Is There a Breath Analyser with Printer?

Alcohol misuse is a significant factor in many road crashes or workplace incidents worldwide. In Australia, alcohol plays a prominent role in many social and cultural events. In particular, the average adult consumes alcohol at least once per week. Unfortunately, there is a portion that consumes alcohol excessively, increasing the risk of accidents for themselves or others. Because of this, the government and many key agencies enforced stricter laws to combat excessive consumption. For instance, drink driving violators face harsher penalties, and more workplaces have implemented policies against alcohol use. In effect, there is a strong demand for personal breath analysers to monitor the alcohol level. Many commercial establishments or private companies use a breath analyser with printer to detect alcohol impairments. 

High alcohol levels have many profound effects on the body, especially on cognition and motor functions. For example, it impairs the senses such as vision, reaction time, balance, and coordination necessary in operating vehicles or machineries. Fortunately, individuals can check their blood alcohol content (BAC) through a personal breathalyser like BACtrack. Breathalysers Australia provides reliable alcohol breath tests through professional-grade BACtrack devices. Most BACtrack breathalysers use advanced fuel cell sensors to determine the precise BAC level. In addition, companies use sophisticated machines like a breath analyser with printer to manage safety risks in the workplace. Therefore, it is vital to monitor sobriety to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. 

Breath Analyser with Printer: How it Works

A breath analyser is a portable testing device to measure the BAC level through a sample breath. When alcohol enters the body, the blood absorbs it and distributes it to different organs like the lungs. BACtrack breathalysers use fuel cell sensors to estimate the BAC through an electrochemical process. The device works by oxidising alcohol in the breath sample to produce small electrical currents. The number of currents produced is proportional to the alcohol concentration in the blood. In addition, fuel cell sensors are specific to ethanol, thus, returning more accurate BAC results than standard semiconductor breathalysers. A breath analyser with printer works the same way, but it can print out the test data. Therefore, it is most beneficial for screening employees in safety-critical industries like:

  • Mining
  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals and healthcare units
  • Law Enforcement


Breath Analyser with Printer

A breath analyser with printer can measure the BAC, store it through software and print out the results with date and time. It is suitable for rapid testing for multiple applications. In particular, workplaces with an alcohol program use a breathalyser to screen for alcohol. Employees can take a breath test before or during work to ensure they are not under any alcohol influence. For instance, the device stores all the BAC results, and authorised personnel can download the data at the end of the day’s testing. In addition, the company can export the BAC test results to Excel or print a hard copy. It minimises the possibility of human error in collecting and recording the data. It is vital to record data for future uses in cases of disputes. 

The software allows the data to download to a PC. A breath analyser with printer can be wired or wireless. In addition, it can produce different test results print-outs according to the organisation’s needs. You have the option to print the individual test results for inclusion to each staff fine. Meanwhile, a summary test results let you record and view all the BAC tests of the day. Lastly, you can print positive test results only or BAC tests with alcohol content.

Benefits of Workplace Testing

Alcohol impairment at work poses a threat to the health and well-being of all employees. Additionally, billions of dollars are lost every year due to alcohol-related accidents. Alcohol intoxication has disrupted normal operations resulting in decreased productivity. Through a comprehensive alcohol program, employees moderate their consumption accordingly. In effect, a breath analyser with printer helps deter alcohol use and promote healthier practices in and out of work. It minimises injuries, decrease absenteeism, downtime and turnover. It also improves employee morale and fosters healthy relationships among the staff. 

Consistent workplace testing can also help identify employees with substance abuse. For example, positive BAC tests through a breath analyser with printer can reveal that a person may need intervention. A workplace policy can include an assistance program if an employee struggles with alcohol misuse. For instance, they may refer to a treatment centre to help the affected worker recover. Furthermore, a breathalyser is useful in alcohol monitoring and evaluation during rehabilitation. Breathalysers Australia offers the BACtrack View to help people undergoing treatment reestablish trust and confidence among family, peers, and work. 


BACtrack Breath Analyser for Work

Breathalysers Australia offers the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen, a premier breath analyser for the workplace. The Alcovisor Mercury uses a platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor to measure the BAC level accurately. The advanced sensor technology is the same that you can find in a police breathalyser. In addition, the Mercury is easy to operate with a simple touch of a button. It can instantly display the results as “Alcohol Present” or “No Alcohol Present”. If the breathalyser detects alcohol, the employee will take a BAC test to determine the exact alcohol content. However, the Alcovisor Mercury is not a breath analyser with printer. Nonetheless, you can transmit the data to a PC to be extracted and printed.  

The Mercury offers high output in a high compliance environment. It is efficient as a breath analyser with printer. In addition, it has user-friendly and advanced features for easy use.

  • Touchscreen – For easy and convenient breath test
  • Test Record Stamp – Include time, date, BAC results, GPS location
  • GPS positioning
  • Internal memory – Record 16,000 test results
  • Customisable data fields (name, department, etc.)
  • Downloadable to PC – all test records can be downloaded via USB. 

The BACtrack Breath Analysers

Breathalysers Australia offers quick and reliable breath tests through BACtrack breathalysers. In particular, the BACtrack Mobile Gen2, S80 Pro Gen2, and Alcovisor Mercury are professional-grade breathalysers suitable for high volume requirements. In addition, the enhanced platinum fuel cell can detect BAC level accurately through 0.00-0.400%. Specifically, the Mobile Pro Gen2 is modified for remote workplace alcohol testing to achieve unparalleled precision and compliance. Through the BACtrack app, you can view and store the BAC results directly. You may also send the results to a PC for back-up like a breath analyser with printer can. 

Currently, BACtrack doesn’t have a breath analyser with printer ready. However, you may use the BACtrack smartphone breathalysers to transmit the BAC data wirelessly. Overall, the BACtrack breathalysers offer quick, efficient, reliable alcohol breath testing. In addition, BACtrack gives certainty whether it is for personal or professional use. Visit Breathalysers Australia for a comprehensive selection of breath analysers for your needs.