What is the Best Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer

It is always difficult to know if you are still fit to drive home when you consume alcohol. Having the best personal alcohol breathalyzer is the perfect solution to this obstacle. You can conduct an alcohol breath test on the spot by blowing into the device. You can check if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is still under the legal driving limit (0.05% in Australia). There are various quality handheld portable breathalyzers available in the market. These devices can help you avoid fines for driving under the influence of alcohol and can also improve your safety. Portable breathalyzers are not always foolproof. Still, these devices will give you an accurate BAC reading.

BACtrack can offer various highly reliable breathalyzer models. From compact keychain breathalyzer units to BACtrack Professional Breathalyzers that utilizes fuel cell sensor technology. The BACtrack pro models provide you with highly accurate and constant reliable readings. It is vital to know that even if your BAC level is under the legal limit, you should still consider other ways to get home if you are unsure that you can drive safely. When looking for the best personal alcohol breathalyzer, it is an excellent idea to get one that can compare to the breathalyzer units that law enforcement officials or medical facilities use. The BACtrack Pro models use the same fuel cell sensors that you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. These breathalyzers are FDA-approved as an alcohol screening gadget and medical device.

Self-Tests with The Best Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer

We highly recommend the BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer for personal use. Due to its accuracy, the BACtrack S80 is the best personal alcohol breathalyzer available for purchase. This innovative, high-tech breathalyzer delivers test results in 10 seconds and comes packed with a discreet case. All BACtrack professional breathalyzer models are easy to use. They are incredibly user-friendly due to their one-touch operation technology. Suppose you consider getting a BACtrack Pro model. In that case, you can benefit from this device as it utilizes a fuel cell sensor with an impressive accuracy that can detect alcohol within 0.0000% to 0.4000%. The BACtrack Pro breathalyzers can maintain this high level of accuracy even when you use them repeatedly. They are also capable of lasting for thousands of tests. BACtrack devices come with a one-year warranty with every purchase.

If you have the best personal alcohol breathalyzer but are still unsure of what can affect your BAC levels, here’s a few things that might give you an idea:

  • Your weight
  • Your gender
  • How many drinks you had and how fast did you consume them.
  • How much food you have consumed before drinking.

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