyzer has increased the safety of those who occasionally like to go out with their friends.  

The need to have a breath test kit or a BACtrack breathalyzer ready at all times could be an effective way to help people decide whether they should drive or take a taxi home. It increases the safety of an individual and reduces the chances of them acquiring DUI charges and the severe punishments it comes with. 


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