Details on the Blood Alcohol Meter in a Breathalyzer

Alcohol intoxication affects the body on different levels. It alters mood and behaviour, especially in a social situation. Each person will display various symptoms of intoxication based on the amount of alcohol consumed. The best way to assess your intoxication level is by getting your alcohol concentration checked through a blood alcohol meter. A breathalyzer can measure a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) through the breath. Personal devices such as BACtrack breathalyzers are small portable devices that can objectively measure your intoxication level within seconds. You can check your BAC anytime with ease through a BACtrack personal breathalyzer.

It is essential to monitor alcohol consumption. You can do so by checking your BAC level from time to time. You can get your BAC results within seconds just by blowing air through a blood alcohol meter. Devices like BACtrack breathalyzers take only 10-15 seconds to process the results. The device works by processing your breath through its sensors. The sensors react to the alcohol present and calculate the alcohol concentration in proportion to the blood. Finally, the device displays the BAC result through the LED screen or send it directly to your phone. The BAC is the standard unit for determining your degree of intoxication expressed in grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Familiarizing your breathalyzer can help you monitor your alcohol consumption effectively and improve your safety.

Blood Alcohol Meter: BAC Levels

Proper usage of the blood alcohol meter is vital in checking and understanding your blood alcohol level. In general, intoxication levels range from low to high BAC. Mild intoxication is 0.01-0.03% BAC. You will feel slightly relaxed and euphoric with no loss of coordination. Meanwhile, a 0.04-0.06% BAC lowers your inhibition and impairs your judgment and reasoning. Driving with 0.05% BAC or more is illegal in Australia, and you could face criminal charges. Lastly, a 0.07% BAC or more has apparent intoxication symptoms to everyone. Without a doubt, you can link a high BAC to riskier behaviour and impaired driving ability.

Checking your BAC is vital to keep your alcohol intake under control. Use the blood alcohol meter details as a gauge to keep you within the safe limits for driving. BACtrack breathalyzers also come with a user-friendly guide in checking your BAC. The device initiates a countdown when to blow a breath sample or notify you in case of flow errors. Overall, driving despite a low alcohol or intoxication level is not safe. Protect yourself and your loved ones by using BACtrack personal breathalyzers after consuming alcohol.

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