What is the Best Budget Breathalyzer

Nowadays, people and law officials highly recommend performing self-breath alcohol tests. Checking your blood alcohol content (BAC) helps you make informed decisions, especially before driving. You can check your alcohol level through a device called a breathalyzer. BACtrack breathalyzers can help you monitor your intoxication level by accurately measuring your blood alcohol content (BAC). Proactively checking your BAC is essential to protect yourself and others from alcohol-related accidents. If you need a reliable breath test, you can check for the best budget breathalyzer at Breathalysers Australia.

There are a wide variety of personal breathalyzers available in the market. However, cost and performance (accuracy) should be your top priority when buying the best budget breathalyzer. Breathalysers Australia offers different BACtrack breathalyzers ideal for personal use. The most common type of budget-friendly breathalyzers you can find uses MicroCheck sensors. BACtrack uses the MicroCheck sensors for the BACtrack Go Keychain breathalyzer. The advanced MicroCheck alcohol sensor can determine the BAC quickly (10-15 seconds for the results) and accurately. Despite being very affordable, the Go Keychain does not fall short of highly accurate and reliable results. Moreover, the best part about these devices is that they are highly portable. It is small enough to fit in the keyrings of a house or car key. Furthermore, being able to attach them anywhere could drastically reduce the chances of you losing them.

Best Budget Breathalyzer: Other Budget Options

On the other hand, pro-grade breathalyzers using fuel cell sensors are also ideal for personal use. A fuel cell breathalyzer relies on electrochemical processes to oxidize the alcohol in the sample breath and determine the BAC level accurately. Platinum fuel cell sensors are more specific to ethanol, providing more accurate BAC readings than a semiconductor breathalyzer. With the innovations and technologies available at such a low price, it is safe to say that any BACtrack breathalyzer can be the best budget breathalyzer. Without a doubt, the BACtrack C6, C8 and Mobile Pro are all reliable options.

Many people manage their stress by consuming alcohol. However, it also puts you at risk if taken excessively. A breathalyzer helps you monitor and control your alcohol consumption. At most, you should not compromise safety by relying on a guess estimate or assumption alone. The best budget breathalyzer can objectively determine your intoxication level and help you stay within the legal limit for driving. A BAC level of 0.05% or higher can impair your senses and negatively affects your driving abilities. Moreover, driving with a 0.05% BAC and above puts you at risk for road accidents and car crashes. Therefore, it is better to be safe knowing your BAC with a reliable breathalyzer than risking an accident and drink-driving charges.

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