What is the Best Sobriety Test?

The most unquestionable way to measure and know blood alcohol content is by conducting a blood test. However, blood tests require an extensive process that can take days to process, and it is invasive due to the need for blood samples. You can consider the next most accurate and best sobriety test to be the breath test with a breathalyser. BACtrack breathalysers are FDA-approved, and the professional models utilise the use of Fuel cell sensor technology which are less likely to give false-positive results. The BACtrack personal breathalyser units are worth investing in; BACtrack breathalysers offer highly accurate BAC readings. These breathalysers can last up to thousands of tests with fuel cell sensors providing extended use and reliability. Other than using devices, there are also manual tests done by police officers.

What is the Best Sobriety Test done Manually?

  • The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus sobriety test – Nystagmus is an involuntary shaking of the eyes. A law enforcement officer does this test by watching a moving flashlight or a torch.
  • The Walk And Turn sobriety test – This field sobriety test is also a “divided attention” test. The effects of alcohol consumption are severe and can impair your physical and mental capacity. This method is one of the best sobriety tests mainly because of its simplicity.
  • The One Leg Stand sobriety test – An officer will tell you to stand with one foot off the ground and instruct you to count aloud by thousands until a law enforcement officer tells you to lower your foot. They will usually make you undergo the test for about 30 seconds.
  • The Rhomberg Balance sobriety test – The officer will ask you to stand up straight, keep your eyes closed, lean your head backwards and silently gauge the time for 30 seconds to elapse. A person undergoing this kind of test will be observed for inability to stand upright, the need to take a peek to maintain their balance, extreme muscle tension and any odd and unwarranted statements you may make while doing the test.
  • Finger To Nose sobriety test – This field test will require you to put your feet together, stand up straight, and keep your eyes closed. And once the officer tells you to do so, you will bring your index finger to your nose.
  • Finger Tap sobriety test – This field sobriety test is typically a Finger Counting method. The law enforcement officer will instruct you to hold out one hand, palm up, and proceed to touch the tip of each of your fingers to the end of your thumb.

Use Breathalysers to be Sure

These tests may not be the best sobriety test when you compare them to the breathalyser test. It is best to conduct a breath test before driving to ensure everyone’s safety and also to avoid getting fines. Without a doubt, to accurately check for sobriety, police officers highly rely on breath tests for their final decision. You can check for your BAC with devices like the BACtrack personal breathalyser. These BACtrack devices feature the same sensor technology you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser.

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