What is the Blood Alcohol Limit in NT

With rising issues of drink driving globally, city officials and governments have started implementing more modern policies to deal with DUI charges. Procedures involving much more severe penalties help ensure that people abide by the blood alcohol limit in NT and other places in Australia. Police officers monitor the blood alcohol limit of drivers by using a breathalyzer; which calculates the blood alcohol content level (BAC) when blown into. It helps maintain safer roads and reduces the likelihood of incapable drivers endangering others. The legal driving alcohol driving limit in NT and other places in Australia is 0.05%; and anything equal to or above that is considered illegal and is punishable by law. The higher one’s BAC, the more likely an individual would present with alcohol-induced impairments.  

Blood Alcohol Limit in NT

Other than having a BAC limit of 0.05%, specific “special drivers” have other, lower BAC requirements. One should also note that the blood alcohol limit in NT for a learner, provisional, probationary, and unlicensed drivers is 0.00%. Furthermore, taxi, bus, and truck drivers require a BAC of 0.00% to help ensure public and road safety. Personal breathalyzers can provide for self-testing, which can help drivers monitor their BAC and prevent them from acquiring DUI charges. It allows drivers to know when it is okay to get behind the wheel. Personal devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer have fuel sensor technology, the same kind found in a police officer’s breathalyzer. It allows for accurate and professional-grade results to be available for drivers that are self-testing.  

Severe DUI charges and penalties depend on how high a driver’s BAC level is; and what alcohol limit criteria they fall into. The low-range alcohol limit falls between a BAC reading of 0.05% and 0.079%, with the medium-range alcohol limit being between 0.08% and 0.0149% and a high-range alcohol limit classified as being more than 0.15%. Even first-time offenders may now be given a minimum of 3 months license disqualification, a fine of up to $600 (5 penalty units), and possible jail time depending on how high their BAC was. To help avoid such severe penalties, drivers now rely on personal breathalyzers to not go over the blood alcohol limit in NT. BACtrack personal breathalyzers, for example, are easily portable and easy to use; this allows for more frequent testing for their owners even when on the go.  

BACtrack Breathalyzers

Having an effective and accurate personal breathalyzer may help those who occasionally enjoy having a drink or two abide by the blood alcohol limit in NT. Knowing one’s BAC reading can significantly help decide whether they may or may not drive yet. 


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