Best Way to Get a Blood Alcohol Test

One of the most common and sought out blood alcohol test methods is a breath alcohol test. A breath alcohol test can have the individual blow into the sterile tube of a breathalyzer. A corresponding blood alcohol content (BAC) level then be calculated using the alcohol within the exhaled breath. The BAC level determines how intoxicated a person is. Police officers pull over drivers driving irregularly or dangerously and monitor their BAC. It is to help maintain roadside safety and prevent alcohol-induced accidents. Drivers must maintain a BAC of under 0.05% to drive legally. Nowadays, people even have their BACtrack personal breathalyzers for self-monitoring, mainly to help prevent any unwanted run-ins with law enforcers.  

Blood Alcohol Tests

Other than alcohol breath testing, blood sampling as a blood alcohol test is also an option to check for alcohol within the system. It is a more accurate form of testing; but its invasive nature requires a certified professional sample taker and a registered lab. It one of the most accurate forms of testing but the most rarely used; this is due to how long the sampling and processing take. Using breathalyzers seems to be the more convenient way of testing for blood alcohol content, especially for police officers that usually need to test people on the go, keeping in mind that breathalyzer testing only takes about 5 seconds for the results to show up. BACtrack breathalyzers also have police-grade technology, which allows personal breathalyzers to provide accurate results for self-testing, making breath testing even more effortless.  

People may also use urine testing to test for alcohol within the system. Still, it is not as accurate as a blood alcohol test, and its results could be significantly higher or lower than the actual BAC. This reason alone is why police officers and companies that monitor alcohol usage rely more on breathalyzers. Companies mainly perform constant alcohol testing to help maintain a safer and more productive workplace. BACtrack workplace breathalyzers can now easily help businesses monitor their employees more frequently. Personal breathalyzers are also being used more often nowadays; this is mainly to helps prevent possible DUI charges and severe penalties to its user. The portability of devices like BACtrack breathalyzers that can be as small as a keychain also enables users to bring them around effortlessly and always have them ready.  

The most reliable method

Luckily enough, despite being a quick and easy method, a blood alcohol test using a breathalyzer can be as reliable as all the other tests available. Breath alcohol testing is one of the most reliable forms of testing to deliberate drivers and the seriousness of their offence in court.  


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